• (Current Version) You can place a marker on A chopper ride to make navigating easier
  • (Chopper skip) Turn your camera to manipulate D-walker to spawn in a better position
  • Drive all the way to outpost 17
  • Drive through the valley, guards seeing you is not an issue


  • Get off D-walker when you get to this root, dive under it and continue into the tunnel
  • You can call D-walker when you get roughly halfway through the tunnel, and it appears on the other side


  • Shoot the red barrel next to the gate


  • Drive to the hospital and leave D-walker next to the door.
    • D-walker's positioning is not that precise as long as you have quick access to it during the man on fire section.
    • In case you block the door with D-walker, you can dive under it's legs to get inside


  • Run inside and hit the first body with any weapon
    • Hitting the body will remove that cutscene trigger.
    • An easy fast way is to use shoot above the cabinet blocking the way with a grenade launcher as this requires the least amount of aiming.
    • With Fakel make sure you're still aiming at the brightly lit curtain and not above, as hitting the back wall will leave the body outside blast radius
  • Trigger the boss battle and run out, get on D-walker
  • Drive through the flames straight to the reservoir


  • Position yourself near the end of that root/tree trunk shown
    • Getting here fast enough will skip any attacks Man on Fire would do, and instead starts his teleport move
    • His teleport has 2 parts, first he spawns pillars of fire, marking possible points where he can teleport. After that he chooses the one closest to you, the third child appears first and Man on Fire shortly afterwards.
  • After the pillars of fire start to appear, you can move into position where you're ready to shoot MoF into the water


  • You can shoot him into the water as soons as his appearing animation ends.
    • If you shoot too early, it does nothing, and gives him enough time to walk forwards a few steps. You need
  • Get on D-walker and exit the area through the tunnel you came from
    • Tunnel stays open as long as you don't go near it while Man on Fire is active.

Perfect Stealth route is differs during the valley and near outpost 17. Night time mandatory, or you will be spotted by outpost 20.

  • Use D-walkers tranquilizers to distract the guards near the tent.
  • (Current Patch) Reset from checkpoint when you get the checkpoint right before the river valley.
  • (Chopper skip) If your movement this far is good, you can get through the valley without a checkpoint, if you mess up following section you can always reset checkpoint without huge time loss.
  • Stun 3 guys in the river by riding over them, there are decoys in the area so look carefully.
  • Slow down and tranquilize next guard. If you move in D-walkers stealth mode, you'll get into a shooting position.
  • Move slowly forwards to do the same with next guard.
  • Last guard next to the tent near the root is behind a tree, so you can drive full speed and stun him before he alerts.
  • Get off D-walker and continue the mission with any% route.
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