MGRR - Any% - Hard NG+ - R06

Jestream Sam NG+ Easy Shortest mission in the entire game. Sam can pose a couple of issues with Pincer timings, and to be more precise, with Dodge Cancels, that can easily turn this fight into a slogfest.

R-06 "Route"

  • This fight has little to no downtime, so be quick on executing attacks
  • After landing two CP2 hits, Sam can potentially try to cut some rocks for fun
  • If, by any case, Sam will charge through these rocks around, the game can crash with a very high chance,
  • so before manipping Sam for the 2nd/3rd time, make him go into a proper direction

The fight itself has two potential patterns:

  • If Sam will do a short taunt (one hand), after landing a CP2 you have to immediately perform a Doubleslide
  • If Sam will do a long taunt (two hands), after landing a CP2 you have to perform 2 Dodges that have to be blocked by Sam
  • Finally, in case you’ve forgotten, all CP2’s have two hits inside → Sam has to be hit with the latter.

Bossfight: Sam

  • Dodge + CP2
  • (Taunt option) Doubleslide / 2x Dodge
  • Dodge + CP2

If Sam is still on the ground, dodge into him, then proceed with the rest of the cycle.

  • Doubleslide ⇒ P1 ⇒ CP2
  • QTE

R06 Key Points

  • Learn Sam’s intricacies and play around the attacks to figure out the best way you can consistently kill Sam, no matter the attacks or distance
  • If you have troubles distancing yourself from Sam (to prevent armour memes), do a dodge to the side/backwards
  • Fight always goes the same way, so if you have any troubles with the fight, the chances are, you’re missing some important part of the equation.

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