• Visual for where to Stand for Olga on Extreme Difficulty
  • Fastest Left Olga on European Extreme
  • Right Olga European Extreme
  • General strategies for non-loop Olga - any difficulty.

Olga will go down in 4 headshots and 11 limb shots. The fastest way therefore is to headshot her 4 times.

  • European Extreme Guard Rush
  • Demonstration of Quick Headshots on Normal.
  • Works across all difficulties
  • Tap L1 to lock on, and while in FPV, hold the triggers to stand higher. You will be at the correct height to land a headshot.
  • Works with M9
  • Does not working if a guard has his side turned to Snake or Raiden
  • General strategies - any difficulty
  • Fortune will fire 16 more shots on PAL PS2. Her total shot count on European Extreme is blank
  • We want Fortune to destroy the forklift as fast as possible. On Extreme, run to the back wall in line with the forklift, and sit in the box until she destroys the forklift. On other difficulties, turn to the right from your standing position, punch three times, then crouch.
  • PS2 PAL Extreme Loop
  • PS3 HDC PAL Fatman Loop
  • Fastest strategies for Fatman - Normal and below
  • Getting at least one 3-shot cycle with the M9 on Fatman speeds up the fight immensely, but is recommended for advanced players only as the timing is incredibly strict. Fastest method possible is two 3-shot nonlethal cycles plus one extra shot to finish.
    • 1 3-shot cycle: 32 seconds
    • 0 3-shot cycles: 37 seconds
    • Lethal: 36 seconds

On European Extreme Fatman will take 13 headshots from the M9 or Socom. Falling over will cause slight depletion of his stamina gauge.

  • Guidelines for 5-shot start
  • VE Timing Comparison
  • General strategy for 4- and 5-shot start on Harrier - Normal difficulty.
  • The Harrier fight speeds up considerably with each extra shot you're able to land before he flies off for his first strafing run. 4-shot can be done with a little practice, but 5-shot will require more time to get consistently. None of the example fights are perfect fights, but serve as a good baseline.
    • 3-shot start: 1 minute, 35 seconds
    • 4-shot start: 1 minute, 9 seconds
    • 5-shot start: 58 seconds
  • Fast 4 Shot Harrier on European Extreme. Useful for Extreme also.
  • Similar to above, but includes a curved shot before the Harrier flies over the bridge
  • A Fast Approach to 4 Shot Harrier. Done on PC but would work just the same on console.
  • The fastest harrier possible on VE. Performed on PC but just the same on HDC.

On European Extreme Harrier will take 21 hits on average. May differ depending how consistently you attack the outer wing.

Textbook SoL Normal Harrier

  • Lethal Vamp HDC strategy, shoot while the red bar depletes.
  • Lethal PC/nonlethal strategies for Vamp - any difficulty
  • Vamp is sped up monumentally by doing lethal Stinger strategies over the European Extreme punch out strategies, but takes some time to get used to. For PC, the audio cue is when Vamp shouts after being hit, while on the HDC, the cue is to watch for his health bar to begin draining.
    • Lethal PC: 7.5 seconds (RTA)
    • Lethal HDC: 17 seconds (RTA)
    • Non-Lethal PC: ~33 seconds
    • Non-Lethal HDC: ~33 seconds
  • At the middle of the letter A in VAMP, do a complete PPK combo.

On European Extreme Vamps Damage Values are:

Vamp; critical M9 + 55 punches with a weapon equipped Non critical M9 + 61 punches with weapon equipped Non critical M9 + 61 punches with no weapon equipped Non critical M9 + 61 AK swipes

  • It is faster to aim at Vamp's legs and spam shots, rather than go for headshots.
  • If you aim at Vamp's shin, Emma will not be hurt by your shots.

RAYS have 1024HP on all difficulties. Stinger does 320 open and 100 closed. Grenade does 200 open and 70 closed. Attacks on Very Easy do 4x damage.

You must do the damage equivalent of 3, 5, 7, 10, or 20 RAYs.

There are three aspects to this fight: control of movement, control of Stinger, and control of RAYs.

  • RAY will take critical damage if you fire at its head while the mouth is open. If the mouth isn't open, it deals standard damage.
  • Any damage dealt to the RAY will stun it. Firing at a leg will knock down that leg's knee, opening its mouth for a critical hit.
  • RAY will open its mouth to perform a battle cry. There is the typical, long battle cry and a short battle cry.
  • When a RAY spawns, they walk towards the stage. When they get close to the stage, they will leap to the edge. Once at the edge, they will walk in place and do a battle cry. After the cry, they will move into position along the edge of the stage if a RAY is on stage.
  • If no RAY is on stage, typically the RAY with the lowest health will jump on stage. If you attack and stun the earliest RAY (denoted by letter and number), sometimes a later RAY will jump on stage and gain priority.
  • You should prioritize the RAY onstage, especially for Extreme. It is the most aggressive of the three RAYs.
  • After taking damage, RAY will shuffle in place. Use this animation to judge when to fire the next stinger.
  • RAYs have 5 attacks: a stomp, a machine gun burst, a water cannon, an offstage missile launch, and an onstage knee missile launch.


  • RAY will stomp if you are close to its feet. If you aren't stomped directly but are near the foot, it will knock Raiden to the ground. The knockdown combined with offstage missiles is deadly. In addition, you can be stomped while the RAY jumps on stage or walks around the stage.

Machine Gun

  • RAY typically won't machine gun burst unless on stage. The machine gun fires from medium range. RAY will cover its face while firing the bullets, so fire at the legs. The bullets travel in an arc, requiring you to do a U shape dodge as it crosses towards Raiden. With body armor equipped, Raiden can survive the machine gun on Extreme. While it will put Raiden into bleeding, it is the only survivable attack on Extreme.

Water Cannon

  • RAY typically won't water cannon unless on stage. The cannon fires from short to medium range. After cocking its head back, RAY will fire a high pressure water cannon in a linear path. Cartwheel or run left or right to avoid this attack. While its firing, the RAY's head is vulnerable to a critical hit. You can dodge the water cannon by shifting your weight in FPV.

Offstage Missiles

  • RAY typically won't missile unless it has moved to its offstage spot. If a RAY is not damaged or stunned while standing off stage, it will eventually fire 3 homing missiles. The beeping will progressively get faster as it homes on Raiden. Cartwheel out of the way to dodge the missiles.

Onstage Knee Missiles

  • RAY will fire missiles onstage missiles when at a far distance. Before firing missiles, it will typically move to the center of the stage, and stand there doing nothing. You can fire at the knee to destroy one of the missiles. To dodge, run to the left or right, and cartwheel when the missiles cross paths. This is the hardest attack to dodge from an onstage RAY!


  • This fight tests your stinger skills. Be aware of your distance from the RAY. The further away you are, the longer you have to wait between shots. For example, it take a long time to fire from the opposite end of the stage, making a critical shot quite difficult.
  • Since the RAY's face will face towards to the hurt knee, we want to fire at the leg that is closest to Raiden. For example, if a RAY is walking away from Raiden while offstage, fire at the knee closest to the stage.
  • If you do fire at the wrong knee, it becomes hard to hit the RAY's face, but not impossible. Fire an unlocked missile above the RAY's head, then lock on to curve the missile towards the face. This technique takes practice, and its timing depends on your distance.
  • Remember, unlocked missiles do not travel as far as locked missiles.
  • General strategy - Normal difficulty.
  • 15 sets of 3
  • 1 set of 4
  • 14 sets of 3
  • 1 set of 4

Solidus 96 punches

Phase 1 49 punches Phase 2 46 punches

92 swipes

Phase 1 47 swipes Phase 2 45 swipes

Normal Substance/HD Collection

  • Phase 1 9 sets of 2 slashes, 1 set of 3 slashes
  • Phase 2 6 sets of 2 slashes

Normal SoL

  • Phase 1 6 sets of 2 slashes, 1 set of 3 slashes
  • Phase 2 5 sets of 2 slashes
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