Q: What is NG+?

A: New Game+. It refers to loading a completed save file for the 2nd round. It enables some benefits such as skipping Stillman's bomb tutorial, but also adds extra randomness. Ames location in the hostage room is the main example. NG+ also resets strut D's bomb locations that are unique to NG+ for Hard and above.

Q: What is NG++?

A: New Game++. It refers to loading a completed save file for the 3rd round. It enables some benefits such as skipping Stillman's bomb tutorial, but also adds extra randomness. Ames location in the hostage room is the main example. NG++ also resets Strut D's bomb locations for Hard and above. NG and NG++ have the same Strut D bomb locations.

Q: How many missing panels can you cartwheel over going to Shell 1 Core without falling?

A: At maximum, you can clear 4 panels.

Q: How do elevators work?

A: Pressing an elevator button at least twice speeds the pace at which they’ll arrive. The one and only exception to this rule is the FIRST elevator in the Shell 1 Core with the camera cutscene, pressing it once and skipping the cutscene will make it always arrive at the same pace. Pressing it more than that doesn’t do anything.

Q: What are the benefits and drawbacks of using the box?



  • Staying low (useful in strut E and to avoid Harrier's machine gun)
  • If equipped at the right time, guards won't fire at you upon detection saving time and health
  • Not being detected by enemies when stationary (obvious)
  • Easy to turn around (useful when avoiding Fortune's shots)


  • Going slower when in a box
  • You have to invest a slight bit of time to get one
  • Having to spend a second or two to equip it

Q: Are Raiden's cartwheel flips faster than running?

A: Yes, they're about 0.055 seconds faster if done right. However, a bad cartwheel can lose more than a second of time.

Q: How do I soft reset?

A: PC: Close the game and reopen. PS2/PS3: Hold L1, L2, R1, R2, Select and Start. Xbox: NEEDS MORE INFO. XB1/360: NEEDS MORE INFO.

Q: What is the Tactical Reload?

A: By tapping R2 to unequip and re-equip your weapon, it will reload it. This method is useful to explode Nikita Missiles early, to cancel the M9 gun cock animaton, and to reload quickly.

Q: What are the differences between regions, versions and platforms?

A: Since regions/versions/platforms are complex, go to this page

Q: What is Loading Trick (LT)?

A: Loading trick is a feature of the HD Collection whereby you can play to a segment, quit the game via the game over screen, enabling faster loads up to that segment. This includes room transitions, cutscenes and codec calls. For single segment runs you generally play to the sniping section with Emma, however the final point in which you can keep loading trick enabled is the elevator before Arsenal Gear. For multisegment runs you can loading trick to the elevator, then afterwards, play till after credits and loading a save within Arsenal. You CANNOT proceed to Arsenal and retain loading trick. Loading trick will remain active until you either enter the elevator or hard reset the game by holding L1+L2+R1+R2+START+SELECT for several seconds.

Q: What is the fastest version of MGS2?

A: Depending on the release they are in order thereof, Sons Of Liberty, on PS2 (NTSC-U) Substance on PC & HD Collection on Nvidia Shield TV. However at present the most popular version is HD Collection on the Playstation 3.

Q: Why do runners use Quick Change option Previous?

A: It cuts down on menuing for items and weapons by a considerable amount.

Q: Why do runners continue to use the B.D.U. after meeting Ames?

A: B.D.U. continues to provide camouflage after the mask is removed by Revolver Ocelot. This is particularly useful when cartwheeling.

Q: Why do runners remove the B.D.U. before entering Shell 2 Core?

A: You lose time on cutscenes with the B.D.U. in Shell 2 Core. It's bizarre. You will also save time at Ames if you do not have the B.D.U. equipped.

Q: What is coolant rising?

A: Equipping coolant as you rise from prone saves time. While the coolant is equipped, press X then R2.

Q: What is Tylerportation?

A: It is a technique that teleports Emma by leaving her behind in Shell 2 Core 1F, exiting to the bridge, and re-entering. On PC, Hard and above, this technique saves time. On all other difficulties and versions, you lose out on time due to the extra loads.

Q: What is the Dav Drop or the davWILDSTAR?

A: A technique found by davWILDSTAR-TBM, if you press the fire button on the right frame, you can skip the animation from dropping off a ledge. This is useful after the Olga fight dropping off the platform. Saves about .8 sec if you get it.

Q: Does double rolling off of the Strut E Helipad stairs worth it?

A: No, it's about the same. You can lose time running to the door due to the angle, as you roll further to the left with two rolls. Roll just a few steps above the overhang to do the single roll.

Q: What are the requirements for Big Boss Rank?

A: *Difficulty: Extreme or European Extreme

  • Time: Under 3 Hours
  • Continues: 0
  • Alerts: 3 (ALRTNUM)
  • Kills: 0 (NUET)
  • Rations: 0
  • Saves: 0 to 8 (PRUD ENCE)
  • Damage Taken: Under 10 Lifebars on Extreme (499 dmg or less), Under 9.3 Lifebars on European Extreme (279 dmg or less) (DMGA MMOUNT)
  • Shots Fired: Under 700 (AMMOUS ED)
  • Game Over If Discovered: Not Required
  • Radar: Off
  • Mech Destruction: To current knowledge, this is an untrue rumor, as setting mech destruction to a high value in Cheat Engine made no difference

Notes: The abbreviated requirements such as ALRTNUM are referring to the Plant sections Game Over screen. You can check these certain stat values during Tengu2 to double check that you are on Big Boss pace.

Q: When is an alert counted?

A: If you hear the alarm noise, an alert is counted.

Q: What are the required alerts in a full game playthrough?

A: Guard Rush in Tanker, Ileum, and Sigmoid Colon (aka Tengu 1 and 2). The Tanker alert appears at the start of the Strut L Oil Fence.

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