MGRR - Any% - NG+ - R04

  • Autoscroller
  • Offices
  • Garden skip setup → skip
  • Elevator fights
  • Body Doubles fights
  • Sundowner

Rather hard chapter of the run, due to how easy it is for the things to go south really quickly. Most of the zones here are an autoscrollers, and you won’t believe how easy it is to screw these up. At the end, there are three bossfights, two being Body Double Mistral and Monsoon, both can sometimes do weird things, along with Sundowner being probably the easiest boss of the game. Aight, let’s get started.

R-04 Route

  • Right after you get control of Raiden, try to mash Dodge + Ripper Mode
  • sometimes if you do it fast enough you’ll get a bit of a distance at the start
Secondary Weapon: Pincer Blades - Polearm
Grenades: EM Grenade - RP Grenade
  • Slide, and hit the receptionist
  • then hold Ninja Run forward, until Alert comes up
  • You’ll start a short combat section that has 3 waves of enemies.
  • 4 Guards that spawn 2 + 2 on each side of Raiden
  • Wait until all of them spawn, then use a couple of Polearm attacks to handle the first wave
  • 2 Guards near the start of the level
  • One of them will be near the (dead) receptionist
  • Wait until the farthest guard will get close, and then do exactly two Polearm Attacks
  • 2 Fenrirs
  • but if the 2nd wave was done correctly, you’ll only have to kill 1 Fenrir
  • because your 2nd Polearm attack will instantly hit one of the Fenrirs
  • Use Doubleslide or Ninja Run to finish the job
  • A couple of codec calls
  • 1 minute wait, elevator
  • another codec call
  • and you’ll land into a pretty complicated Office section.
  • This section is an autoscroller
  • If you’ll go way too fast, the cycle breaks, and things get complicated quite quickly
  • You have to cut three boxes in three sections of the map
  • While killing all the enemies and doing it correctly
  • (aligning your cuts is important)
  • This is extremely crucial for the very last Raptor
  • as there’s a strategy that involves getting a perfect Raptor cut in order to get a somewhat big timesave
  • Start with some bunnyhops and cut the door
  • Then move forward and cut the box at your left
  • Cut the first two guards, then strafe to the door on your right
  • You’ll find another guard there, and a box
  • Cut these down, then get back
  • You’ll see two more guards, and an entrance to a big room
  • Cut the box and guards down, then wait until Raptor finds his way here
  • Throw an RP Grenade, then setup a Sky High for a quick kill.

If you want to go for timesaves

  • Throw another RP Grenade at the hall
  • stick to the left wall
  • then do a really long jump and activate the door

If you don’t want to risk a timeloss

  • Just cut the guard
  • wait until the score screen goes off
  • then go forward.
  • You’ll find yourself in a corridor full of explosions
  • Get past it, cut the G.R.A.D, until the section where you’ll run upwards
  • Jumping at that section spawns less rockets, so it is advised you mash Jump while running
  • Codec call from Doktor
  • Restart immediately

Japanese Gardens

  • Activate RM
  • Try cutting the first three guards with Polearm
  • Then cut both RPG guys, starting from the left one
  • Finish the last guard on the bridge
  • The final guard will spawn at the top of the stairs
  • Slide, and then BM
  • Cut his legs, to prevent him from despawning too fast
  • While the guard will be despawning, move to the wall, and perform a Polearm Jump
  • Move outside, and parkour around the section, ending up with another Polearm Jump
  • You can pick up another RP Grenade just before entering the next section, but that’s optional.
  • Codec Calls
  • door
  • Cut three guards
  • touch the console and start the elevator section

Elevator Fights

The section consists of five consecutive fights, one of which can be skipped.

  • 2x Guards + 1x Heavy, followed by 2x Cows.
  • Cut everything in Ninja Run
  • Cows will spawn only after the last Guard will despawn.
  • Before this fight, climb onto the red box nearby
  • right after Doctor says “more enemies on a freight elevator”
  • start spamming Aerial Polearm attacks
  • This will make the next wave spawn much faster.
  • 2x Guards, then 2x Fenrirs
  • After a set amount of time, a Raptor will spawn
  • Do a Polearm Combo
  • Fenrirs will be spawned inside of the combo, and thus will be instantly destroyed
  • Raptor spawns on a timer, so you have plenty of time to backup Fenrir kills if you’ve missed the attack
  • Don’t forget to throw an RP Grenade a bit earlier, so Raptor will spawn inside the smoke.
  • 2x Guards
  • Two Polearm attacks for safety
  • then set up a Polearm Jump to skip F#4.
  • Gekkos, Guards, until you jump to the 2nd elevator. (skippable)
  • Skip this one with a Polearm Jump
  • You don’t have too much time to think or fail, maybe 3 attempts at best
  • Jump has to be pretty good in order to succeed
Secondary Weapon: Polearm - Pincer Blades
  • 1x Hammer, 4x Glider, 2x Mastiff
  • RM, then setup a Quick Draw (hold Light Attack) in a way that Hammer and Sliders will die in one single release
  • Then move at one of the corners, and start charging your Pincers
  • When the first Mastiff will fall down, release CP1
  • Since the second Mastiff falls the same time as the first, you’ll essentially be given a double kill.
  • After finishing the fights, get to the codec calls
  • push two buttons

Bossfight: Body Double Mistral

  • Start with some jumps towards Mistral
  • and throw an RP Grenade
  • Charge a CP2
  • then immediately do a CP3
  • If done correctly, CP3 will hit Mistral, killing her
  • Before Monsoon spawns, change the grenades
  • and start charging a CP2 near any wall.
Grenades: RP Grenade - EM Grenade

Bossfight: Body Double Monsoon

  • Release CP2 right after the 3rd combo hit
  • Immediately cancel the recovery into an EM Grenade
  • then cut Monsoon’s head down in BM
  • Charge another CP2
  • then block the combo
  • Attack Monsoon with a P1
  • then do a CP2 while Monsoon is rising back up
  • Cutscenes, some movement and then another bossfight
  • There’s a menu to do before Sundowner though.

Grenades: RP Grenade (available only if you’ve collected it on Garden, or if you haven’t used the grenade in the office) / Cardboard Box

Bossfight: Sundowner

  • If you’re playing on a console, instead of doing Z-Dodge, jump over Sundowner during his charge
  • The rest of the strat is the same
  • Start the fight with a Z-Dodge, while cutscene is still ongoing
  • Activate RM, then do a CP1, when Sundowner starts to charge at you
  • CP2 immediately, then cancel the recovery with a BM
  • CP1 → CP2, no matter what’s going to happen
  • Wait until the cutscene ends, autoscroller, cut the floor w/ BM
  • QTE
  • Codec
  • R-04 done!

R04 Key Points

  • R04 is mostly an autoscroller, and it takes some time to learn to perform properly
  • If you’re not ready to perform the RP Grenade office strat, just drop it until you’re ready
  • R04 is rather easy, as there’s virtually no random elements in the mission, and the Garden PJ’s are not tied to the perfect timings in order to proceed

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