MGRR - Any% - NG - R04

Pick up the FC behind secretary, do fight as usual, RP wolf if necessary. (RP: 6)
Loot everything, get on turret and shoot for free BP while you wait. (EM: 3+, Rockets: 5/3, BP: ~26k)
Do offices, run through hallways, pick up rocket near stairs. (Rockets: 5/4, RP: 5)
Wallrun, Japanese garden, get to elevator. (BP: ~34k)
Do elevator fights. (Rockets: ?/?, RP: ? EM: ?, BP: ~62k)
Do AIs. (Rockets: ?/?-4, EM: ?-2, BP: ~86k)
Finish chapter, if lots of FC packs left, blow them on Sundowner. (BP: ~102k)

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