MGRR - Any% - NG - R00

Welcome to the very first chapter of the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance speedrun.

Compared to NG+ runs the only difference in this chapter is that you want to finish it with S-Rank to get the required 5000BP for upgrades later.

old video guide by Zefie

What’s new in the chapter?

  • BM Cuts
  • Basic HP Gating
  • Basic movement

The very first encounter has two possible setups.

  • Using a timed parry, we can go into a Blade Mode that allows us to cut three enemies with no problems.
  • By using two heavy attacks in the air, given the 2nd attack connects, we can get into the Blade Mode and cut enemies

There is barely any difference between these two. Pick the one that you feel good about, if the parries isn’t your thing, do the double heavy setup. The important part here is the angle you have to cut enemies to get the fastest despawns.

Where to cut the human enemies

  • The goal is to aim for the ankles and slightly below the neck for human enemies for fast despawns
  • The higher your sensitivity is, the faster you can spin your camera in Blade Mode, so don’t forget to set that around 8 or 10.
  • If everything has been done correctly, you should be leaving the zone in around 15-16 seconds RTA.
  • If any of the enemies has been cut incorrectly, that enemy can get a slower despawn, which leads to a 3-5 seconds timeloss.
  • After that initial encounter, for your path towards MG ray we use our first movement tech: bunny hopping.
  • This technique is easy to learn, easy to utilize, and is a good way to do your first runs.
Bunny Hopping
  • Start with a Ninja Run, jump, hold Ninja Run.
  • Just before you land, release Ninja Run, and wait half of a second.
  • You should notice a slight “dash” on landing. Repeat.

MG Ray 1

Metal Gear Ray's first encounter is very RNG heavy. Either we get the attack we want to further lower Ray's health or we have to wait for the next attack.

MG Ray's attack pattern follows a flowchart that’s somewhat accurate.

  • The general rule of the thumb is to make 2-3 extra light attacks after every blocked Headbutt.
  • Be aware that you have to cancel every Blade Mode after activating it
  • after the very first block > Blade Mode → cut the headpiece of MG Ray (Only do this once)
  • This initial cut will allow you to damage it even further on next parries

Learning these attacks and how to counter them is key for the speedrun:

Attack Tips
Headbutt Stand in front of Ray, and you’ll get it. Block it, you’ll get a BM prompt, use it and cut the armor once. Do not cut turrets or any other armor pieces for the rest of the fight.
Tail Sweep Occurs after Rocket Barrage. Use the first barrage as a visual cue, keep yourself at the center of that zone, and wait for the Sweep. Block it, BM, cut the Tail, otherwise the damage proc won’t happen.
Scream into Charge Ray has a chance to perform this attack when he’s jumping back. Block it. If you’re a bit too far away, adjust yourself to the middle line of the arena, because Ray will try to go there.
Bullets Try not to parry these. On Hard, parries don’t deal enough damage to Ray to make any significant difference, on top of bullets being extremely random.
  • Block his Headbutt, destroy his armor with a single BM cut.
  • Depending on the situation, block more Headbutts, Charges or Tail Sweeps.
  • If Tail Sweep happens, destroy his tail with a single BM cut.
  • Everytime you quit BM after the block, try landing a couple extra light attacks.
  • Sometimes, Ray needs an extra attack upon reaching 0.1% of HP, which is the time for that song.
Perfect Ray consists of 3x Headbutts into Tailcut.

Post Ray 1

  • After we finish Ray, we need to implement some of the bunnyhop technique we’ve learned
  • pass a couple of parkour segments
  • this segment is purely mechanical, try to memorize the movement patterns
  • hop on the roof and start Ray's 2nd encounter

MG Ray 2

Ray's 2nd enocunter has little-to-no rng.

  • First of all, adjust his HP to 80.1, or slightly higher HP values (but no more than 81%).
  • Light attacks deal 1.1% damage on average.

One way to do this:

  • 1 aerial heavy attack
  • 5 aerial light attacks
  • 2 heavy attacks (on ground again)
  • 3 light attacks (on ground)
  • 1 aerial heavy attack per sweep of Ray's laser on his head
  • 2 more light attacks in the air and ray should be at 80.1% health

After Ray finishes his sweeping laser

  • Ray will headbutt you
  • At the same time, turrets get activated which can make blocking a bit harder
  • Block the headbutt, land a single BM cut to remove the armor
  • After the BM cut, strafe top left, and reduce Ray’s HP below 80% by doing Ninja Run light attacks
Important part: you have to do this, when Ray himself is going left, otherwise you won’t get a phase skip
  • Sometimes, after the 1st BM cut, Ray goes way too fast to the side… if that happens you won’t be able to cancel it no matter how fast you’ll go.
  • use a jump Heavy x2 or a standing Heavy attack, while aiming at his face.
  • Right after the HP threshold is passed, wait a little and then tap BM.
  • If you tap BM immediately, there’s a slim chance you won’t get into the BM, losing a lot of damage.
  • Block another attack. Tap BM.
  • Right after the cutscene ends, hold Ninja Run and mash Heavy attack to get a Slide.
  • The slide will kill Ray, and give you another cutscene. Time to move to the next segment of this fight!
  • During the 3rd barrage of rockets
  • tap BM and start doing Ninja Run
  • If done correctly, Raiden will do a long jump reducing the amount of rockets to cross by 60%
  • this will allow you to go from 9-15 rockets to 4-5
  • Run down from the tower, kill Ray

After the score screen is over, get ready to skip a cutscene!


  • Sam can meme around for up to 12 seconds due to RNG.
  • It'll be timeloss that you can’t negate.

How to fight Sam

  • Adjust your HP to 60% by tanking all the hits in the first combo
  • You can tank all the hits and mash out of the stagger
  • but if your distance is not big enough, Sam has a right to jump away into the unskippable dialogue that lasts 6 seconds

Second phase is straightforward

  • jump towards the Sam and eat two full combos without blocking
  • Cutscene starts
  • skip it

After the cutscene skip

  • wait exactly 14 seconds
  • then try landing any attack on Sam
  • If done correctly, Sam will finish Raiden and with that also R00

R00 Key Points

  • Don’t reset too often
  • Bunnyhops and correct BM cuts are important
  • Ray1 is RNG-based, Ray2 is consistent.
  • Sam can meme around, but that’s fine.

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