How To Play Mesal Gear Solid

There are 3 Methods of playing Mesal Gear: PS2 (Physical [Any]), PS3 (Physical [Any]), PS3 (Digital [JPN Only]) The most optimal method is PS3 Digital for SSD & Less Lag

Methods to make a JP PSN are covered here: Once Sony removes the ability to buy new content, this method will be removed and other means will be required.

How To Obtain Mesal Gear Solid ingame

first method Use a password on the password menu, which is accessed by pressing L1+R1+L2+R2+Start on the main menu: US/PAL password: MESAL || Japan: ゆめのきょうえん (Yumenokyōen) & then, after starting a new game, find it on the table that is located to the players left. Note: The ょ character after き is the smaller version at the 4th spot in order. This will make the Ki turn into Kyo.

second method Complete the any% playthrough of Ape Escape 3 and then purchase it from the shop. You will require in game currency, 573 coins, to purchase the item. The easiest way to obtain this is to simply play the game up to “Saru-Mons Castle” (Stage 3) and/or “Bootown” (Stage 6) and collect the coins. The best farming spot is “Midnight Bay” revisit. After purchase, save your game, and then Mesal will be forever playable on the table to the right of the shop district.

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