MGRR - Any% - NG+ - R02

  • Lightning Strike Movement
  • Despawn Angles
  • “Stealth”
  • G.R.A.D

Probably one of the easiest segments in the entire run, R02 offers an easy way to practice movement sections in the long hallways while still having some small things that can easily turn this segment into a reset city. It is recommend using this segment as a way to practice Lightning Strikes.

Let’s start with the new movement technique that we’ll utilize in the sections with no enemies nearby - Lightning Strikes.

Lightning Strike Cancels (LSC)

Input: Up+Up+Heavy into BM

Have to have Polearm NOT equipped

  • LSC is the preferable way to move through the run
  • Remember this move locks on to enemies, which can sometimes result in weird angles or even reversals
  • The timing for BM is pretty important, but it’s easy to get a feeling for it after a couple of runs.

R-02 Route

Skip the cutscene, then mash Dodge forward. Walk forward until Codec ends.

Secondary Weapon: Pincer Blades - Sai
Grenade: RP Grenade - EM Grenade
  • LSC through the tunnel until Mastif cutscene
  • Try to use RM just before the cutscene to avoid slowdown.
  • After cutscene ends, use the Sai combo.
  • If done correctly, you’ll kill Mastiff.
  • Cut him once, LSC once to get closer to the stairs.
  • bHop all the way to the crates
  • release Ninja Run before landing
  • jump over the crates
  • The cycle is global
  • so if you go too fast you’ll get noticed by Mastiffs.
  • Cut the fence
  • fall down
  • Kill the first Gekko
  • LSC
  • bHop until the cutscene
  • Three Raptors will appear in the form of a triangle
  • you can do SHC x3, starting from center-right-left
  • If done correctly, Sky High will hit the right side of all of the Raptors, giving you a fast despawn
  • Cutscene, Codec.
Secondary Weapon: Sai - Pincer Blades
  • Cut the doors and go deeper
  • There are two possible options here
  • Safer route: Cut the Mastiff, jump down, get out
  • Risky route: Jump down, pray that Mastifs won’t see you, get out
  • Either way, you’ll reach a checkpoint now
  • Kill Vodomerka, and get inside
  • LSC or bHop your way up, until the DOOMP codec
  • LSC to switch
  • Throw an EM Grenade off the stairs
  • then get to the button when everyone is distracted
  • Use RM just as the screen will turn dark
  • Cutscene
  • If done correctly, you’ll have RM at the start of the section
  • Kill all guards, listen to the Codec
  • then do the Gekko section
  • Don’t forget to RM before/after the Gekko USB cutscene
  • Codec
  • Cut everyone down, be careful around the angles
  • Do 2 cuts against the last guard to have a chance for a fast despawn
  • LSC after opening the door
  • Codec
  • then 2 more LSC’s
  • another door
  • Lightning Strike + RM into the G.R.A.D cutscene.

Bossfight: G.R.A.D

  • Start by running straight to the left side
  • until you reach this box
  • let go off Ninja Run and spam Light Attacks until you can land 4 of them
  • Right after landing the 4th one, jump
  • immediately use Pincer Blades
  • If done correctly, you’ll do a phase skip.
  • Start the fight with a CP1
  • Release CP1 when G.R.A.D will start moving towards you
  • CP2 right after
  • Cancel CP2 with BM
  • then land two P1 attacks
  • or do a jump P1
  • Codec
Secondary Weapon: Pincer Blades - Polearm

* (has to be done before starting the next chapter, but after killing the two guards ahead)

  • LSC to the door
  • then kill two guards the way you like
  • Open another door
  • listen to Codec
  • another door
  • Cutscene
  • R-02 done!
  • Best mission to practice Lightning Strike Cancels due to the length of the hallways.
  • Stealth sections might take a while to learn how to do consistently
  • Sky High Cancels are important, just as the angles to cut your enemies.
  • G.R.A.D can meme you around for free timeloss, but that’s fine.

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