"Have a good life (~_~)"

Metal Gear Ac!d released in 2004 exclusively to Playstation Portable as a launch title. The ACID acronym stands for Active Command Intelligence Duel. Directed by Shinta Nojiri, Ac!d goes in a new direction with turn-based card gameplay. The story is unrelated to the rest of the series, even to the sequel. The sequel came out in 2005.

Why run Ac!d? If you want to have a good life (~_~), live by the heart of the cards, and play a game unlike any other in the series. The turn-based gameplay is a radical departure, with random card draw keeping the player on their toes. Ac!d's New Game and New Game+ have been successfully routed, making the game more accessible. NG+ cuts down massively on the time, luck, and effort required compared to NG. Even so, the run is long compared to most games in the series.

Category Route
New Game NG Route by CasinoCoin
New Game+ NG+ Route by Coppertank

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