(credit to KikujiroChan, the person who discovered the skip)

  • This can be used at any elevator, but is only useful in Shell 2 Core B1. If performed at any other elevator, Raiden will fall forever.
  • Go prone at elevator call button, press triangle. You will drop below the floor
  • First trip to B1
    • upright until he drops, then go right
    • go down through stairs, PP,P (or PPK)
    • pick up the Nikita
  • Second trip to B1
    • left cartwheel, then 2.5 step loops downleft, down.
    • If you see the third column on the right, adjust to the left/right.
    • You can judge if you are too far left or right by Raiden's position in the camera(?)
    • PP,P (or PPK) at the invisible stairs, climb up invisible stairs
  • Be aware that certain areas will cause Raiden to fall out of the map, forcing a death from drowning
  • Make sure not to go South past the flooded room leading to Vamp 1
  • Make sure not to go North past the first flooded staircase

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