• MGS1 PC Launcher (No Extras): This launcher features a TON of quality of life features such as an autosizer for Windowed mode, automatic Core Affinity, save manger and much more.
  • Autosplitter for PC: Link to GitHub with information and download. New and improved Autosplitter. Included ASL VAR variables, pre-made splits and more.
  • DS4Windows Profile: This gives you full 8-way D-Pad movement and 8-way Analog. Configured for the entire touchpad to be your start (ESC/skip codecs, etc.) button. Also, weapon is bound to the CTRL key, so you don't have to fight Mantis with keyboard at all! Square is just emulating the CTRL (fire key). Can be used wired or wireless. The only quirk is when mapping the buttons, L2 and R2 are switched. So map Inventory Items to R2, Inventory Weapons to L2 and it'll work as swapped on the controller itself.
  • Liquid Infinite Metronome: Three minute long metronome for doing Liquid Infinite “use the high hats in between to time releasing second tap, it will help with rhythm.” Created by Schnapples.


  • All Saves, All Difficulties (PC): The ultimate save pack for PC updated with more saves, better ammo counts, etc. Contains saves for all difficulties and for a variety of situations. Includes Area Reloader, NG+ for Alternate Round runs and Alternate Round specific saves.
  • Area Reloader: Edited save file that when loaded will have the same effect as the blank save file glitch. CAN ONLY BE USED IN VERY EASY. Created by Veictas.
  • Corrupt Canyon Save: Note: Only compatible with Black Label version. An error will occur if you load the file on a Greatest Hits copy. Zip includes all raw memory card files at time of discovery, plus PSV and MCR formats for PS3 and Emu respectively. (Format conversions made via Memcardrex). Created by Coppertank.

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