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Do chopper skip on every mission possible, excluding missions that start with cutscenes. (Pitch Dark, Episodes 29-31) Remember to reset from checkpoint if you do chopper skip. Leave mother base always by entering a mission and returning to ACC. (as long as your loading times are fast enough) Use Episode 2 until you unlock Retake the platform. After Combat unit becomes available, you can use combat unit members to eventually upgrade their stats. Keep your combat unit level low so you don't unlock deployment missions.

Mission Notes Deployment Menuing notes
E1: Phantom Limbs
E2: Diamond Dogs
E5: Over The Fence PSNK Route/Any% route, pick up common metals 0600
E4: C2W Any% route 1800
E6: Where Do the Bees Sleep After dealing with skulls → Delivery point → Fulton guards Develop C4 while riding out
E10: Angel With Broken Wings
E9: Backup, Back Down North LZ ⇒ Setup C4 and cigar to take out 1 tank ⇒ Cigar until timer is over ⇒ Get Delivery point and leave the hotzone north Equip C4 and Renov
Freeroam to Serak Power plant Gather common metals and 200 fuel resources. ⇒ Grab Delivery point at serak ⇒ Go to Afghan base and get the delivery point there Develop Smokes
E7: Red Brass Extract/kill everyone in the village. Wait until medical platform is done ⇒ Deliver yourself to Serak 1800 / Equip smokes Develop Tranq grade 2, FAKEL, Support Chopper grade 2
Sideop 82: Make contact with Emmerich Perfect stealth your way to the target door. Get into the Jeep.
E12: Hellbound any% route
E13: Pitch Dark any% route Equip Fakel Level up support unit to 9 while riding in
E14: Lingua Franca Knock the guard near Viscount out of cover so you can fulton him. (If he's still in cover it's not worth your time) Start on ground
E15: Footprints of Phantoms 2 Bombardments, leave the hotzone where you started the mission 1800 / Switch buddy to D-Walker
E16: Traitor's Caravan Extract 4 soldiers near the truck for service medals.
E17: Rescue the Intel Agents Leave towards E18 start point 1800
E18: Blood runs deep any% route Level up R&D to 13 while riding out of zone
E19: On the Trail Don't skip chopper ride. Default LZ is too far. Stun all guards near target by running over with D-walker, extract everyone Develop Gatling gun, decoys
E20: Voices Equip Decoys
E21: War Economy Do not use checkpoint, Cigar ⇒ Cancel instantly, go on the emergency mission to not lose staff. (only if your staff levels are tight)
E22: Retake the Platform PSNK route to get 6x Service Crosses, Decoy kill if possible After mission, Equip grade 2 chopper and Gatling gun from customize menu
E21: War Economy PSNK route, Extract both Doom Kangaroo and Arms Dealer
E23: White Mamba any% route
E25: Aim True Ye Vengeful Exit towards E24 start point Change to Doom Kangaroo if available
E24: Close Contact PSNK so you can leave the hotzone faster
E26: Hunting Down Any% route
E27: Root Cause Any% route
E28: Code Talker Get the delivery point, Doom Kangaroo can run and reach LZ before pick-up arrives 1800 / Change to Doom Kangaroo if you haven't yet
E29: Metallic Archaea Puppets are not worth fultoning anymore, they won't be available in time
E30: Skull Face Any% route 1800
E31: Sahelanthropus
Start of Chapter 2 Cigar to skip radio at the base, call pick-up and leave R&D → 18, Support → 16, Develop Cargo 2
E32: To Know Too Much
E11: Cloaked in Silence Do the fight and leave, so you have Delivery points up north available
E8: Occupation Forces
E3 for Fast Travel Don't complete mission, chopper skipping to get to a delivery point inside a mission. Deliver yourself to Afghan Base for sideop
Extract the AI Pod Complete sideop and use checkpoint to return to delivery point. Deliver yourself to next sideop
Secure the Remains of the Man on Fire Complete sideop. At quarantine platform call a chopper and go to R&D 2nd Platform
Eli's Challenge Use Decoys to take him out without a fight
E35: Cursed Legacy No skip, land on southern LZ. Listen to tapes while riding in. Move staff out of security unit
E38: Extra Ordinary
Kids in Africa Oilfield sideop first, deliver yourself to code talkers mansion for 2nd sideop. Extract the kids using the jeeps in side op areas.
Kids in Afghanistan: Palace Ride a jeep nearby, decoy to knock the kid down, fulton with Jeep, Deliver yourself to next sideop (Honey bee area) Deploy with a jeep
Kids in Afghanistan: Da Smasei Laman use D-walker to get the kid, fulton with a jeep in area, Activate E11 and abort to move to the next area
Kids in Afghanistan: Ruins Drop in a vehicle next to the kid, Decoy to knock him down. Bears die in 2 Fakel shots if needed
E41: Proxy War Without End No Skip. Land in default spot, listen to tapes, use phantom cigars and bombarments to take out all targets Move staff out of security unit
E3: Hero's way (Repeat until you progress) Listen to remaining tapes 1800 Move staff out of security unit
E43: Shining Lights, Even in Death
E3: Repeat x 2 Listen to new tape (BOTH TIMES!) 1800
E46: Truth - The Man Who Sold the World Victory Lap, congratulate yourself on a finished run

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