MGRR - Any% - NG+ - R03

  • Fight skip
  • Polearm Jumps → Elevator Skip
  • Sai cycle
  • Sam talk skip
  • Monsoon fight
  • R03 is probably the second hardest chapter to learn due to the sheer length of it
  • Despite most of the chapter being easy on your inputs, a couple of places tend to be more interesting than the others
  • (notably: Polearm Jump after the elevator and Monsoon fight)
  • Overall, a very solid chapter that serves as a test of your game knowledge.

R-03 Route

  • Start with doing a set of PJ’s at the corner
  • If you’ll be too slow, guards will reach you and that’s a reset
  • To prevent that, you can spend 2 seconds cutting first 2-4 guards with Ninja Run
  • then go for PJ’s
  • Both PJ’s need to be as close to perfect as possible
  • Once you made it past the barrier:
Secondary Weapon: Polearm - None
  • Divekick off the invisible wall we’ve landed during a PJ
  • use Ripper Mode to prolong the duration of divekick
  • LSC all the way until the cutscene
  • Restart to reset the Alarm or else you can't continue properly
  • LSC until the door
  • another LSC into the room
  • RM, cut Cows down
  • setup two Quick Draws (hold Light Attack)
  • It’s easy to align by using these lines as your visual cues.
  • bHop into the next room
  • cut the guards down
  • Hit the elevator before Result screen pops
  • Codec, elevator
  • Jump off the elevator
  • RM+Divekick at the same time
  • Turn off RM, go forward then do the same trick
Secondary Weapon: None - Polearm
  • Do a Polearm Jump to cross the gap
  • It has to be as close to perfect as possible, as you’re risking falling down
  • After finishing PJ, jump to the crate on your left
  • do another PJ
  • Walk forward, slide off the roof
  • carefully manage to land on the ceiling of the metro section, try not to fall down
  • Cutscene
  • Jump once to reset the camera
  • then do a PJ
  • When the section ahead will be much brighter than usual
  • you can cancel the PJ
Secondary Weapon: Polearm - Sai
  • LSC, until the Codec with Blade Wolf
  • either: Restart to get back inbounds
  • or: fall off the side, as you hit the checkpoint, raiden will die from infinite fall. Example here:
  • LSC 5 times, then cut all the enemies down
  • After the result screen
  • bHop or LSC your way into the big section ahead
  • By using Sai + RM, kill all the enemies
  • Preferably, you want to kill Fenrir with a 2nd Sai attack for quicker despawn
Secondary Weapon: Sai - Polearm
  • Get onto the advertisement plate, then do a PJ
  • You’re very limited on time here, so don’t waste any of it.
Secondary Weapon: Polearm - None
  • Aim straight ahead, and do Divekick + RM
  • If done correctly, you’ll skip Sam’s speech
  • LSC into the cutscene
  • Before the screen transition, do
Secondary Weapon: None - Pincer Blades
  • Skip the cutscene, mash P1
  • Activate RM after you kill the first two guards
  • then clear the area
  • Start with the guard on your right
  • then closer to the center
  • Cutscenes
  • make your way towards the monsoon fight
  • you can activate ripper mode for this part
  • you can do a damage boost here by having the guard close to the entrance shoot you with a rocket
  • the rocket will propel you forward closer to your final spot when the next Sam speech starts
  • leading right into the boss fight with Monsoon

For Hard difficulty

There are four possible starters. Pick the one you like.

  1. CP1 → block → P1 → CP2 (slow) = 63.5%
  2. CP2 → P3 → CP1 (average) = 63.5%
  3. CP2 → P3 → P1 BM P1 BM P1 = 63.3%
  4. CP2 → P3 (fast, requires a really convoluted setup) = 64.5%
  • After any of these, Monsoon will throw some garbage at you
  • You can destroy these via dodges or CP2 to get extra EM grenades for Monsoon Body Double fight
  • in case things go south:
  • Do not use Blade Mode to destroy the garbage
  • as Blade Mode slows the game down
  • After two throws
  • Monsoon will land around the center of the arena
  • EM → BM
  • Get close to his head, wait a second, then do P1-P2-P3
  • If done correctly, P3 should knock Monsoon down
  • EM immediately
  • Come close, BM
  • Do a doubleslide, then CP1 - CP2 - Dodge forward - P3
  • This should leave Monsoon with exactly 10% of the HP
  • assuming you’ve hit your Dodge

End the QTE sequence to finish the fight

For Normal Difficulty

Example by Zefie

  • open with a charged pincer 1 (CP1) going into CP2
  • Monsoon should be at 61.6% health, let him start his throwing phase
  • after Monsoon is doing throwing stuff, use an EM grenade and cut his head
  • perform a double slide into his head - his health is now at 59.4%
  • do a pincer 1 and pincer 2, ideally knocking Monsoon back with the P2, his health now at 40.5%
  • perform a double slide into Monsoon, to lower his health past the 40% threshold (ending on 39.5% after)
  • throw another EM grenade at Monsoon and cut his head again
  • perform another double slide into Monsoon
  • perform a charged pincer 1 (CP1) and CP2 to lower Monsoon's health down to 10%

End the QTE sequence to finish the fight

For Easy Difficulty

Example by Arumia

  • start with a CP1
  • once done jump and do a simple heavy attack
  • this leaves Monsoon at 65.7% health
  • Monsoon will jump up and start his throwing cycle, dodge and wait for him to get back down
  • throw an EM grenade and cut his head
  • run towards Monsoon's head and perform a single slide attack lowering his health to 63.7%
  • wait a moment and perform a pincer 1 and pincer 2
  • interrupt the last animation with a tap on blade mode
  • run towards Monsoon and do another single slide
  • throw EM grenade at Monsoon and cut his head once more
  • do 2 double slides and another slide (for 5 slide attacks in total)
  • wait for Monsoon to jump up and do a pincer 1
  • charge into Pincer 2 (CP2) and let go to hit Monsoon for the final time, lowering his health to 10% and initiating the final phase

End the QTE sequence to finish the fight

R03 Key Points

  • The very start of this level is daunting enough to learn, especially with how fast you have to be with Polearm Jump
  • If you can’t get a good pace, try cutting first enemies down to get a bit more time
  • A good visual cue for the subway skip is the change of light inside of it
  • If the zone becomes bright and shiny, that means you’ve gotten enough height
  • Monsoon sometimes has a couple of issues, but mostly the fight comes down to patience. Be patient. Be rewarded.

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