These are guidelines for writing and editing the wiki. Please read before making changes.

  • If you are editing a page that you did not start, PLEASE put an edit summary explaining what you did. It is good practice to leave an edit summary so that wiki editors can acknowledge changes made.
  • “See Syntax for Wiki syntax. Please edit the page only if you can improve it. If you want to test some things, learn to make your first steps on the PlayGround
  • It's smart to learn how the syntax works, especially if you are working on a page that has formatting already. If you simply want to dump text, be careful where you put it.
    • For instance, a text dump page can be made for a game that needs it, such as MGS2 Info Dump.
  • When creating new links, make sure the id tags make sense for the game. For instance, a Metal Gear Solid 4 tag should have mgs4 in the title [[mgs4tbe|Metal Gear Solid 4 The Boss Extreme Route]]
  • Please do not add files to Root Namespace in Media Manager.
    • Game specific images, .zips, etc. should be in the appropriate Namespace.
  • KISS principle - Keep it simple, stupid
    • The KISS principle applies to wiki writing. We should write in a straightforward manner. This does not imply removing details or complexity from a topic, it refers to presentation.
  • Contribute what you can.
    • Do not feel pressured to have excellent English. Editors can return to your material later to proofread. If you add information or data, it helps everyone out.
  • Vandalism or using the wiki for purposes other than providing information about Metal Gear games is prohibited.
    • This should be self explanatory, but these sorts of actions will cause a ban. We will ban jerks who don't want to improve the knowledge base. The wiki isn't your blog.
  • Avoid biased or unfair language.
    • It's one thing to say strategy x is slower than strategy y. It's another thing to call people who use strategy y idiots, or demean a game by editing the page unfairly. While all the games merit criticism (no speedrun is perfect, everyone has their preferences, etc.), we want to promote the series.

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