A Wrong Doing

A Wrong Doing is the shortest Snake Tale, by virtue of the fact you can choose whether or not to rescue the hostages in the Shell 1 Core. The speedrun route genreally does not rescue them, however you are free to do so.

All Snake Tales can be done NG (New Game) or NG+ (New Game Plus). The main difference between either choice is the added M9 to Snakes inventory from the offset. Making a no alerts, no kills run easier and faster to accomplish, due to the fact you don't need to route in an M9 pickup. For A Wrong Doing fighting Fatman Non Lethally (NL) is faster if you can pull off 3 headshots when he's down, demonstrated in the video. [add video]

The basic route is fairly straightforward, from the Strut A roof, head right into Strut A. Go down the stairs and stick right, through the door to the FA Connecting bridge.

From there head down the stairs, rolling on the last set somewhere in the middle. Go straight, turn into the right and ascend the next set of stairs, rolling as the guard sees you will “damage boost” Snake saving a second or so. The guard will run into the door way leading to Strut F to call for backup, either bump into him or Punch him to stop the call long enough to enter Strut F.

From Strut F head north and left. Go by the guards left side, he shouldn't see you here. Head straight ahead to meet with Ames. Skipping the text again by holding Triangle and right on the DPAD. Head towards the EF connecting bridge.

Unlike the Plant Chapter, the EF Bridge does not have claymore mine's to worry about. However there are still cyphers and a guard overlooking the bridge with binoculars. The fastest route is to run directly down the centre of the bridge, shooting the cyphers in 3rd Person, by holding L1 to run and run. If you have trouble with this, using FPV is fine also.

Big Shell Evil

Big Shell Evil incorporates everyone's favorite aspects of MGS2. Emma escort, guard fights and a harrier. With that sarcasm out of the way let's get started.

You'll start off on the Strut E Heliport, proceed north, down the stairs, roll down the latter few steps & menu up once to the USP. Proceed into Strut E Parcel Room.

Run down the stairs (no rolling) and hold up the first guard. Head left behind the second, (hold him up if you wish) and roll into the door trigger.

Skip the text as soon as you gain control hold up the guards. If you only get the first that's fine. Take an immedite left and drop down via the rail. Head north into the lower section of Strut D.

Movement is very important here, so watch the video carefully. Move along the railing and once you reach the line on the floor by the stairs roll. Grab the M9 and at the halfway point of the stairs, punch once. Head up the stairs and hold up the guard as you reach the top. Head left, roll up the steps and menu left to the M9. Head onto the CD Connecting bridge.

Avoiding the camera run behind the guard and hold him up. Run through him and head into Strut C.

Go to the food pantry and press the action button to open it & find Emma. Skip the mini cutscene to save a minor bit of time & then skip the text. The guard encounter here is pretty tricky and will require some practice. Feel free to make a save at the text screen by pressing select. To begin crouch, tap R2 to equip your M9 and shoot the first guard, double tap R2 and shoot the second. Stand up, go to the left stand where the USP ammo is & shoot the 3rd guard. Return to your original location and crouch again, repeat the same process for the final three guards. Quickly swap back to your USP before the alert clears and the fight ends. Head towards the BC Connecting Bridge.

From the BC bridge shoot the Cypher 4 times and if you are fast the guard will investigate the debris from the Cypher giving you clear passage to head straight into Strut B.

In Strut B head into the transformer room, down the stairs to your immediate left and north, then right to the node. Use the Node with the action button and skip the text. Make your way out of Strut B the way you came.

On the BC Bridge, this time shoot the Cypher only once, hug the right side and proceed straight. Hold up the guard and head into Strut C.

Head towards the DE connecting bridge but before you reach the corner, fire your USP & again as you turn the corner to avoid being shot or getting an alert. Leave the Strut.

The CD Bridge is the same as before, hug the left side and hold up the guard. Mind the camera entering Strut D.

Strut D the return is a bit tricky. Roll down the steps and when the guard ahead notices Snake fire the USP to alert him if timed correctly Snake will miss the guard. When you're close follow up with a quick first person shot to take out his radio. Head to the DE Connecting Bridge.

The DE Connecting Bridge is straightforward. Hug the right side and hold up the guard. Head into Strut E.

On entry to Strut E head down the left side and pass behind the guard. He won't see you so you can make a clean escape to the EF Bridge. Easy.

Head to the entrance onto the Bridge and wait for the Cypher to pass. Head down left and third person aim on to the second Cypher and spam some shots. Once it's down head into Strut F.

Skip the text and go left. Then down and along the right side. Go around the first corner and you'll find Emma. Don't piss around in here, an alert will be an immediate game over. Skip the text and retrace your steps to leave. If your movement was good enough you'll get out with no issues.

Grab the chaff & menu down once to equip them, throw one, unequip them and escort Emma across the bridge. If you move fast enough you'll enter Strut E before the chaff expires.

Skip the text and begin what I personally find to be the hardest fight. There's not a lot I can explain for these last two fights, so I suggest watching the videos and using saves to practice. Good luck!

Guard Rush:


Confidential Legacy

Dead Man Whispers

Dead Man Whispers is the fourth of 5 Snake Tales. In this episode you'll play as Plisken, the Navy Seal. Your mission is to rescue the Navy Captain from Vamp. So strap in, this is a tricky one.

To start off you'll begin as Plisken inside strut F, to proceed, immediately head out to your left side and onto the FA connecting bridge. Movement is important here. Try to avoid being shot by the guard making a radio call.

Emerge onto the FA connecting bridge and take aim. Pop two consecutive shots at the guard as soon as you can. When he spots you take a dive to gain some distance and allow him to cancel the recovery of Sna- I mean Plisken's rolling animation. Continue ahead, roll up the north most stairs into the guard who is descending and continue into Strut A.

In Strut A you have a couple of options, you can take the safer approach, knocking on the cubcicle to distract the guard and moving quickly to hold up the second guard then leaving the strut before and alert is called, (like so).

Or you can live life on the edge, throw caution to the wind and take a dive into the aforementioned guard. This is a tight window to roll to avoid being kicked, but is a second or two faster.

Proceed to the AB Connecting bridge where you again have a choice of strats, you can use a tranq-hold-up or just pop two tranqs. Both are about as fast, however taking damage from the two shot method does mean you may need to take a ration for Vamp later.

Tranq Hold Up:

Two Shot Method:

Either way, move on to Strut B.

Skip the text & avoid stepping over the corpes of your fallen brothers. Roll up the stairs and menu once left or right to the USP. In the leftmost locker grab the USP ammo & move onto the BC Connecting bridge.

Take aim at the cypher and shoot once, then move to the right and run along till you're past the cyphers range. Equipping the M9, shoot the guard, then USP, another M9 and a final USP. He'll fall asleep and you won't get an alert or get shot. Neat, huh? Here it is in action:

Strut C is fairly straightforward. Move towards the guard and follow his movement and exit. Basically, just do what I did.

The CD Connecting Bridge is like a cypherless BC Connecting bridge. M9 the guard, then USP, then M9, a final USP and head into Strut D. Be careful of the camera though, if you're going for 0 alerts. Even if it does see you the alert will fade upon entry to Strut D because there's text screens. Handy.

Okay so this is probably the hardest room in the run. Doing it is not easy and it will take a lot of practice. Fortunately there's a text screen upon entry so use it to make a save. I'm not going to explain this strat (because I don't know how to), just watch and try your best to copy. Be patient with it, it's a tough one.

Made it out of Strut D? Nice! I'm proud. Let's continue, DE Connecting Bridge is easy enough. Run along the right side and hold up the guard. Continue into Strut E. Simple huh?

In strut E you just need to go immediately down, hang over the railing and drop down. Then through the door, open the watertight door, (don't forget to mash X to skip the mini cutscene), & skip some text afterwards. Too easy. Here's a visual example:

Strut L is fairly easy again, just tranq and roll into the first guard & hold up and walk by the second. Optimal movement will see you gain as much distance from your roll as possible as opposed to getting caught up on the geometry. It takes practice, but I believe in you.

KL Connecting Bridge is another straightforward room. Shoot the gun cypher and head into the core. No, really, that's it. But again, here's a visual representation:

Shell 2 Core 1F is more than I'm going to try put into text. So just watch the clip. One thing I will say is don't move the Nikita too much during flight, you've got just about enough fuel & moving it too much makes it go slower. Just adjust direction when absolutely needed. Otherwise kill it.

The Vamp fight isn't too hard once you've had some practice. For new runners I'd suggest using the ration you picked up to help Plisken hold on for longer. Picking up the 3 items and punching a few times before hanging serves as a buffer because his grip is a bit crap. Practice is all I can suggest!

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