"This is Big Boss...Operation Intrude N313."

The game that began the series. Originally released on the MSX2 computer system, it was ported without Hideo Kojima's involvement to the Famicom and NES. Until the release of Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence on PS2, those in North America had no way to play Metal Gear MSX. Later, it was in the HD Collection released to PS3, Xbox360 and PSVita.

From the cover - “OUTER HEAVEN is the name of heavily armed land in the depth of southern Africa, where the dreadful weapon called METAL GEAR is developed. It is the mission of SOLID SNAKE, one of the members of secret army 'FOX HOUND' to sneak into OUTER HEAVEN and destroy METAL GEAR. GO AHEAD SOLID SNAKE!”

Category Description Route
Any% RTA PS2/HDC Complete the game as quickly as possible in real time Any% RTA PS2/HDC
Any% IGT PS2/HDC Complete the game as quickly as possible based on ingame time Any% IGT PS2/HDC
Big Boss PS2/HDC Complete the game as quickly as possible, while playing on original difficulty and getting Big Boss rank Big Boss PS2/HDC
100% PS2/HDC Complete the game as fast as possible, while collecting 100% of items and weapons 100% PS2/HDC
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