MGRR - Any% - Hard NG+ - R07

Armstrong NG+ Easy

  • Final Polearm Jump
  • Excelsus
  • Armstrong

R-07 Route

  • Start with some movement towards the last Polearm Jump
  • It can be bHopping or LSC’s
  • Come to the very far right wall, then
Secondary Weapon: Pincer Blades - Polearm
  • Then you do a Polearm Jump
  • First one can be early or late, since the first pillar is just the start
  • The second jump, however, requires a really precise jump
  • Looking at the right barrier can help a little bit
  • setting the jump just as you would’ve set up a Factory one
Secondary Weapon: Polearm - Pincer Blades
  • Either way, fall down after getting a jump
  • LSC your way out of OoB
  • Be wary of the objects around, since they still have collisions and will block your LSC’s
  • Hit the Blade Wolf trigger at the end of the section to proceed with Excelsus bossfight

Bossfight: Metal Gear EXCELSUS

  • Start with going to the left leg
  • Start with RHCP1
  • Release CP1 right after EXCELSUS will start attacking
  • Proceed with CP2 and P3
  • Then, charge CP1, and (C)P2 will give you the first Zandatsu prompt

General rule of the thumb: Don’t Ninja Run all the way up, it loses a ton of time.

  • On getting down, get to the center of the arena, and then set a RM + CP2 to the head
  • Try to get P3 in too, though it’s not mandatory
  • Either way, autoscroller will start
  • Before Ray starts to shoot the lasers, get to the right leg
  • and start charging CP2
  • When Cows kindly appear out of nowhere, release CP2 and hit the right leg

During this autoscroller section, we have to do a setup for the Armstrong fight later

  • Our goal is to lower your health to ~40%
  • With 170% as our default health to work with, it won’t be that hard to do
  • You can use Pincer Blades hyperarmor to tank the hits after near the threshold

When you’ll get the setup

  • safely get back to the right leg, and charge CP2
  • When Armstrong will say “like my ride, worth every penny”, release CP2 at the end of the “penn[y]”
  • Zandatsu, run, 2x Mash, 3x QTE, Mash, Zandatsu

Bossfight: Armstrong

(assuming you have ~40% HP)

  • Start with RM Dodge + CP2. Immediately dodge out of it twice.
  • Jump directly at Armstrong and prepare to mash
  • Mashing is mandatory to go through this section fast


  • Heavy → Light, then 4 Light
  • Dodge the attack, then immediately Sky High, into another Dodge
  • Wait until Armstrong will start charging an attack
  • spam your Light attacks until you hit ~140% HP
  • Proceed to Sky High, until the healing patch comes on
  • Cut it down, then do more Sky High
  • Prevent Armstrong from going upwards by doing a Falling Lightning.


  • Heavy x3 → Sky High + Dodge
  • if Armstrong does two attacks instead of one, dodge another time
  • Sky High until healing patch, cut the patch
  • Sky High until <20%
  • cancel upwards with Falling Lightning
  • RM + Lightning Strike
  • Cancel out of LS as early as possible
  • Sky High Cancels, until Armstrong gets launched
  • Small pause, then SHC’s, until Armstrong goes into healing phase
  • Cut the healing patch, Sky High x3, then Falling Lightning
  • SHC’s until Armstrong stands up
  • Time your Falling Lightning to prevent Armstrong from going upwards, RM can help you with that
  • If Armstrong had less than 20% HP before he started to wake up, final QTE will start
  • If Armstrong had more than 20% HP, you’ll be forced to cut another health patch, then knock him back
  • Final QTE will occur right after he stands back up

R07 Key Points

  • EXCELSUS is a consistent fight, but getting to 40% HP might pose a problem at first.
  • SHC’s on Armstrong is the fastest way to kill him, but it requires a ton of practice, which can be a problem.
  • Therefore, refer to two easier strategies listed in a guide, until you feel like you’re ready to do SHC’s.
  • Doing SHC’s is very taxing on hands, get a proper grip on your gamepad/keyboard, or the efficiency of this method will be drastically lowered.

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