This page will consist of video/screenshots and related materials regarding various strategies. It is not the permanent home, rather a stopgap as they are transitioned into a permanent place on the wiki and an easier place to find them. It serves a similar purpose to the MGS3 Info Dump

Very Easy Strategies

  • Very Easy Ocelot Unit fight
  • Fastest version
  • Ocelot
  • The Pain

Normal Strategies

  • Faster Raikov allowing a more direct line on Normal
  • Standard Raikov Normal
  • Rolling into the guard is essential so he will not chase you upstairs
  • Graniny Gorki Escape with Vent Clip

European Extreme Strategies

  • Warehouse Exterior and interior pre Granin
  • Saves 3s over the usual strat
  • Riskier Warehouse Strategy for Exterior
  • Fast Groznyj Grad Pre Raikov
  • Saves 5s per room over the usual strat
  • 100% consistent
  • WIP No Disguise Graniny Gorki
  • MS Style Mountainside strat adapted for Single Segment
  • saves ~8 over the usual method
  • not perfect, and very risky.
  • 2s faster Rassvet
  • MS strat but can be used single segment with practice
  • Risky strat with low payoff
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