This glitch was first found by Stealth_Edge.

Additional Information

  • Faster inputs = more turning radius (Raiden will slide more to the left)
  • Slower inputs = less turning radius (Raiden will slide more to the right)
  • Adjusting: FPV is a safer but slower method of readjusting. For fastest method, use third person view to readjust and only go in FPV when you feel you will be sliding to the stairs side of the corner
  • Potential time save is 15 to 25 seconds for HD Collection, 5 to 10 seconds for PC Substance
  • This strategy is not worth it on the Sons of Liberty version, do the Elevator clip instead.
  • Update (November, 2020): Using turbo for Circle and focusing on your d-pad movement can make executing the glitch easier.
  • Some runners prefer an alternative method of doing swim glitch as seen in this video, for this version you want to use analog (moving it West/South-West at around 117-120 BPM). This version if preferred by some because on some controllers (like the DualSense) d-pad presses might register as a different input to the one actually pressed.

Things to avoid

  • Starting too low
  • Over adjusting
  • Too far up on corner. Move to wall sooner
  • Sliding to the other side
  • (for analog swim glitch) moving the analog too much to the North or too much to the South

Swim in Air OoB guide by StealthEdge

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