Ladder Glitch

Ladder glitch is used in Hold No.1 during the Tanker chapter of Metal Gear Solid 2. This was first found by droogie1xp, then Stealth_Edge managed to get it effective in a speedrun. It can save at least 10 seconds (or more) depending on both execution and variant used. All ladder glitches follow the same principle: Equip the camera before going onto the ladder and Snake/Raiden will enter a glitched-state. This can also be done with other items such as the Digital Camera, Scope, and Boxes. Ladder Glitch works on all versions and platforms. This can also be done in other areas of the game, but serve no practical purpose to the speedrun currently.

This is the standard approach used by most runners:

  • Equip the camera just before you press triangle to mount the ladder. performing a buffer with a p, pp, or ppk can help.
  • Hold left until the camera angle changes, and Snake is holding onto an invisible ladder.
  • Let go of left, then press X about 0.5 second later.
  • Tap up, then press triangle to fall to the ground.

The following are several alternate variants of ladder glitch used by some runners:

Ergx found that taking ladder from left was faster than front side.

  • Punch once or twice or PPK and equip camera while still in the animation. Grab ladder immediately.
  • TAP left on the dpad when Snake is standing on the second rung of the ladder (when you hear the Camera equipping click). Like so

  • When the camera changes, tap up once, press X and mash triangle. Like so

  • If Snake climbs back up, you mistimed your left input.

This is one of the harder variations, and requires a magazine. However, it’s the fastest.

  1. Firstly menu once up from USP/M9 to magazine
  2. Go to left side of the ladder
  3. Follow the steps for previous setups by punching and equipping camera and pressing triangle.
  4. Equip Magazine and do ladder glitch.
  5. Hold right then when animation ends and you are in the ladder glitch hold square, let go of right and hold/press left. Keep square held long enough to not break the camera when you fall down.
  6. The visual cue for when to let go of square is when snake goes into the wall and the camera changes.

Magazine Ladder Glitch, Left-Side Hold No.1, 06:44:16 by Stealth_Edge

Really fast and simple version of Magazine Ladder Glitch:

  1. Switch to your M9 on previous.
  2. Move to the left-side of the ladder.
  3. Menu one up to the magazine.
  4. PPK (not necessary, but easier) to Camera to Ladder.
  5. Hold right on the analog stick and mash square (turbo square works too).
  6. After Snake is done with his animation of getting on the ladder, keep mashing square (or turbo it), but move the analog stick up-left.

Note: Its possible to fall out of bounds. Its also possible to get the camera stuck when you reach the surface, to avoid this make sure you take a sharp up-left angle for the final step.

  • After glitching onto the ladder, hold right on the d-pad and mash X.
  • When you approach the half-way point, let go of all inputs.
  • After Snake begins bunny-hopping, use the d-pad to move towards the ladder.
  • If Snake is ABOVE the floor, hold up on the d-pad and mash Triangle. ( Snake will always land ABOVE the floor if turbo is used )
  • If Snake is BELOW the floor, go into first person view and do a punch-punch-kick combo. As Snake is doing the combo, hold up on the d-pad and mash triangle.
  • There is one variation of the Super Variant called Super Magazine Variant. This one does not require backup/adjustment as it works every time:
    • Go to the left side of the ladder and equip the magazine.
    • After glitching onto the ladder, hold analog right and mash X.
    • When you reach the half-way point, let go of all inputs.
    • When you reach the floor hold or flick the analog stick(it has to be analog) North-West and mash triangle.

Fill this with non-ladder glitch approaches to Hold No.1

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