This page only goes over menuing you need to remember.

Do chopper skip on every mission possible, excluding missions that start with cutscenes. (Pitch Dark, Episodes 29-31) Remember to reset from checkpoint if you do chopper skip. Leave mother base always by entering a mission and returning to ACC. (as long as your loading times are fast enough) Use Episode 2 until you unlock Retake the platform

Mission Notes Deployment Menuing notes
E1: Phantom Limbs
E2: Diamond Dogs
E5: Over The Fence 0600 Develop RENOV sniper rifle, D-Horse will appear while menuing
E3: Hero's way 1800 Equip RENOV
E6: Where Do the Bees Sleep Develop C4 while riding out
E10: Angel With Broken Wings Base Dev unit to exactly level 4
Freeroam to Serak Power plant Land near the ruins where quiet fight would take place ⇒ Gather common metals and 200 fuel resources ⇒ Grab Delivery point at serak and return to ACC Develop Smokes, level up base development to 9
E9: Backup, Back Down Equip C4
E7: Red Brass After you get out of hotzone do not return to ACC 1800 / Equip smokes
E1 Revisit Start right after E7, get to the delivery point. pick up 100 common metals in building next to delivery point. After Medical platform finishes fast travel to Serak Develop Tranq grade 2, FAKEL, Support Chopper grade 2
Sideop 82: Make contact with Emmerich Perfect stealth your way to the target door. Get into the Jeep.
E12: Hellbound
E13: Pitch Dark Place a marker at E14 Start point for guidance Equip Fakel Level up support unit to 9 while riding in
E14: Lingua Franca Start on ground
E15: Footprints of Phantoms 2 Bombardments, leave the hotzone where you started the mission 1800 / Switch buddy to D-Walker
E16: Traitor's Caravan 4 C4s and a Fakel shot to take out the skulls
E17: Rescue the Intel Agents Leave towards E18 start point 1800
E18: Blood runs deep
E19: On the Trail Don't skip chopper ride. Default LZ is too far.
E20: Voices after mission leave MB on chopper so you have time to develop things After mission: R&D to lv13, develop GROM and Gatling Gun for D-Walker
E21: War Economy Equip GROM
E22: Retake the Platform Start from Mother Base After mission, Equip grade 2 chopper and Gatling gun from customize menu
E23: White Mamba Support unit back to Lv 9
E25: Aim True Ye Vengeful Exit towards E24 start point
E24: Close Contact PSNK so you can leave the hotzone faster
E26: Hunting Down
E27: Root Cause
E28: Code Talker 1800
E29: Metallic Archaea
E30: Skull Face 1800
E31: Sahelanthropus

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