MGRR - Any% - NG+ - R05

Shortest segment of the run, with only one difficult part to handle.

R-05 Route

  • start the same way we’ve started R04 - RM + Dodge forward before Codec call
  • Then cut 2x Heavy and 2x Guards
  • Another Codec call
  • Ignore the Cows, though attacking them will give you a long fight that you want to not happen at all costs (obv. reasons)
  • The fight you want comes near the fountain, where you’ll be facing 1x Hammer and 4x Guards
  • Handle the Hammer guy, then move clockwise and kill the rest of the guards
  • After killing the guards, the game has to load the next parts of the level, so it takes its time during the score screen
  • Therefore, if you mash through the score screen, you’ll be stuck in the Fountain zone for a good 10 seconds
  • Meanwhile, you’ll be going through a section where Gekkos are scattered all around the zone, and their alert zones are quite close to eachother
  • Follow this path to avoid getting detected
  • Following up, we have another stealth section
  • Start with going downwards to the middle, and then stopping (so both Sliders will pass and won’t detect you)
  • From here, we have two strategies to try out.

Easy to execute, good for beginners - Cardboard Box.

  • Jump to the left side
  • use Box
  • then walk along the left wall
  • When you’ll be near the chest
  • you can remove the Box and just get out

Faster strat, requires picking up another RP Grenade in R04 - RP Grenade.

  • Jump to the left side
  • throw an RP Grenade
  • Jump all across the Gekkos to get through

The rest is easy: stick to the left wall, cut the gates, kill Mastiff, get out.

R05 Key Points

  • Gekko path has to be practiced quite a bit, despite having virtually nothing hard
  • Clear and straight lines are quite hard to get, which might be the reason you might fail this particular section
  • RP Grenade strat is just slightly faster than Box
  • Might be a good idea to avoid doing it, until you feel like the rest of the run is good
  • G.R.A.D after the stealth section will detect you, if you’ll be too close, or if you’ll take too much time destroying the gate.

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