MGRR - Any% - NG+ - R07

Armstrong NG+ Easy

  • Final Polearm Jump
  • Excelsus
  • Armstrong

R-07 Route

  • Start with some movement towards the last Polearm Jump
  • It can be bHopping or LSC’s
  • Come to the very far right wall, then
Secondary Weapon: Pincer Blades - Polearm
  • Then you do a Polearm Jump
  • First one can be early or late, since the first pillar is just the start
  • The second jump, however, requires a really precise jump
  • Looking at the right barrier can help a little bit
  • setting the jump just as you would’ve set up a Factory one
Secondary Weapon: Polearm - Pincer Blades
  • Either way, fall down after getting a jump
  • LSC your way out of OoB
  • Be wary of the objects around, since they still have collisions and will block your LSC’s
  • Hit the Blade Wolf trigger at the end of the section to proceed with Excelsus bossfight

Bossfight: Metal Gear EXCELSUS

All difficulties can do the same strategy in order to lower MG's health.
Specific variations will be pointed out
Hard Difficulty IL Example by Darkslayer

(Easy to Hard difficulty don't require Ripper Mode use on the first leg, Very Hard and Revengeance use Ripper Mode for this left leg)

  • Start with going to the left leg
  • Start with CP1
  • Release CP1 right after EXCELSUS will start attacking
  • Proceed with CP2 and P3
  • Then use P1 and P2
  • damage will be low enough to give you the first Zandatsu prompt

General rule of the thumb: Don’t Ninja Run all the way up, it loses a ton of time.

  • On getting down, get to the center of the arena, and then set a RM + CP2 to the head
  • optional for Easy to Hard: get a P3 slash to hit as well after the CP2
  • autoscroller will start

Easy to Very Hard Difficulty:

  • Before Ray starts to shoot the lasers, get to the right leg
  • and start charging CP2
  • When the Cows spawn, release CP2 and hit the right leg

Revengeance Difficulty: Revengeance Difficulty video example by Darkslayer

  • Before Ray starts to shoot the lasers, get to the right leg
  • as the right leg moves forward, do a P1 slash on this right leg, cancel after the first hit with blade mode
  • damage the right leg with a CP1 in ripper mode, then start charging CP2
  • When the Cows spawn, release CP2 and hit the right leg

During this autoscroller section, we have to do a setup for the Armstrong fight later

  • Our goal is to lower your health to ~40% (for Hard Difficulty)
  • You can use Pincer Blades hyperarmor (holding a charged Pincer attack) to tank the hits after you hit your health target

Final segment (same for all difficulties)

  • safely get back to the right leg, and charge CP2
  • When Armstrong will say “like my ride, worth every penny”, release CP2 at the end of the “penn[y]”
  • Zandatsu, run, 2x Mash, 3x QTE, Mash, Zandatsu

Bossfight: Armstrong

(assuming you have ~40% HP on Hard Difficulty)

  • Start with RM Dodge + CP2
  • damage Armstrong with that CP2
  • after the 2nd slash immediately dodge out of it twice
  • Jump directly at Armstrong and prepare to mash
  • Getting damaged here now will trigger the QTE cutscene
  • Mashing is mandatory to go through this section fast

If you have restarted on accident or taken a continue and your health has refilled,
you can attempt these manipulations for fast attacks and damage from Armstrong:

Beginner Example by Hau5test

  • Heavy → Light, then 4 Light
  • Dodge the attack, then immediately Sky High, into another Dodge
  • you can keep damaging Armstrong, but don't go under 160% health as this will not lead to his charge attack
  • Wait until Armstrong will start charging an attack, interrupt him with Sky Highs
  • Proceed to Sky High, until the healing patch comes on
  • Cut it down, then do more Sky High
  • Prevent Armstrong from going upwards by doing a Falling Lightning. (see Advance video example)
  • Heavy x3 → Sky High + Dodge
  • if Armstrong does two attacks instead of one, dodge another time
  • Sky High until healing patch, cut the patch
  • Sky High until <20%
  • cancel upwards with Falling Lightning

IL Example by Darkslayer

  • RM + Lightning Strike
  • Cancel out of LS as early as possible
  • Sky High Cancels, until Armstrong gets launched
  • Small pause, then SHC’s, until Armstrong goes into healing phase
  • Cut the healing patch, Sky High x3, then Falling Lightning
  • SHC’s until Armstrong stands up
  • Time your Falling Lightning to prevent Armstrong from going upwards, RM can help you with that
  • If Armstrong had less than 20% HP before he started to wake up, final QTE will start
  • If Armstrong had more than 20% HP, you’ll be forced to cut another health patch, then knock him back
  • Final QTE will occur right after he stands back up

R07 Key Points

  • EXCELSUS is a consistent fight, but getting to 40% HP might pose a problem at first.
  • SHC’s on Armstrong is the fastest way to kill him, but it requires a ton of practice, which can be a problem.
  • Therefore, refer to two easier strategies listed in a guide, until you feel like you’re ready to do SHC’s.
  • Doing SHC’s is very taxing on hands, get a proper grip on your gamepad/keyboard, or the efficiency of this method will be drastically lowered.

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