Vamp 2 is the sixth boss fight of the game. He can be defeated lethally (PSG1) or non-lethally (PSG1-T).

DifficultyVery EasyEasyNormalHard(European) Extreme
Head, tranq.20201088
Body, tranq.1010766
Head, lethal10050251612
Body, lethal20101087

General Information:

  • Vamp 2 has 100 HP on all difficulties.
  • Emma's health will slowly deplete to zero.
  • Emma will carry over her health from the previous section, but will gain a health refill after a continue during this segment.
  • Turbo is faster for mashing using either one of the sniper rifles.


  • On Very Easy, a headshot is an instant kill on Vamp 2.
  • However, this is actually marginally slower and a lot more difficult.


  • For lethal methods, you need the slightest left-movement to get in position. Zooming is not necessary.
  • On PC, you can use a keyboard to get the needed movement to the left. However, not all keyboards give the same amount of movement.
  • Turbo for Square is faster in this fight.
  • It is faster to aim at Vamp's legs and spam shots, rather than go for headshots.
  • If you aim at Vamp's shin, Emma will not be hurt by your shots.

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