Boss Fight Strategies

The first and one of the most difficult bosses to learn The Ocelot unit is a fight with many varying approaches regardless of the difficulty you are running. Below are just a few ways to deal with this boss, but if any are causing you a lot of trouble try and come up with your own way!

  • SuuukiMGS's Ocelot Unit - European Extreme
  • Spartyy's Ocelot Unit Stratagy - European Extreme
  • Fast Ocelot Unit European Extreme
  • More Difficult than some of the safer strategies, but largely consistent and one of the fastest ways, most common in high-level Single Segment runs
  • Ocelot Loop All Difficulties

The Pain Skip

  • The “speedrun” variant of The Fear stun-stamina kill strat. Using a stun and attacking The Fear with lethal damage causes his stamina to drain rather than his health. You can also use an automatic weapon, like the XME16E1 or Patriot. But picking up the XME16EI is slower, however easier. There are some slightly slower but easier trap-kill setups. On lower difficulties you don't need to combo The Fear during his stun but it will speed up the fight a bit.

More Advanced strat to save some extra time:

M1911A1 Variant (tested on Very Easy & Normal)

  • The End Loop - European Extreme varies slighty on lower difficulties, if done correctly you can “one cycle” The End, negating the need to run back to the tree or chase him for the last hit. In essence, he will never move. Cannot be done on European Extreme, this fight shows the usual pattern in which he will behave, although sometimes he will move a bit differently. Practice him and learn his move set.
  • One Cycle End Loop - Normal
  • The Fury Loop Strat, applies to all difficulties

Lethal Fury on Very Easy

Lethal Fury Strat on Normal (differs slightly because he requires one extra attack cycle).

  • Non Lethal Volgin - Slower than the lethal counterpart, however most often used to obtain Cold War Camo to make bike chase more bearable on European Extreme.
  • Shagohod Fight on Euro Extreme. Fight is the same on all difficulties only change is damage it takes. Eva's movements are random and will play a factor on how fast you finish the fight.
  • Volgin 2 Loop on European Extreme. On lower difficulties, Lethal variant is faster if you are not going for a no kill run. Basic fight will remain the same. Distract him by shooting the threads, attack during that window with M.Nagant or SVD.
  • The Boss Loop on European Extreme
  • Using Moison Nagant is the fastest/safest single segment method but there is a more risky multi-segment variant that is faster
  • Changes slightly on normal and below
  • When Snake Grunts, Hold Circle and twist the left stick to counter Her. On Normal, do the same inputs when Snake gets a red ! Above his head
  • Boss Loop on normal
  • Mk.22 is more viable for single segment
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