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Pre Game and Run FAQ

For pre-game visit the MGS3 Speedrun FAQ Page.

This tutorial/Route guide is not finished. It's a fairly large project and will take considerable time to finish. If you can't wait and want to learn right now, watch Foxii's tutorial.

Q. Is NG+ faster than new game?

A. Yes. But not by a lot, either category is separate on the leaderboards.

Q. Does the Language the game is played in matter?

A. That depends on what way you're playing. For all disc versions, unpatched (v1.00) playing on English is fastest. For digital SSD/HDD on a PS3 Japanese is fastest, due to the patch being pre applied to the US & EU copies. On Xbox One & Nvidia shield, we're not 100% sure, but it is most likely English. The reason being, Japanese loses a few seconds to some dialogue over English. For digital PS3, the faster loads due to no patch outweigh the time lost to the former. Some runners who play English use a disc ripped to their SSD with the use of Custom Firmware (CFW) this is obviously faster than Japanese.

Q. What platform is the fastest?

A. Xbox Series X/S is the fastest platform. However the most popular way to run, by far, is PS3 HD.

Q. What is (LT) loading Trick?

A. Loading Trick (commonly “LT”) is an abuse of the PS3’s internal cache which basically makes your loads faster. The setup for “full” LT, is to play from the beginning right til Snake is in the prison cell post torture. You then get a game over (either by opening the cell and running in front of Johnny or a FDP) exit back to the Title Screen & your loads will now be faster (cutscenes included!).

Q. What about The EZ Gun? The Patriot? Are infinite ammo items not banned?

A. No. The Patriot is not considered a “Special Item”, the EZ Gun is, but on Very Easy it is given to the player automatically so it is allowed. However unlocking via doing a Markhaor Rank run on other difficulties is *not* allowed. The EZ gun is strictly permitted for VE.

This section is for one entire video/playlist as a guide for the whole run:

  • By Foxiis:


As soon as the game loads your save, skip all the cutscenes by mashing X, and holding Triangle to fast forward codec calls. At the end of the codec call with Major Tom, hold up+left on the left stick to move in the direction of the fallen tree. Press X to go prone and crawl under, standing as soon as you can on the other side. Once you are back to your feet roll forward towards the vines on the tree and climb it by pressing Triangle. Once Snake makes it to the branch hold left on the stick and after 2 steps press triangle to drop down and collect the bag. Snake will make a call to Major Tom, Skip through this, mash past the cutscene and roll forward up the slight hill and then into the load zone.

Dremuchiji Swampland

There are no Guards in Dremuchiji Swampland, however, this room does require some movement tech to traverse correctly. Follow the path and as it starts to curve to the left, Roll over the first small little hill and continue on. When it goes back to the right you will see a large incline, role up this and go around to the right, walk over the centre of the alligator to avoid being hit by the tail, turn left and role to the Island in the middle of the swamp, roll again over the alligator in the middle of the island and then a third time over the last section of the swamp. Roll twice up the next large hill and then one final time into the load zone.

Dremuchiji North

There will be a cutscene and radio call once you enter this area, skip both of them. Once you've done that there are two methods for dealing with this room, the safer/easier method (which loses about 2 seconds) is to quick headshot the first guard. Run towards the second and tranq roll into him. Move towards the exit by going through the log arch, bump roll into the final guard, take a step or two and roll into the loading zone.


When you're entering this area, mash X or A to skip the cutscene. Roll down the hill and tranq roll into the guard. As with the previous area there are two ways to handle the guards on the bridge. Move along the bridge until the rock ahead of Snake is underneath his camera. (if you are using Snake Eater cam). Pictured below is the visual cue. Once you are positioned, quick headshot both guards. As you're about to step off the bridge, 3rd person shoot the wall ahead of you to cause the guard to go into a caution. Roll over the bodies, and proceed around the corner behind the guard. He will not hear Snake because he will be making a call for backup. The alt strat is to spam shots at the guards on the bridge while moving, it's more difficult and not needed for beginner runners.


After Skipping the cutscene and codecs that play upon entry, Do NOT take a step forward. Quick headshot the guard and move towards the small hill in front of Snake. Roll twice, then lock on and fire straight ahead twice, using tactical reload. Walk up the slope into the main area of Rassvet, move towards where Sokolov is being held. As you turn the corner, roll into the guard in your way, if you've timed everything correctly, you won't get an alert. Roll again into the cutscene trigger. Skip the cutscnes and radio calls and backtrack to Dolivodno.

Healing Tutorial

After the cutscenes snake will be laying down on the riverbank. Press start and select “Cure” Snake will have the Following injuries:

4x Cuts 2x Broken Bones

Hold R2 and Use Suture Kit, Bandage, Septic and Disinfect to heal the Cuts. Do the first 3 cuts then tap right on the Dpad to move to the 4th cut. Heal it and then move onto the 2 broken bones. Use a bandage on a splint on each and you are done with the Virtuous mission.

Note that the order that you apply the healing items to the injury doesn't matter, so it's okay to do it in reverse.

Opening Areas

Much like the beginning of Virtuous Mission, the beginning two rooms are empty. Make your way through the first two unguarded areas. Once you near the cutscene trigger before Dremuchij North.

Dremuchij North

Right as you regain control of Snake, roll up-left and menu to your stun grenades. Continue moving towards the tree and once you reach it roll again, straight ahead. Then move swiftly around the wall taking care not to bump off the other geometry. Once clear of the first two guards, begin cooking a stun and hold it to silence your footsteps. Continue to go right, then as you pass the guard turn up-left towards the rooms exit.


Begin moving straight ahead, curving left with the wall. In the centre of the small patch of grass, roll down & immediately roll again between the two trees. Pause for 0.5-1s and run onto the bridge and to the exit.

Rassvet (Night)

Run towards Sokolov’s room; but before heading in go straight ahead to the small crates and climb up to grab Cardboard Box A. Roll or drop off and head into the small room just past the door and immediately back out again to trigger meeting Eva. Ignore the save prompt.

Ocelot Unit

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