Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater NG+ Very Easy Speedrun Tutorial

By Iridescence

For pre-game visit the MGS3 Speedrun FAQ Page.

This section is for one entire video/playlist as a guide for the whole run:

  • By Major_Zero:


As soon as the game loads your save, skip all the cutscenes by mashing X, and holding Triangle to fast forward codec calls. At the end of the codec call with Major Tom, hold up+left on the left stick to move in the direction of the fallen tree. Press X to go prone and crawl under, standing as soon as you can on the other side. Once you are back to your feet roll forward towards the vines on the tree and climb it by pressing Triangle. Once Snake makes it to the branch hold left on the stick and after 2 steps press triangle to drop down and collect the bag. Snake will make a call to Major Tom, Skip through this, mash past the cutscene and roll forward up the slight hill and then into the load zone.

Dremuchiji Swampland

There are no Guards in Dremuchiji Swampland, however, this room does require some movement tech to traverse correctly. Follow the path and as it starts to curve to the left, Roll over the first small little hill and continue on. When it goes back to the right you will see a large incline, role up this and go around to the right, walk over the centre of the alligator to avoid being hit by the tail, turn left and role to the Island in the middle of the swamp, roll again over the alligator in the middle of the island and then a third time over the last section of the swamp. Roll twice up the next large hill and then one final time into the load zone.

Dremuchiji North

Dremuchiji North will play a cutscene and codec upon entry as well as have 3 guards that need to be dealt with, skip the cutscene and hold forward on the control stick. The First 2 guards will go Down instantly to a shot from the Mk.22, drop them both using the auto aim. When auto aiming DO NOT hold L1 as it will slow snake to a walk, instead just press square and Snake will land the shots. Head around to the right and roll up the small hill under the fallen tree. The third and final guard can be used to skip a cutscene in the next room, and its a pretty easy strat to pull off. Run to the right of the guard but only far enough that you Just miss him, once he sees you and you hear the alert noise, roll past him and knock him out. If done correctly there will be no cutscene in the next room and the alert will have cleared.


If you didn't do the cutscene skip, skip it manually. Shoot the guard at the bottom of the cliff and then proceed across the rope bridge. Try and keep Snake in the middle of the bridge (I personally use the Plank textures as a visual guide for where to run) as if the bridge tips too much it will throw you off the side. Shoot the 2 guards at the end of the bridge using auto aim and roll over their bodies to avoid a slow walking animation. Run up past the tree, shooting the last guard with the auto aim and continue into the load zone taking you to Rassvet


After Skipping the cutscene and codecs that play upon entry, instantly shoot the guard ahead of you, be careful not to miss and cause a caution as this will cause you to be seen on your way to Sokolov's room. Once you are past the tree on the left hold up+right on the stick and aim for the small break in the wall. Roll up the hill and hold the diagonal angle past the broken floor and turn right. At this point, the guard should notice you, but not see you and cause a full-blown alert. Roll up the small ledge, walk through the door on the right and roll into the cutscene trigger. Once you make it through the cutscenes and codecs, hold down+left on the stick, roll over all the bodies and head out the way you came in.

Healing Tutorial

After the cutscenes snake will be laying down on the riverbank. Press start and select “Cure” Snake will have the Following injuries:

4x Cuts 2x Broken Bones

Hold R2 and Use Suture Kit, Bandage, Septic and Disinfect to heal the Cuts. Do the first 3 cuts then tap right on the Dpad to move to the 4th cut. Heal it and then move onto the 2 broken bones. Use a bandage on a splint on each and you are done with the Virtuous mission.

Note that the order that you apply the healing items to the injury doesn't matter, so it's okay to do it in reverse.

Video Tutorial for Virtuous Mission

Dremuchiji East

After the cutscenes, hold up on the stick and then swing around to the left as early as possible and roll up the hill, then roll over the small log in front of you then again into the load zone.

Dremuchiji North

Move forward until you make it to the cliff, hold up+left and roll off. Keep holding the same direction and roll up the hill, this should take 2 rolls and then do a 3rd roll into the cutscene trigger. After the codec with Major Tom, hold up+left and run towards the 2 oncoming guards. You can either use the EZ gun to tranq both, or roll into them. You need to line yourself up in the middle of them so you can roll and KO them both. If you miss one you need turnaround and CQC slam him to clear the alert. Once you are all clear you can continue through the room, again rolling up the hill under the fallen tree and up the slope to the load zone.


There will only be the one guard in this room, get past him however you please by either a bump roll or by running around the tree to the left and continue across the rope bridge. There is nothing else in the room to worry about here so just continue onto Rassvet like in the virtuous mission.


This area will be clear of guards so there isn't much to do in here so walk towards the room we met Sokolov in during the virtuous mission. Before you enter the room, after rolling up the ledge, head north and climb the boxes to pick up the cardboard box. Be careful when climbing as Snake likes to jump off the boxes for no reason, you can use the Dpad to move on the boxes to stop this. After you have the box enter the room where Sokolov was than immediately exit to trigger the cutscene.


At the start of this fight turn and face the window right away, stand on your tippy toes by aiming in FPV and Holding L2+R2 and shoot the guard outside with your M1911. 1 shot to the head or 3 shots to the chest will kill him. Run over the bed and out the door. Stand in the middle of the room and menu to your stun grenades. FPV look out the door and line yourself up with the middle of the broken door. Throw your stun as the 2nd guard climbs up the ledge and immediately look up+right without letting go of FPV throw a stun right up in the air to get the guy on the roof. Quick unequip the stuns, run out the door, then down the ledge. Turn right and roll over the broken wall and CQC slam the final unit member. He can be in a number of spots and this is really just RNG. Once he is dealt with, run around the side of the building to hit the trigger to end the fight.

Video Tutorial for Snake Eater Start to Ocelot Unit


Now is the time to do your first menu. Go into your backpack, unequip knife, equip Mk22 and Patriot, unequip D-Mic. equip Cardboard Box A Unequip Motion Detector, Active Sonar, and Anti-Personnel Sensor.

Roll out the window and equip the Patriot. Turn to the building and FPV aim at the roof guard. Turn to the right to kill the guard next to you. Then run south to shoot at the barrel and kill the guards by the trees.

  • Early Menu at Ocelot Unit, jump out window, patriot roof guard, patriot all other guards.
  • Use stuns to throw off bees instead of grenades
  • Using Mk22 body shots is only a bit slower than headshots on The Pain
  • Shooting Barrel at the Warehouse allows for one cycle on The End
  • Bump into guard at Cig Spray, roll out the door along the bottom
  • The Boss - CQC Counter, Nagant HS, Nagant HS, CQC Throw, Stun, Nagant HS, Nagant HS, CQC Counter, Nagant HS, Nagant HS, CQC Throw

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