Some history of the food zip. For the ladder skip, scroll down.

2020 - May 31st

first instance of animation glitch by Apel - PS2

The original intend was trying to find a way to skip the Pain without usind the death pill.

2021 - January 13th

recreated food zip by PlatonicGuy in Swampland

2021 - May 2nd

Lab Skip by Apel

2021 - June 13th

Dremuchij North food zip done by Major Zero

2022 - April 10th

new zip variant found in Fury fight

Horizontal application of the same zip

2022 - April 12th

Food Zip to skip the ladder by Apel

done on RPCS3

Recreation on actual hardware: PS3 Super Slim - JP PSN HD version

Xbox hardware can't use this setup, further testing needs to be done

Apel found this clip on April 18th 2022

To do - Series S/X:

  • have items set up prior just like on PS3
  • go into the backpack
  • remove dmic
  • remove grenade
  • add 3 food items
  • start to get out of the menu
  • hold food item in hand with R2
  • add stun grenade
  • add smoke grenade
  • add magazine

note: consistency varies

How To Video

  • have 3 food items
  • have 1 empty magazine
  • before entering the room you want to execute the zip in
  • Equip the DMIC, any grenade, any pistol and the knife, in this order
  • go into the area where you want to execute the food zip
  • make a save
  • Hard reset (recommended for EN US and EN EU versions)
  • (Hard reset on JP ver. 1.02 might not be necessary, proof:
  • Load the game and unequip the DMIC and equip any 3 food items
  • Go to the spot next to the ladder, face the west wall and point the camera downwards
  • Hold R2 and equip the food item (any of the 3)
  • Start running forward in a slight right angle and pause the game
  • Equip the magazine and the DMIC, unpause, don't let go of forward
  • if snake has enough space to T-Pose: Snake will T-Pose and start going backwards, but you will continue to hear his steps
  • The camera will zip up
  • Roll forward as soon as you can see the railing, or else you'll fall from too high up
  • Done
  • It's technically multisegment only because doing food zips in a full game run is extremely inconsistent, leading to freezes/crashes
  • the PS3 HD JP version 1.02 is less prone to freezing/crashing
  • the PS3 HD EN version 1.00 is inconsistent despite doing the same setup for the zip effect, leading to more crashes
  • doing the zip with not enough space surrounding snake leads to crashes, notably if snake touches the wall in t-pose state the game instantly freezes

for Very Easy

  • to grab an empty magazine, best to empty the mag on the roof guard in the ocelot unit fight
  • to grab the one additional needed food item, you can knife the snake in the cave going to the pain in the “vent” part
  • There are other positions to successfully launch Snake from (see compilation here)
  • cancelling the fall damage would be ideal to not miss the timing when to roll

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