• There are many possible variants to the Docks, but only one thing is required. You must alter right guard's path, or kill him. If you do not, you will not be able to get on the elevator quickly.
  • If you alter the left guard's path, you must alter it further or kill him. Unaltered, he leaves the elevator area just before the elevator arrives.
  • You can use the credits as visual cues. Head up the left path when CG Artists Takashi Mizutani and Hideki Sasaki appear. The final credit is Assistant Director Yoshikazu Matsuhana.
  • You can dive into the water if you are in Alert/Evasion Phase.

  • Stealthy position at the searchlights
  • If you do not hold up on the analog for the Miller call, Snake will stop crawling.
  • You can also throw the guard approaching the elevator, but it is slower and harder.

Step Count Out of Bounds

  • Down 2 Steps
  • Left 6 Steps
  • Up Left 3 Steps
  • Up 7 (edit: 8?) Steps
  • Right Into Door

  • Floor Cue

  • Window Cue

Laser Pattern

Earliest point to start moving forward from the corner

PC Laser Skip for Easier Column 3

  • Skip the Nikita Missile Launcher, you do not need it.

Step Count Out of Bounds

  • Down 1
  • Down Right 12
  • Down 11


  • Down 1
  • Right 8
  • Down 20

Step Count Out of Bounds

  • Down Right 7

Roof Communications Tower A

Step Count Out of Bounds

  • Right 1
  • Up 6
  • Left 2
  • In the rappel scene, if you hold down+jump while the cutscene is still going, you'll be able to jump at the first frame available. If you mash the jump button and you miss that frame, the codec call will interrupt your jump, forcing you to add another jump and lose a couple of seconds.
  • Downleft, Downright, Downleft, Downleft, Down(Left/Right), Down(Left/Right)

Crash can occur in front of the exit door. Be careful when doing GME Phase 2 going prone while falling into the door can cause a crash.

Step Count Out of Bounds

  • Up 1
  • Right 3
  • Down 1

Do not use GME or Weapons Glitch prior to being shot by Sniper Wolf this will cause the game to softlock.

Step Count Out of Bounds

  • Up 1
  • Up Left 1
  • Up 4
  • Up Right 4
  • Up 3

Underground Base 2

  • There are 7 spots the PAL Key (and Bomb) can spawn
  • This only happens if you have 10 or more Alerts before entering the room

  • The rat can hear you shoot regardless of distance, so unequip with R1 to avoid this. For example, the rat is by the turret and you shoot by the stairs.
  • Jumping into the ditch will spook the rat, regardless of distance.

Computer room for EX to take out camera Unless you have super speedy fingers that is Left+5+Fire+R1+9 Left+5+Fire+9

Liquid Snake Boss Subpage

  • If you fall off the edge, you will die on Extreme
  • During Phase 2, Liquid will counterattack even if you finish with a kick on Hard and Extreme; on Easy and Normal he will run away

  • You can PPK to finish Liquid off at 16 HP on Easy

  • You can PPK to finish Liquid off at 12 HP on all difficulties besides Easy
  • You cannot throw Liquid to finish the fight if you knock him down with 0 HP on Normal, Hard and Extreme. Instead, PPK
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