Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (PW)

"That’s right.. from now on, call me Big Boss"

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker released in 2010 to PlayStation Portable. PW was later ported to the HD Collection. The game improved on Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops' formula, adding the Fulton and an evolved base management system. Like Metal Gear: Ghost Babel and MPO, PW's gameplay has a mission structure.

Category Description Route
First Ending (NG, Any%) Play from the start of the game all the way to the first ending credits from New Game First Ending (NG, Any%)
First Ending (NG, S-Rank) Play from the start of the game all the way to the first ending credits from New Game, while getting all missions with S-Rank rating First Ending (NG, S-Rank)

This section will describe the various stats of staff members. Each staff member has a skill ranking between “-” and “S”.

You will always start the game with the same 15 staff members. Their stats are as follows:

Name Combat R&D Mess Hall Medical Intel GMP
Miller B B A B A 7875
Eagle Ray E C E - D 868
Cabbage White E D E E E 1754
Peccary E D E E E 470
Ostrich E D - E - 443
Frill Shark E E E E E 1783
Bobcat E E E E E 854
Alligator D E E E E 4352
Lobster E E E E E 898
Bluegill E E - E E 2203
Magpie E E E E E 2193
Rhinoceros E E E - E 2230
Moon Wrasse E - E - - 805
Lungfish E - E D E 1923
Coypu E - E E E 1777

At the start of the game, Miller will auto-assign to the Combat Unit, but it is recommended to put him in the R&D Team, as he still has high skill there and will boost morale of the other team members, allowing you to create better weapons early on.

Throughout the game there are some Unique staff members you acquire. They have high stats, can have a unique skill and you cannot play as them. Their stats are listed below.

Name Combat R&D Mess Hall Medical Intel GMP Acquired
Miller B B A B A 7875 Start of the game
Amanda B C B C A 6778 Mission 4 AV Battle: LAV-Type G
Chico D D C D A 5315 Mission 5 Rescue Chico
Hideo - C E S S 1215 Mission 9 in truck 63824
Huey E S D D A 1125 Mission 10 Pupa Battle
Cécile E D A C A 2545 Mission 13 Head for the Lab
Paz - - A B A 4500 Mission 26 Peace Walker Battle 3
Strangelove E S B B A 4781? Mission 26 Peace Walker Battle 3

Hideo functions similarly to Unique staff despite not being labeled as such. He is also not automatically acquired during the story like the other ones, but it is highly recommended to recruit him.

When Amanda is acquired, she will have lowered stats due to her injury.

Staff skill level can be raised by having high morale. This can be done in various ways:

  • Put Miller on the team whose morale you'd like to boost
  • Put Paz into Mess Hall to raise every team's morale
  • Put Amanda into the Combat Unit
  • Have over 100% food

  • Box boosting: Press the shoot button while in a box to get a speed boost. Each boost lasts a second. The boosted speed is not impacted by the weight of your gear.
  • Crouch walking up slopes: Most slopes in the game will slow you down when walking up them (there are exceptions). Crouch walking negates this slowdown.

You don't need someone who has an S-Rank in combat. However it is important to at least have maxed out movement speeds. Depending on the mission you might also want other stats to be maxed out; for example in a battle mission you want maxed out reload speed.

In general the best skill for your character to have is “SWAT”. This makes CQC deal more stun damage, increases damage when shooting an enemy in the arms or legs and allows you to knock down enemies by rolling. For boss fights the best skill to have is Engineer, as it raises the chance to deal increased damage to large-scale weapons and mechs. An alternative to this would be Green Beret, which raises the chance to deal increased damage when firing weapons in general.

The uniform you wear will usually depend on whether you’re running NG (New Game) or NG+. For NG, you’ll swap between Fatigues, NKD (shirtless Fatigues) & Battle Dress. NG+ will largely be the same, however outside of boss fights you’ll wear the Bikini or Swim Trunks. Peace walkers mechanics limit movement speed based on the weight of your equipment, but also allow you to setup multiple load outs in different types of camo. Note that NKD & Fatigues while similar are considered different uniforms entirely. However, colours are not. The best option is largely the one you can menu to fastest, with the exception of the Hind D fight in NG, where you will wear DPM.

The Attributes of each outfit will change other things besides movement speed. For example, swim trunks allow you to carry only one primary weapon, bear this in mind when selecting your outfit.

For S-Ranking and easy quiet takedowns, the Mk.22 Pistol is your best friend. When maxed out it can knock out an unarmoured soldier with a shot anywhere on the body.

In some missions it is also useful to have Smoke Grenades or Sleep Grenades (Stun Grenades are too loud). Smoke grenades usually suffice, but enemies can be alerted when the smoke dissipates. These are useful for getting past groups of enemies.

In rescue missions, you can save a lot of time by using the Fulton Launcher, so you can rescue your target from far away and focus on making your way to the exit point. You'll also want this for S-Ranking vehicle battles, as it allows you to take out a group of backup soldiers in one shot. Do keep in mind though that the launcher makes a lot of noise when shooting it.

To quickly deal a lot of damage, use the M47 rocket launcher. It deals the most damage out of any rocket launcher, and has a slight homing ability (although you usually do not want to wait for the lock-on). In case missiles aren't an option, use the Gatling Gun. This is particularly useful against Chrysalis, or Peace Walker when it's using EM Pulse. Combined with the Infinity Bandana it will keep shooting forever.

As there's no up-to-date full tutorial/route, it is recommended to learn by watching the WR run. With this you can make use of the concise notes, or make your own notes while watching. Making your own notes will help memorize the route aswell as allow you to write things down in a way that's more clear to you personally.

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