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PC Extreme Tank : I tried a lot of ways to approach, but the more consistent is to throw a chaff on the right timing and slowly approach to the middle by tapping the right arrow continuosly. With a Chaff thrown at a certain timing (as soon you get past the rock you face at the start) he responds good anyway, in 2 different ways, even if the second case is very tricky with the nade throw. I can get past him the 70% of the times, I don't mind restarting if it saves a good amount of seconds


“also worth noting that yes you can perform the infinite punch on liquid in several other positions but I believe that if liquid is sliding away from you before he locks against the outside of the platform that you need to be much more precise with the double tapping making it more likely that liquid can jump out of this loop.” to further expand on the part of being more presice while liquid is sliding away from you: ill reference 132 and note that as liquid is sliding away from snake, you need to double tap as slow as possible until liquid is actually locked on the platform. at that point you must change to a faster rhythm to keep it going. he states in the comments “Your timing must be perfect and you MUST master the infinite combo perfectly” - forensic

Rappel Jump Order down down-right down down down-left down down-left down-left into down down down-left down

“I just made the sickest strat ever. For Blast Furnace EX I throw a stun when I'm near the door, then I go through the door and I quickshot the first guard with the PSG1. Right after It the stun will explode, but the door will be closed so the other guard won't sound the alarm. Meanwhile I equip the nades and I take down the crane with 1 of them, the other guard won't sound the alarm because he'll still be stunned. After I'm done with the lava crossing I cook another nade and I release perfectly when the throw will make the nade land above the second guard, killing him without any alarm

If you're lucky and you need It, you'll also get a ration without timeloss If the nade doesn't land right on him the guard won't even be killed but stunned only, perfect for All Bosses(edited) Throwing 1 nade on cargo elev right above the south-west guard will make him fly off the elev as well, making the fight faster. However, you need to get shot once so you can throw the nade freely” -Tromboncino

The different levels are: EASY: Same diffrcuhy as Ja panese version, Item placement dunng rhe w through is based on this selling. Compared ro rhe settings, the Guards have short eyesight and there many Rations available, NORMAl: Enemies have eyesight [i .e. they can spot Snake from further dista Fewer rations than Easy mode. Bosses are stronge restoration after defeating boss is reduced. Carry items than Easy mode. Item reappearan ce II less quenr. HARD: Enemies have better eyesight r Normal mode. Fewer rations than Normal mode. take more hits to kill than Normal mode. Life resro after defeat ing bosses is not 100 percent and 11.'1 Normal mode. Car ry fewer items than Normal Reappeanng of items less frequent then Normal

a) This has been known, at least by Slade, that if you hold ANALOG in a direction just after the final codec screen but before “Too late, Snake! Now die!” Snake will turn his body accordingly. If you hold it in the direction he is already facing, he will inch forward. There's a brief moment where the UI appears before disappearing for the guard dialog. Another Analog oversight!

b) If you go straight to the elevator from the top of the tower, Snake will face right at the start of the fight. If you go to the walkway to reset the checkpoint (for Extreme), Snake will face down at the start of the fight.

c) The FAMAS ammo will always respawn if you enter and exit the Tower, even on Extreme. The implication being that FAMAS is the intended way to deal with the Twr B Elevator guards.

Boba Skip was found by boba witch.

Skips most of ascension + all of rappel. Guards in walkway do NOT spawn.

Original Find:

Setups include damaging Snake with a Stun/Chaff Grenade or having a guard shoot Snake instead. This is after Snake is aligned on the left corner of the door and is facing at a specific direction.

so in conclusion of an hour alone in the tower:

- the damage knockback animation has a small and a big animation

  • in order to get through the door with left side alignment and angle, we need the big knockback animation
  • decision if it is big or small knockback appears to be RNG by 50/50
  • Stuns vs Chaff seemingly are random in the regard of chances. 50/50 for both types of grenades for the knockback animation

- getting the angle on the left side lean is fixed

  • we can always lean on the left side of the door, all the way exactly the same
  • we can always turn on that alignment pixel with 13 small turns or 6 double turns and one single turn (dpad taps)
  • even with perfect alignment, the grenade setup leaves it with the 50/50 success rate

Chaff/Stun damage alignment

Example of the two grenade damage knockback animations

Dump good and consistent setups here: 2 stuns, 1 chaff - all platforms, all difficulties

3 stuns setup - all platforms, all difficulties

Socom Setup on PC

Socom Setup on Console

Note: you can’t do the boba skip again once already done. Going back inside the tower and trying to damage boost through again was not yet successfully replicated with the setup we use for the initial boost. In a way, we might have been super lucky that it is the version of the door, that we want to go through, we can perform this trick.

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