Like so many of the games in the Metal Gear franchise, MGS3 has several launches and platforms. Each come with their own unique and interesting differences. While some are minor others can be game breaking. This page will detail all that we know about the game versions. If we've left something out, feel free to add what you know!

PAL Version

  • Plays in 50hz (usually 30FPS)
  • Subsistence 3D Camera is not available
  • Snake Vs. Monkey is playable
  • Going into first person does not stop The Pain's bullet bees from attacking you.
  • Possible to skip the Lab & Eva
  • Only Snake Eater Version with European Extreme
  • Eva Escort has no unskippable cutscenes
  • Pain Skip is possible

US Version

  • Very Easy starts with 75% (3 blocks) HP.
  • Very Easy guards have better hearing/sight than other releases.
  • Very Easy boss HP is higher than other releases.
  • Ledge Clip is not possible
  • Eva escort cutscene where Snake boosts her up is unskippable

  • Plays in 30 FPS, Subsistence Camera tends to introduce lag.
  • Subsistence 3D Camera is available by clicking in the right stick.
  • Snake Vs. Monkey is playable, includes 2 new levels.
  • Includes Metal Gear 1 and Metal Gear 2 on Disc 2.
  • Credits are longer

US Version

  • Only the Limited Edition release includes Disc 3.
  • Very Easy is in line with HD version
  • Very Easy stun grenades to do less damage to The End. You cannot one cycle The End.
  • Depleting The Fear's stamina is easier due to the lower framerate.
  • The Fear's dart poison removes your stamina more quickly than on HD.

  • Plays in 60 FPS.
  • Released on Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, Nvidia SHIELD, and PSNow.
  • Subsistence 3D Camera is available by clicking in the right stick.
  • Includes Metal Gear 1 and Metal Gear 2
  • Snake Vs. Monkey is removed, due to Ape Escape being a Sony IP.
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