MGRR: Bladewolf DLC

This DLC is run mostly on the Revengeance difficulty mode.
Easy, Normal and Hard have slight differences which will be pointed out in the notes.
Best to refer to runs on the board to see non-RE difficulty runs. See here.

  • mash hard on any end screen results
  • 1st jump setup, extensive setup.
  • stealth section, cycle offset depends on your 1st kill, if done late - wait for extra 0.5 seconds then do the rest.
  • gateless (inconsistent, haven't found a way to do it consistent)
  • dog strat #1 (faster) / dog strat #2 (slower, less risk)
  • G.R.A.D Skip - If you'll jump too far to the up, you'll trigger the 2nd GRAD prematurely. do not to that in any circumstances. 2nd jump is necessary to make the skip consistent, as it creates an offset for the 1st GRAD to drop his peripheral vision.
  • Keycard setup - After a stealth kill, run for a second and a half against the bus, then go up, and then right.

note: these are for Revengeance difficulty

  • 100 - 86: combo
  • 85.9 - 55.0: jumps
  • 54.9 - 35.0: combo
  • 34.9 - 10.0: jumps
  • 10 and lower: QTE

Boss operates on a queue, if that queue somehow gets stuck on an attack
(aka not gives you a charge if you're staying far away from him)
then you'll have to manually (by going closer to the boss) reset the queue.
To get an optimal cycle, atleast 4 Heat Knives are necessary.
You get 10 Knives during the run, though it's possible to do both strats with 9.

One HK is (usually) a miss, then you use that one to align your aim to the head.
Head always goes from left to right. It is possible to stun Khamsin with 3 Knives
during the first left movement, though the aim has to be flawless. Missing a HK
deals miniscule damage, and does not add anything to the stagger,
which is necessary for the Revengeance strategy to work.

cookie: 8 Knives to the head, drop to 80, run around and parry the attacks.
PRO's: Rather consistent, parries are much easier to execute due to the amount of bullets.
CON's: Has to parry one extra time.

4 Knives to head, adjust HP to 86.1 (extra knives while stuned / light attacks after parry),
parries, adjust to 34.9, parries, adjust to 9.9. Adjusting is done by doing heavy 1-2→BM→light 1-2.
PRO's: Faster by atleast 8 seconds, if executed correctly.
CON's: Adjusting has some issues with queue, which leads to the instant run-reset
if queue gets stuck, and lack of bullets to parry on a somewhat close-range is a huge CON.

Updated: 09.08.2022 6:5x runs, and the ways to push the run to 6:49.8/9xx. Getting a 6:5x run is rather easy, given the category is tied to the mechanical skill
and mostly has no randomness involved. Unsure if there's anything that can be used to
push the run even further, there's a Parkour timesave (debatable), but i haven't found
a consistent way of replicating a setup. This strat can be found here.
This is the one and only strategy that can lend a significant advantage over a 6:56 run,
if you're aiming for a world record that has something more than just “better” execution.

Execute everything above with little-to-no mistakes, mash through the dialogues fast enough,
and get lucky at the start (to save 0.2s during Tutorial02). Khamsin is an RNG-barrier that
can cost you up to 10 seconds. Segmented run has a very good Khamsin fight, but it can be pushed
even further with better AI manips, or a different strategy. 6:4x run would require a flawless Khamsin fight,
which is yet to be achieved.

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