UnMetal FAQ

Q: What are the differences between the different versions of the game?

A: Except for the Vita version of the game (see below), the PC, Switch, PS4, and Xbox One versions of the game are almost identical and play in the same way. At the time of writing, the game is still receiving quality of life patches and these are often updated at different times, so the exact patch number of each version may not match. There are, however, a couple of minor differences:

  • Console versions can only hotkey items to Up, Down, Left, Right, and Button Press on the Right Analogue Stick. The PC version can hotkey to any unused character on the keyboard, giving PC a menu optimisation advantage. For this reason, the PC board is split from the console board.
  • The PC and Switch versions require the collection of an in-game medal to unlock a challenge, though any progress towards the challenge before the medal is obtained is still counted. The PS4 and Xbox One versions do not include these medal pick-ups and challenges are unlocked automatically.
  • Some button configuration options are mandatory in some versions and adjustable in others. For example, when using a controller on the PC version, the Equipment Menu is opened by pressing BACK/SHARE and cannot be changed to a different input.
  • The PC version includes a free Creator Pack DLC which allows you to input a code on the Code screen to change the voice lines of specific soldiers to that of partnered content creators. This includes Metal Gear Speedrunners' own ApacheSmash, who was instrumental in creating the relationship between the developers and our community.
  • Whilst patches across the platforms match, the number formatting is different:
    • PC: v1.0.4
    • PS4 & Xbox One: v1.04
    • Switch: v1.1.4

Q: What's different about the Vita version?

A: The Vita version was released five months before the other releases. In that time, the developers made a lot of changes to the game to bring it up to polish for the higher specced systems. This includes visual updates, gameplay tweaks and additional features. The core game, story, and maps remain the same and the general route remains similar. However, the Vita version was never patched following its original release and so remains a very early version of the game. The Vita version also includes an exclusive mechanic called XP Farming (see Game Mechanics).

Q: How do you obtain XP?

A: XP is given after defeating any boss. It is also given if you stealthily take out a guard. This only works if the guard has not seen you at all (an '!' has not appeared above his head). If a guard does see you, even if you dispatch him before he is able to raise the alarm, you can no longer obtain XP from him. Running away, hiding and having him return to his normal patrol will not reset this state and you will still not be able to get XP from him. The only way to gain XP from a guard that has already spotted you is to reload a save.

Q: What are the Level upgrades?

Whenever you level up, you are presented with two upgrades and can only choose one of them. These upgrades are always set to the same levels, you'll never be able to take both upgrades from the same level. In any Any% run, you will likely only reach Level 6 (only Level 5 is doable but not optimal), whilst a Perfect or UnPerfect run will require you to reach Level 10.

When you level up, you should hold A/X immediately, regardless of which upgrade you're going to choose. Your selection must be held for a few seconds to confirm it and any progress made on the confirmation meter is retained if you move to the other option.

The upgrades are shown in the table below, with the upgrade favored for speedrunning highlighted in bold:

Level Upgrade 1 Upgrade 2
2 Steel Fists: Your punches strike twice against enemies and containers. Sprint: Your speed increases +10% (+35% if no enemies in the room).
3 Rapid Recovery: Your HP is recovered twice as fast. Healing: Apply bandages and first aid kits twice as fast.
4 Tiger Lunge: You may press [PUNCH] to instantly close the difference and punch enemies/containers.* Rolling Thunder: Cooldown between rolls is halved.
5 Gunslinger: Reloads the gun automatically. Camouflage: Enemies further than 4 yards can't detect you if you're flat against a wall.
6 Die Hard: Your max HP is increased by 50%. Lethal Weapon: The gun deals 30% more damage.
7 Medical Expert: You can hold 4 more maximum healing kits. (10 max) Gag Reflex: You sedate guards twice as fast and drag them faster.
8 Demolition Man: Grenades and rockets deal 25% more damage. Action Hero: You recover health slowly when not bleeding.
9 Light Munitions Expert: Increases your maximum ammo. (+40 bullets, +2 grenades, +1 rocket) Heavy Munitions Expert: Increases your maximum ammo. (+8 grenades, +4 rockets)
10 Good Dirty Medic: You can use bandages to heal enemies. Each use takes 4 seconds. Halflife Healing: You recover half of your missing HP instantly when using a healing kit.

*On Hard difficulty or Perfect/UnPerfect runs, Tiger Lunge may be preferable to quickly eliminate the Japanese Guards in Stage 9.

Q: What is Jesse's fastest general movement speed?

In order of fastest to slowest:

  • Running with Sprint whilst no enemies are in the room
  • Rolling
  • Running with Sprint whilst enemies are in the room
  • Running without Sprint

Other movement such as Tiger Punch, Rhythm Rolling, Chloroform Movement and carrying a body produce different speeds, but aren't used for general traversal.

Q: What is Rhythm Punching?

A: Jesse's punch-punch-kick combo can be performed faster when inputs are performed at the correct speed, rather than mashing. Pressing the input too early seems to create a buffer that stops another input for a set amount of time, meaning the rhythm needs to be done accurately to perform the rhythm punch.

Q: What is Rhythm Rolling?

A: Rhythm Rolling is performed by first completing a Rhythm Punch combo and then entering a roll input at the end, still in the same rhythm. If performed correctly, Jesse will cancel the very end of the kick animation and very quickly roll much further than he would normally be able to.

Q: What is Save Scumming?

A: If you have been injured and are bleeding out, or you have an alert, and then hit a save checkpoint, immediately reloading that save will stop the bleed out or cancel the alert. Canceling a bleed out will usually heal Jesse back to full health, though there are some save checkpoints where this doesn't work. Additionally, some save checkpoints will also reset guard patterns or enemy spawns that might be more favorable than leaving it up to RNG or to the state the room was last left in.

Q: What is XP Farming?

A: Exclusive to the Vita version, it contains an oversight that was fixed in other versions of the game. When you load a toilet save, any guards that you've already gained XP from that have been woken up by another guard, reset their patrol and XP gain, meaning you can go back to the same guard and get XP from them again. Due to the time required to execute, this currently isn't optimal, but could be an option in the future should a certain level upgrade prove invaluable to a strat. XP Farming is permitted in Any% runs but is banned in Perfect runs.

Q: What is a Perfect Clear Ranking?

A: A Perfect Clear is obtained by acquiring all XP and Secrets in a single stage. This, therefore, requires you stealthily take out all guards and not skip any optional bosses (Turret Storm, Drill Sergeant). The Stage Cleared screen will display “PERFECT”.

Q: What is an UnPerfect Clear Ranking?

A: A UnPerfect Clear is obtained by obtaining a Perfect Clear whilst also completing several hidden objectives set by the developer. In most cases this involves completing the game as the developer intended, getting all of the necessary items that speedrunners often skip, or selecting the least desirable option when presented with a choice. The Stage Cleared screen will display “UnPERFECT”. These objectives can be found in the level tutorials (or they will be once they've been written!).

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