MGRR - Any% - NG - R03

Do first fight, grenade armored guys twice, pick up rocket. (Rockets: 1/0, BP: ~10k, Grd: 6)
Equip RP, do Cow Fight, smoke past elevator (RP: 8, BP: ~16k)
Skip roofs, pick up rocket and FC canister, do skips. (Rockets: 2/0)
Fight after railroad, pick up box, polearm combo and RP. (RP: 7, BP: ~23.5k)
Do stuff until Monsoon, equip Grenade. (BP: ~36k)

(Rockets: 0/0, EM: 2+, BP: ~49k)
Grenade, polearm, and sky high your way through first phase. (Save at least 4 for last phase)
Farm EM/Nanopaste from cars with defensive offense.

  • Phase 1, EM
  • Phase 2, shoot 2 rockets, EM
  • Phase 3, EM, use 4 grenades to skip final throws

Customize, HF+3(?), Polearm+3 (BP: ~17k)

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