Fortune is the second boss fight of the game. She cannot be defeated lethally or non-lethally. Instead, the player must wait out the fight. However, there are ways to signficantly speed up this process.

DifficultyVery EasyEasyNormalHardExtremeEuropean Extreme
Damage Dealt 404040404027
Rate of Fire 1 1 1 1 2 2

To speed up the fight, Fortune needs to destroy certain objects to have the fight progress to the latter stages. The most important part is the forklift as it needs to be destroyed as soon as the fight starts. After that, you need to have her blow up the brown boxes and the yellow barrels.

  • Note: Having Fortune talk (other than a few mandatory lines) is a usual sign of timeloss.
  • Note: On consoles with signficant lag like the PlayStation 2, looking at the floor in first-person view can save time.
  • Note: The game will give you NONE for your weapon equipment after the fight, but your previous will be remembered. Having the M9 and a box on your previous before the fight ends is ideal.

On these four difficulties, Fortune behaves very similarly. On Normal and Hard, it might be recommended to equip a ration as the strategy involves taking a shot from her at least once, but maybe more.

Follow the fight in this order:

  1. Turn (without moving) towards to the right and punch three times. Make sure to space out each of the punches.
  2. Crouch and wait for Fortune to destroy the forklift and shoot Raiden.
  3. Fortune will shoot the lights. After she shoots the second light, stand up and head north-east.
  4. Stand behind the brown boxes to have Fortune shoot them.
  5. After that, head towards the right yellow barrel and press against it while crouched.
  6. Fortune will attempt to shoot it, but there are a few things that could happen here:
    1. If she shoots the barrel immediately, stand up and walk slightly away from the barrel as it blows up. Wait for her to attempt to shoot, but dodge the attack. After that, head west as the elevator cutscene plays.
    2. If she misses the barrel once, wait for her to shoot it the second time. After that, head west as the elevator cutscene plays.
    3. If she misses the barrel twice, the elevator cutscene will play. After that, wait for her to shoot the yellow barrel.
  7. Finally, head towards the left yellow barrel and press against it while crouched.
  8. After Fortune shoots it, survive until the codec call appears. Use this opprutunity to pick the Socom ammo packs if you haven't already done that.


There are two general strategies for this fight on Extreme and European Extreme.

The first one involves avoiding her shots with the box. While the box is not technically neccesary, Raiden is more agile when turning with the box equipped. The second one involves abusing invincibility frames while doing pop-out shots.

Either strategy saves roughly the same amount of time on average, however the second one saves significantly more on consoles that lag such as the PlayStation 2.

  • Fortune will fire 16 more shots on PAL PS2. Her total shot count on European Extreme is blank
  • We want Fortune to destroy the forklift as fast as possible. On Extreme, run to the back wall in line with the forklift, and sit in the box until she destroys the forklift. On other difficulties, turn to the right from your standing position, punch three times, then crouch.

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