MGRR - Any% - NG+ - R01

  • Polearm Jumps
  • RP Grenades
  • Ripper Mode
  • Advanced movement, Blade Mode Cancels
  • Cycles

We’ll start from explaining the structure of NG+, Polearm Jumps and Ripper Mode before we start learning the rest of the run.

Changes that New Game + brings

In the NG+ run, we gain access to many important tools, such as FOX Blade, Wig B, grenades, and secondary weapons.

All of these are of great importance to us, as learning the proper usage of these tools is what will make a big difference in the long-term.

With FOX Blade solving non-boss fights and Wig B giving us permanent Ripper Mode, it’s time to introduce the Polearm Jumping concept.

Polearm Jump

Polearm Jump, or PJ, is a technique that combines the Ripper Mode slowdown with the upwards momentum that you gain by using 2nd Heavy Polearm attack.

If done correctly, PJ allows you to launch Raiden out of bounds in various places.

You see, everytime you activate Ripper Mode, the game slows down.

That slowdown affects every single entity, including Raiden - making everything much slower for a second.

That slowdown can be used with a conjunction of any momentum-based ability to prolong the time of said momentum having an effect on Raiden, which means, the ability that originally gives 0.3 upward momentum will instead give us 0.5, because it’s been applied all the time during the slowdown.

Beach Skip

  • Start with some bHop movement into a PJ.
  • This PJ doesn’t have to be very precise.

Climb the fence, then do a PJ. The goal is to

  • Case 1: Early or Late PJ - You’ll fall down and stumble upon an invisible ledge. Quickly do another EPJ or LPJ to make sure everything will go right. You’ll end up in OoB.
  • Case 2: Perfect PJ - With a PPJ, you’ll be able to get OoB.

Slide off the ceiling, the door, Boris cutscene.

  • Climb upwards
  • don’t go too far from the arc
  • do a PJ.
  • The closer you are to the perfect timing - the better
  • In some cases it is possible to save this jump with some Aerial Light attacks
  • When you’ll get OoB, move along the line (line.png embed), then do a E/LPJ.
Secondary Weapon: Polearm - None

Either bHop or Lightning Strike throughout the buildings, then do some divekicks. You’ll reach the bossfight rather quickly.

Bossfight: LQ84i (Bladewolf)

Secondary Weapon: None - Pincer Blades
  • Throw an RP Grenade
  • Activate Ripper Mode
  • Pincer 1
  • Dodge forward
  • Pincer 2
  • You have to miss the 1st hit of Pincer 2, but land the 2nd one
  • the 2nd slash of that 2nd Pincer attack does more damage and leads to a quick kill

After the fight

Secondary Weapon: Pincer Blades - None

Bridge section

Bhop across the bridge.

You can skip the 2nd part of the bridge section by doing a dodge after a small cutscene at the half of the bridge. (Colloquially called Z-Dodge)

Bossfight: Hammerhead

Lightning Strike → [RM] Falling Lightning → 1 Light Attack.

After that comes a small movement section that leads directly to Hotel Skip

Hotel Skip

  • Cut the gate vertically, align to the left of the pillar.
  • Lightning Strike x2, then RM + BM at the same time.
  • The goal is to run past the guards that come out of the door during blade mode.
  • You have to be quick or the barrier loads that will capture you in a fight.
  • Get past the door before one of the two guards get out of it.

After that follows another movement section that ends up with a gate.

Secondary Weapon: None - Polearm

Slide into the cutscene, restart after Boris finishes his talk.


For the Factory Segment - pick one of the strategies below:

  • Finish the section as normal. Take a fight, then do a laser section, into a PJ or an RP strat.
  • Get into the fight with Gekkos, use the Light-Heavy-Heavy combo to clear the arena.
  • Cut the fans and get inside
  • Clear the lasers, they are always the same
  • RP Grenade strat: go upwards, throw an RP Grenade, get past the enemies, use the panel.
  • PJ Strat: after the laser section do a PJ
  • Has to be rather precise to make sure the guard won’t see you
  • Try not to alert the guard and get out of the section.
  • this is a set of four consecutive PJ’s
  • three of these have to be timed well enough
  • while the last one is extremely precise (around 2-3 frame window)
  • it requires constant 59-60FPS
  • This saves 10-12 seconds ideally

This 2nd strategy is considered very advanced.

It is commonly recommended to start out with the first strategy and build up practice with the polearm jump technique in general.

Prepare for the next boss fight:

Secondary Weapon: Polearm - Pincer Blades

Get up the stairs, to find Mistral waiting for us.

Bossfight: Mistral


  • Do a CP1, ripper mode is not required
  • the damage will initiate going to the next sequence
  • tap R2 to get into the Blade Mode and leave it immediately again to continue


  • Do a CP1, ripper mode is not required
  • the damage will initiate going to the next sequence
  • during the cutscene, wait until the checkpoint mark appears, then restart the checkpoint
  • this will start the third sequence earlier


  • during the loading screen mash Slide, or run forward
  • use RM at the very end of that slide
  • Land a 3rd CP1
  • Mistral should be caught into the barrel blast and die, otherwise Dodge forward to do enough damage if required
  • finish the quicktime event


  • Do a P1 Dodge cancel into CP2, activate Ripper Mode as the first slash happens
  • while charging your pincer 2, looking at the sky is required, otherwise the geckos will grab you


  • Start Sequence 2 with a CP1, even without ripper mode the damage should be sufficient to get Mistral into Sequence 3
  • during the following cutscene, wait a little bit until the checkpoint mark appears, then restart the checkpoint


  • Start Sequence 3 by running forwad and getting into position
  • use another P1 Dodge into a CP2, activate ripper mode again on first slash
  • this will bring Mistral's health down enough to start the QTE

Thanks to the Revegeance difficulty perfect parry mechanics, we can do immediately enough damage to Mistral in the first Sequence, so that we basically skip through the 2nd and 3rd.

See Video Example by Darkslayer

All Difficulties Video examples by Zefie & Darkslayer:

Difficulty Easy Normal Hard Very Hard Revengeance
  • Aim around 5:15 IGT w/ Factory skip. Perfect R01 is around 4:55.
  • Each failed PJ accounts for 7 seconds.
  • Do not rush, you’ll see this chapter way more often than any others.
  • Get used to the Hotel Skip timings.

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