Assuming you don't have a previous installation of the game, or any save folder

Have steam open Open steam console from run prompt (Windows key + R)


to download right depot

download_depot 287700 287701 1169535579591939527

Navigate to the folder containing depot. Depends on your steam installation location. In my case it was

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\content\app_287700\depot_287701

Copy contents of it (master folder, custom soundtrack folder, dlls, .exe etc) to


Download the game normally through steam and run the game first time install to get all dependencies setup properly. This stage is shorter than normally as you already have some of the files. If you try to launch the game without this step it probably tells you you're missing these dlls MSVCP110.dll MSVCR110.dll

Delete the contents of MGS_TPP.

Copy the depot again over there

Savefiles to setup your folders

...\Steam\userdata\[YOUR USER ID]\

copy 311340&287700 folders here, replacing old ones.

Launch the game and it should work now. After this you can switch to any 1.01 savefile you have by replacing TPP_GAME_DATA in

...\Steam\userdata\[YOUR USER ID]\311340\remote
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