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Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops+ released in 2007 exclusively to Playstation Portable, later to the PlayStation Network store. It is a separate expansion pack to the original Portable Ops. The main draw of MPO+ was its online mode until was shutdown. Nowadays, people play MPO+ for its Infinity Mission, which is a Metal Gear Randomizer. This mode's objective is to find a random end goal in a random series of maps from MPO's main game. Occasionally, the player will need to do special missions, like take out all enemies or wait out an alert. MPO+ allows you to build and customize squads with characters across the series, including Raiden and Old Snake. MPO+ also has a boss rush mode!

MPO+ Maps

MPO+ SpeedNotes by MarlonH8

MPO+ Entry in The Cutting Room Floor

MPO+ Map Check Guide

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