• V's Fix for PC: This is another way to make the PC version more usable on modern PC's. Fixes the launcher and makes it more user friendly. Includes the widescreen fix, texture fixes, and better controller support.
  • Autosplitter for PC (New Version by bmn): Very stable and includes lot of extras for ASL VAR Viewer, such as Alerts, Kills, # of Rolls/Cartwheels and much more along with pre-made splits. You must run LiveSplit as administrator
  • Randomizer: Randomizer for the PC version. Randomizes difficulties in each room. See instruction in ZIP download for more details.


  • All PC Saves, All Difficulties: The ultimate save pack for PC. Contains saves for all difficulties and for a variety of situations. Radar off, quick change on Previous and name set to MGSR in all saves.
  • All PS3 Saves: All saves for all difficulties for use on PS3. You will not be able to collect trophies, overwrite the save or make a new save from loading one of these saves due to copy protection. For use with the Japanese version.
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