Camouflage Uniforms

This Will Not Include Downloadable DLC Camos

NameLocationDescriptionSpecial Use
Naked Starting No TopNone
Olive Drab Starting Standard Army Fatigues None
Leaf Starting Leaf Pattern Camo None
Tiger Stripe Starting Tiger Stripe Pattern Camo None
Black Starting Black Camo None
Sqaures Starting Square Pattern CamoNone
Tree Bark Starting Tree Bark PatternNone
Rain Drop Dremuchij North Rain Drop PatternNone
Choco Chip Bolsyaha Past South Chocolate Chip Pattern None
Splitter Bolshaya Past South Splitter Patttern None
Snow Peschera Cave Snow Pattern None
Banana Snake vs Monkey Banana Pattern Makes Any Food Taste Great
FlyGraniny Groki LabFoul Smelling Camo Enemy Avoids You Due To Smell
GA-KOChyornyj PrudGA-KO Pattern Camo Enables You Hear Kerotans Calling
WaterPonizovje (after The Fear) Water Pattern Camo None
Sneaking SuitGrozynj Grad (After Cell Escape) All Purpose CamoReduces Stamina And Cuts Damage in Half
TuxedoBeat the Game Formal Dress CoatCannot use CQC
Fruit Swamp Fruit Pattern (Replaces GA-KO in MGS3D) Hear Yoshi Dolls
Scientist EVA Scientist DisguiseTrick the Enemy into Thinking Snake is a Scientist
MaintenanceGroznyj GradShagohod Maintenance UniformTrick the Enemy into Thinking Snake is a Maintenance Personnel
OfficerStolen from RaikovMajor Raikov's Uniform Combined with the Mask, trick the Enemy into thinking Snake is Major Raikov. While wearing, press Triangle to Salute.
Animals Animal Print Camo Beat Ocelot Non LethallyRemoves hand Tremors when aiming a gun
Hornet StripeHornet PatternBeat The Pain Non LethallyCommand Hornets
Spider Spider Web Pattern Beat The Fear Non Lethally 80% Camo at the cost of Stamina
Moss Moss Camo Pattern Hold Up The EndHigh Camo in forested areas, only camo that can reach 100% besides Stealth Camo, in some areas can be used to regain stamina through photosynthesis.
Fire Fire Pattern Camo Beat The Fury Non LethallyDamage from fire and explosions is cut in half, cannot be burned.
Cold WarSoviet and US Flag CamoDefeat Volgin Non LethallyEnemies will not shoot Snake if he is facing them.
Spirit Dark blue, gray and black spotted camouflageReceived by touching The Sorrow's body at the end of his battle Makes the player's footsteps silent to the enemy and also restores stamina while enemies are being choked.
SnakeDefeat The Boss Non Lethally Light gray and dull bluish pattern resembling the camouflage pattern of a snake.Good All Purpose Camo


This Will Not Include DLC Facepaints

NameLocationDescriptionSpecial Use
No FacepaintStartingNo PaintNone
SplitterStartingSplitter Paint, for indoor ops None
WoodlandStartingGreen and Brown Pattern Facepaint None
Black Starting All Black Facepaint None
Mask Starting A Mask of Raikov.. although it looks familiar.None
Water Ponizovje South river after defeating The Fear.None
Brown Subsistence Only Mud Brown Coloured Paint Infinite O2
Green Subsistence Only Green Paint Infinite Grip Gauge
Desert Starting Brown and Yellow Paint None


WeaponAcquisitionAmmo TypeSpecial Use
Mk.22 Starting (Virtuous Mission) Gift from EVA (Op. Snake Eater). Non Lethal
M1911A1Gift From EVA Lethal
XME16A1Graniny Gorki Lab Exterior: Inside Walls Lethal Only assault rifle that can attach suppressors
EZ Gun Starting VE only (NG+ with Markhoar save) Non Lethal Infinite Ammo, replenishes health & stamina faster. 80% Camo while equipped
M37 Caves Lethal None
Patriot NG+ Lethal Infinite Ammo & never needs to be reloaded
SVD Ponizovje South Armoury, Sokrovenno South Armoruy, from EVALethal None
Moison Nagant The End Non Lethal A modified rifle that fires tranquilliser rounds
Skorpion Groznjy Grad Weapons Lab E. WingLethalNone
Single Action ArmyThe Boss after torture Lethal Can do gun tricks when equipped in FPV with the right stick.
RPG-7Mountains or from EVA during Bike ChaseLethalNone
M63 Svyatogornyj East, or in a small weapons building in Groznyj Grad Lethal None
Grenades Various Locations Lethal None
Stun Grenades Various Locations Non Lethal None
Chaff Grenades Various Locations Non Lethal None
WP Grenade Various Locations Lethal Unlike Frag grenade, the WP (White Phosphorus grenade deals fire damage to enemies and can set them on fire
Smoke Grenade Various LocationsNon Lethal None
TNT Various Locations Lethal None
Claymore Various Locations Lethal None
C3 Plastic Explosive From EVA LethalCan only be used to detonate the Shagohod's fuel tanks and the Rail Bridge. EVA will only give Snake 4 and you can never collect anymore.
Survival Knife Starting Lethal None
ForkIn Cell after torture Lethal If used to capture wild animals or other wild foods, Snake will consume it straight away
Cig Gas Spray Graniny Groki Lab Non Lethal Sleeping Gas weapon disguised as a Cigarette. Can be used while in disguise to put enemies to sleep.
Handkerchief Graniny Gorki None Lethal Can be used while in disguise, if waved too often it can put Snake too sleep, when equipped if you grab and enemy with CQC they will go to sleep.
Empty Magazine Deplete a weapon without tactical reloadNon Lethal None
Mouse Trap Food StoragesNon Lethal Used to capture small animals.


NameAcquisitionItem Use
Active Sonar StartingUse Sound Waves to detect enemy personnel or animals
Anti Personnel SensorStartingController will vibrate when close to an enemy
BinocularsStarting None
Bug Juice Various Pickups Using this item will avoid leeches and hornets will be less likely to attack
Cardboard Box ARassvet (Operation Snake Eater)Snake will not slow down running uphill or upstairs while wearing a box. Can be used to transport Snake to weapons lab E. Wing if worn inside a transport truck in Groznyj Grad.
Cardboard Box BTikhogornyj Behind WaterfallSnake will not slow down running uphill or upstairs while wearing a box. Can be used to transport Snake to Main Hanger Wing if worn inside a transport truck in Groznyj Grad.
Cardboard Box C Groznyj Grad Snake will not slow down running uphill or upstairs while wearing the box. Box C cannot transport you anywhere.
Camera Torture Cell in Groznyj Grad or NG+ Can be used to take pictures and saved to the consoles Hard Drive or Memory Card
Cigar Starting None
Croc Cap Swamp Can be used to scare dogs away
Fake Death Pill Starting Item Can be used to trick the enemy and bosses into thinking Snake has died.
Key A Granin Opens the door to Svyatogorni in the Warehouse
Key B EVA Open the door to Groznyj Grad underground tunnel
Key C EVA Opens the door to the Main Wing of Groznyj Grads weapons lab
LF Med Various PickupsRestores health, if equipped when health reaches zero, health will restore automatically
Mine Detector Rassvet Beeps when in proximity to claymores, the more rapid the beep, the closer you are to a mine
Motion Detector Starting Similar to Active Sonar it is a radar which scans repeatedly for enemies and animals near Snake.
Revival Pill Starting Wakes Snake up from a Fake Death.
Thermal Goggles Rassvet Thermal goggles work by detecting heat signatures. However, in Metal Gear Solid 3, they can also be used to detect, mines, hidden food, and traps, despite the latter producing no discernable heat
Night Vision Goggles Warehouse Exterior Used to amplify light in dark places. Will not work in pitch black areas or in light

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