Mash start to skip cutscenes, and hold X to skip text as it appears and move through mandatory text faster.

There is a bug in caution mode, if a guard sees you with a green exclamation point in caution mode and then before he checks what he saw caution ends, the guard will do nothing instead of checking.

If you're far away enough from a guard, he won't move. Guards can only take actions when you get close to them.

Enemies draw from their own decks, and use cards for their own movement, with each move using the unique cost attached to whatever card the enemy used. This is bad, because it means each and every move has RNG for the distance, and whether and enemy can turn or stop short is dependent on not only your cost draws, but theirs as well.

When resetting from checking a noise guards will move to a preset part of their pattern and stop, so you can reliably force guards into certain positions if you need to.

If you equip a box, you can't remove it. You need to perform an action with a weapon or equip over the box to remove it.

Guards will only check a box if it is in their direct path, or if it is right next to their path in the direction they are facing.

When guard change direction, they always turn in a certain way. They always look to their right, so if you are there they will see you. L–>R=U R–>L=D D–>U=L U–>D=R

If you throw a stun grenade in front of a guard, directly in his path, he will wait and not move over it until it explodes. I think if you throw a stun grenade in front of an enemy (and he doesn't know where you are) he will just not move.

When you unlock single card buy. Check single card every time you get to intermission, and see if you can get any of (Johnny Sasaki, Stinger (any), Stealth)

Burn spreads if you stop next to anyone with burn. If you run past them, or stop diagonally to them, it won't spread (diagonal allows for back shots).

Set text speed to fast, movies to off and always on fast mode.

N3, N2+E1 E2+N1, N3 Wait for guard in between buildings to turn west if he hasn't already. N3 (max cost 26 at this point) Guard at gate will see you, and approach. Run to exit.

Part 1

Move directly behind the guard to the east, skip the MGS1 pack in room. Use max (9) cost. Guard will move north and be looking in the door. Move up directly south of him, end turn. Guard will move north. Move up to door, then go in and end with crawl. Cost is mostly irrelevant, as you need to wait for the guard in the room to move around the cabinets and then turn around. If you are extremely slow the guard outside the room can come back and look in so don't be that slow (Use (11) cost max).

Crawl under the cabinets, and use a second card without moving. Wait for the guard to look out the door and turn around. While waiting try to cycle cards to get a SOCOM, you can mulligan as well to try and get (4) cost cards. Do not just end the turn, as then by the end of the part you won't have an empty deck to reshuffle. But, do not drop below 11/30 cards or you will run out too fast. Start saving a Genome Soldier card here, for part 2.

When the guard turns and moves back, crawl out to the door, stand up, then exit and immediately look west. Next turn, use SOCOM to kill turret, then move just under the MGS1 Pack. If the guard to the east is looking north, getting the pack should waste enough time for him to turn around.

Get the pack, then move to the corner (S2, W1). Use enough cost (~10) so that the guard to the east will go back south. Move to the door, then move in the door to the east, diagonal to the cabinet.

Next turn move north next to the end of the cabinet and END to allow the guard to turn down. Next turn, move to the next door (uses 2 cards). Depending on how fast you got through the rest of the level, the next guard may be looking west, south, or be returning from the east.

At this point, if the guard is looking west, exit north. If he is blocking you at all, use this time to cycle extra cards so you are at 2-3/30 left. Once he turns run out of the level.

Part 2

End immediately, as you will have to from the previous sections move cost. The guard to the east will move up. If you have more than 2-3/30 cards left, drain until you are at that. (Essentially the turn you move you want to also reshuffle your deck.) Move west to just behind the corner (max 9 cost). Reload the deck and end (use no cards) while waiting for the guard to go back up. Move 4 up to the door using a genome soldier card, then go through the door. A cutscene will eat your move.

Start saving the Extra Action card, and a Genome Soldier card if possible. Move south and next to the robot, and wait for it to move (should be if coming through the door uses cost (10)). When it does head east and up to the door.

Or if the robot doesn't look north, run across the mid section to the door. (Will happen if moving through the door was cost (7-8)). Move through the doors, and head north (use ~9-10 cost). Wait for the guard to turn south if necessary. Use some higher cost cards while running up the ramp to get them out of your hand. The guard in between the cabinets will be too low to move after the cutscene.

Part 3

Run down the ramp, and down the east side (use as low cost as possible). Grab the MGS1 pack. If the guard is facing west at the bottom, you can run behind him. He doesn't turn east. Run through the doors.

The robot should be to the north of you, run through to the door. Depending on the position of the guard outside the door, either stand in front of the door, or stand just beside it. It is slower to stand beside, but either way is fine as long it is only 1 turn before the guard turns north and moves.

If the robot is in front of you, you need to wait for it to move, then will need to wait for the guard to move as well (slow). Save a Genome Soldier card for this if you feel necessary, the 4 move can get you from behind the robot to the door in one move (you can then walk out the door).

Move out the door, and keep heading south to the entrance. If you need to, reload the deck around the corner (you should need to). Also use the extra action card now. Don't use up 3 cards though. Exiting and reentering section resets guard positions. Use high cost cards up as you exit and enter to get them out of your hand. Make sure exiting is action 2/3, not 1/3, or you'll be seen on the other side. Try to save a box for a backup. After entering and waiting, mulligan for a slightly better hand if you are stuck with a bunch of grenades or whatever. Then, move E3, then E1+N1 and end (cost 9). L Guard=facing up, R Guard=facing L (can wait if they are not in this position). Next turn move E3, E2+N1, N1+E1+N1, and flatten against the East wall (max cost 11). This gets you into the alcove. End turn to get guards to move.

At this point, guards can either clear the way for you themselves, or you will need to end the turn, get both guards above you, then throw stun grenade in the corner of the L that the guards make, and end turn. (L guard=facing down, R guard=facing left). If at any point you are in the alcove and the guards are not blocking your way to the exit, just make a run for it. If you are seen, it doesn't matter, as up to ~2 incidences of you being seen don't affect the S rank you are looking for at the end of this mission.

Use all points at card shop to buy packs, get at least 5 (4) cost cards to replace FAMAS, Grenade and Spin Kick, and get at least 1 more cost reducer, Genome Soldier, and optionally a SOCOM. Take out as many 5 cost cards as possible and put in cost reducers and 4 cost cards for consistency. Keep stun grenades and SOCOMS for now. +1 SOCOM if you have it.

Mulligan at the beginning of the level until you hit a SOCOM. Run east through the hole in the wall and step into the cutscene (2 moves, just east of the bottom of the stairs). After cutscene, move to just under camera and shoot with SOCOM, then End. Move S1, then east to the wall to get another cutscene. After cutscene, move west to hole in bottom of wall, set crawl and end. Next turn move through hole and stand, then run towards exit. Run to exit.

Remove SOCOMs for more 4 cost cards for consistency. Use all points to buy packs, looking for more stun grenades and 4 cost cards. Replace as many cards in deck as you can with 4 cost cost cards, cost reducers and stun grenades.

There are safe strats for this mission and risky strats. If safe, mulligan at the beginning of the level for a Genome Soldier and a Stun Grenade. If unsafe, mulligan only for the Genome Soldier. Go W3, then End. Next turn use 2 cards to get to the tile diagonally NE of the back of the truck, then End (max cost (7)). There is a rare chance that the soldier circling the truck and the soldier watching the back of the truck can both be checking the back of the truck. In this case, use the backup stun grenade to stun them both (uses 1 turn). If all guards are looking away or stunned, use Genome Soldier to run W4. You will step on a mine. After getting up, run around the back of the boxes, stepping on another mine. Next turn, exit the level.

Equip all stun grenades, 4 cost cards, and a single chaff. If you have no chaff grenades, you need to open packs to get 1 (potential run killer).

Mulligan at the start for a stun grenade and possibly a Box A if you want to be safe.

Part 1 During this mission, save the chaff grenade if you get it, save 1 extra stun grenade, and save a Box A as backup for bad RNG.

Run around the top of the desk, and into the hallway (W1+N1+W1, W1+S1+W1). End. Run west, and flatten against the north wall (W4, flatten north). End. Knock, then run west to in front of the alcove in the wall to the north. The guard to the west should see you, or if he moved up he won't. Either way, run into the alcove and stay at the back. After both guards have passed by the alcove, move down. Wait for both guards to move back to their patterns, then run out of the alcove and to the left of the barrel, and flatten against south wall.

BACKUP FOR BAD RNG: If the the west guard is in his northern position but still facing west, or in his southern position but still facing south, you have the bad RNG. Run into the alcove with the lvl 1 door and use the Box A. Wait for the crossroads guard to move east, then run down and stun the southern guard as normal. If centre guard is checking a sound, DO NOT FLATTEN SOUTH! Just equip the box just behind the crossroads guard.

Wait for the west guard to turn north, then run around the corner and flatten against the crate. Wait for the guard to move east, then move next to him and face down (N1). Wait for the southern guard to move up, diagonal to the crate, and throw the stun grenade directly in front of him. End.

2nd BACKUP: If the southern guard is slow and desynced from the crossroads guard, move south just past the crate, END, then throw the stun grenade from past the crate. Check if this works based on the southern guard's cost wait value.

Run over the stunned guard and up the stairs. A cutscene will eat your move just before the exit so be aware.

Part 2

Mulligan for the 1 chaff grenade in the deck. As soon as you walk up the stairs, a cutscene about the turrets will eat your move. Run into the west room through the door, and stop just short of the turrets visual range (it can only see in a line in front of it). Throw the chaff, run in, get the c4, then exit the west room. Exit via the SW stairwell using action 1/2, not action 2/2.

Part 3

Using your 1 action remaining, walk back up the stairs to just before the target and flatten against the west wall. Wait for the guard to walk down and past the stairs. Move to the space between the wall and the crate, and flatten against the crate. If the guard in the crossroads area is facing west, use the extra stun on the stairwell guard and run past once the crossroads guard has turned up. Do not leave the stairwell before you do this. If the guard in the crossroads is slow, as in he's facing north next to the barrel and would see you if he turned west, run into the level 2 door alcove and flatten against the east wall. Wait for him to walk past. This applies to him at any point when he is at the eastern part of his cycle. Run past the guards, not much strategy on the way out.

NOTES Pattern IIRC Crossroads guard pattern: N, E2, N, N1, N, E, W2, S, S1, Repeat

Mid Guard pattern: W, W3, S, S1, W, W2, N, N1, N, E, N, Repeat

South Guard pattern: N, W2, E, N2, S, N, S, S2, N, E2, Repeat

Guards will take 2 actions. They can also randomly choose to upgrade equipment to lvl 2, which will consume 1 action and set them 1 action off of their regular pattern.

Take out chaff/stun grenades and a few 4 cost cards, put in C4, 4x SOCOM, 2x FAMAS.

Mulligan at start to C4, 1x SOCOM and 1x Weapon (either SOCOM or FAMAS). Save as many Genome soldier cards as you can.

Move in to the ruins as before, through the hole in the wall. Move up and kill the security camera using a SOCOM. If the guard above and to the west is looking towards you or the guard through the wall is looking at you, wait a turn for them to turn away. Run the the wall and plant the c4, then back out of range of the c4 and shoot with the SOCOM or FAMAS (4 actions/2 turns). This will trigger an alert. Run to the small hole in the wall that you can crawl into, and crawl. Do not step in the tile that the c4 was in or you will trigger a cutscene that will eat your move. Wait out the alert, evasion and caution. When the caution ends, crawl 1 tile out of the hole and stand. There is a guy looking at you that will see you if you go further out. End. Move up to the blown up wall, a cutscene will eat your move. Use 2nd action to move north of the pillar in the corner of the next room, and flatten against it (S). There are 2 rng patterns here. The guard to the south can be looking east or north. If he is looking north, then looks east, run around to just beside him to the south (E1+S2, E1+S1+E1). Be careful, there is camera here, so on your second move do not move south until you've moved east. Wait next to the guard for him to turn around and move west, then run all the way to the east around the corner (under the camera). The robot will see you, but it is unimportant. If the guard inside the ruins is looking out, just wait for him to turn away, then run to the exit. If the guard to the south does anything else, just wait for him to leave, then follow the same strat as above.

Take out FAMAS, SOCOM, and C4. Put in 4 stuns and more 4 cost cards (including Box A). During this mission, save all stun grenades, genome soldiers and boxes you can (only need 1 box, can save 2 for a backup).

Part 1

Run up in between the tree and the building, and flatten east, END. Knock, run N1+W1, then flatten west. Wait for the guard to check the noise. Run to the door, and go in. A cutscene will eat your move. Run down the hallway and stop in front of the 2nd door to the east. If you don't have a stun grenade, mulligan for one. There are two strats here: If you have an extra Genome soldier card, throw the stun from in front of the door and then next turn run out of the building past the guard. If you don't have a genome soldier, wait for the guard to move north, then move S1 and throw the stun from there. Run out onto the walkway. If you don't have a box, mulligan for a box. Once you have a box, run north and equip the box so the guard doesn't see you. Next turn enter the building. Exit the building north, and stop just shy of the steel bridge. If you don't have a 2nd stun, mulligan for a stun. Wait for the guard to be in his southern position, and throw the stun in between his two positions, taking off the box. Run to the ladder, go down, then run to the southern part of the trench and crawl. You can be seen in the trench, so you still need to avoid guards. Somewhere around this section you may need to reload to the deck, so position yourself carefully. Make sure to save a 2 stuns and a Genome soldier for strats and backups. Crawl under the steps to the south part of the trench, and move to within range of the ladder (don't go to the ladder or the south guard can see you). Wait for the guard to move to his western position, facing down. Climb the ladder and throw a stun at him. He will drop an MGS2 pack. Collect the MGS2 pack, and run around the corner NE. Wait for the guard to get up, he will reset to facing down in his pattern. Run across the steel bridge and use a Genome soldier card to make it to in front of the steps and the guard will lose his action.

BACKUP If the guard is facing right because he used a +action card, wait for him to be facing east and standing on the bridge. Climb up, end. Move in place, and turn east. Throw a stun directly in front of the guard, end. Collect the MGS2 pack, use the genome soldier to run to just below the stairs, face west, end. The guard will wake up, but shouldn't move. Throw a stun directly in front of him, end. Move into the building to the north.

Enter the building and exit east. No enemies left, just move forward, get the cutscene. Go into the building to the east, and get another cutscene. Move down the hall and make sure you use action 1/2 not 2/2 to open the southern door. Cutscene plays and you meet Teliko.

Part 2

There really is no clear way to manipulate enemies in this section, they move randomly and all enemies on the map move regardless of distance.

Send Snake and Teliko up, and have Teliko attack the guard if possible. You will be wanting to knock this guard out. Run past the guard, and get to the keycard door. Position Teliko in front and snake to her south. Mulligan repeatedly with Teliko until she gets the lvl 1 keycard, equip, and go through the door. While mulliganing wait with Snake so that when Teliko gets the keycard Snake will be able to run right through the door. When Teliko gets the keycard, step just through the door, and wait. Allow Snake to run clear to the exit, and the level will end.

Save, buy 10 packs of MGS2, if there is no stealth in them, reload save. Run is 50/50 to die here, if saves are not reloadable. Edit snakes deck to have all 4 cost, 4 stuns and 1+ Boxes. Edit telikos deck to be all 4 cost, 1 stealth, 1+ boxes. If you don't have enough 4 cost cards to fill Telikos deck, put in cost reducers. You will need to adapt strategy to the cost reducers, but it should not be too hard. If you still don't have enough, add some 5 cost cards that can be used to distract guards in the event of an emergency. Now that we have 2 characters, Snake=SNK, and Teliko=TLK.

Part 1

Try to save these cards if they come up: SNK (Stun, Box) TLK (Stealth, Box)

SNK (W3, W1+N2, END) TLK (W3, W2+N1, END) SNK (N1+W2, W2+N1, END) TLK (N2+W1, W3, END) SNK (N3, E2, END) TLK (N3, N1+E1, END) SNK (E3, E2+N1, END) TLK (E3, E3, END) SNK (N3, N2+E1, END) TLK (N3, N3, END) SNK (N1, N2, END) TLK (N1+E1, N1, END)

Use only 4 cost cards in this section for movement. If you use more than 4, SNK and TLK will be desynced when they get to the next section, which will mess up the strats.

Part 2

Mull 3 times to get cards at the start if you didn't see them come up during part 1. If you don't see them after 3 times, just go ahead, by the time you get to the part you need them you should have them. SNK (Stun, Box) TLK (Stealth, Box) Also save as many 4 move cards as possible.

Move SNK into west room, to just before the opening in the cubicles. TLK waits for SNK to get to the console. Wait for west guard to be in center of room, then step out, END, and throw stun grenade. Wait for grenade to explode, move SNK to console, face left. Move TLK into east room (E1+S1+E1, flatten south, knock, W1+N3, flatten east, END). * * * Move SNK out of room and into hallway. TLK knocks again, then runs to console and uses stealth. SNK runs through door at the end of hallway, likely deck reloads. TLK waits for guard to get out of her way, then runs to exit the room, either running the short or long way depending on the guard's movement. SNK runs into NE room, heads to NW console. When door unlocks, TLK exits and moves to hall. SNK then moves to SE console.

BACKUP: If the west guard wakes up, strategy needs to be altered. SNK waits for guard to move up, throws stun grenade (W1+S1) of his position. Waits for it to explode, then exits room. While SNK is doing this, TLK must distract the guard for as long as possible before using stealth. To do this, from NW of console (* * *)(knock, N1+E1, flatten south) wait for guard to check noise, (knock), guard will hear stun grenade, wait for the ? to show, (knock, E1+S1), in front of console now, wait for guard to check sound. SNK exits north through the hall. TLK uses stealth, then moves around the room clockwise towards the exit. Stop where you knocked on first entering the room. SNK moves to NE room and uses consoles, continue as regular strategy.

TLK moves into hallway, stops before NW room to wait for guard to face left. TLK likely deck reloads. TLK steps (N1, W1+S1+W1, W3, crawl, END). If you still have a 4 move card, move in front of console and don't crawl.### SNK moves to hallway, just before door to NW room (where TLK was previously). TLK crawls to in front of console, stands, then moves again and flattens east (in front of console).(# # # skip if you did this) SNK moves to console through door at end of hallway. DO NOT STEP IN FRONT NORTH DOORS AT ANY POINT! TLK waits for guard to face west, then moves out of room and into same hall as SNK. Sync up SNK and TLK so they move shortly after one another. SNK moves in front of east door to north room, equips box, END. TLK waits for guards to complete their first move. SNK moves behind the east guard (SNK is north of crate). TLK moves NE of west crate. TLK equips box. Wait for guards to move again. SNK moves to ramp and exits. TLK either moves to ramp and exits, or if in guard sight waits and moves around crates to exit. This part is finicky, you may need to adapt on the fly to guard movements around the crates. With 3 moves, TLK may be able to simply exit after the first guard movement. Consider this when moving through this section.

Part 3

Mulligan to reload decks if they are below 8/30. SNK should have (2 stun) TLK should have (Stealth) Start saving Box cards.

Move TLK into the west room, south of the left half of the cubicles the guard is patrolling above. END. SNK waits for access to the east room. TLK waits for the guard to face right with a cost of >6. TLK moves up to in front of console. SNK moves into east room SW of guard. END. TLK moves south, grabs MGS2 pack in small room within west room. She then moves to the door of the small room. END. SNK throws stun grenade to the east of the guard, right next to him. END. TLK waits for door unlock. After guard is knocked out, SNK moves to console (1 (4) cost move). END. TLK moves from door of small room into south room. Waits for guard in south room to move north (and have cost (>6)), then moves to console. As soon as TLK is in south room, SNK moves away from console back to entrance of the room. Waits for TLK to move to console, then leaves room, and goes south down the hallway to door marked F. TLK moves behind guard in south room, and follows directly in the square behind him, and stops at console F. SNK moves into hallway behind door F, and goes in door 3 tiles in to get to console F in small room. TLK follows behind guard in south room until she has the opportunity to exit the room and follow SNK. Both proceed down hallway. When they get to the small room, TLK goes in and grabs the 2 MGS2 packs. SNK positions himself at the corner of the small room, just out of sight of the guard. SNK waits for the guard to move down, throws stun right next to guard, END. When guard is stunned both run to exit. SNK and TLK may run out of cards in the final hallway, if so deck reload before exiting.

Part 4

You don't even need to use SNK here, as if one character reaches the exit, the mission is completed. Move SNK to just past the double doorway. Move TLK through the double doors, then around the walkway to the east. Stop at the mid level of the walkway ramp. There are two guards here, circling the two crates. Their pattern is mostly irrelevant, but they can block you, so be sure you have a relatively clear path before you proceed. TLK uses stealth, then runs past both guards to the exit to the west. When TLK reaches the midpoint of the hallway after the 2 crate room, SNK heads back towards the entrance (so that only 1 guard moves). TLK runs through the dual platform room with the 2 MGS2 packs, and into the next hallway (use 3 moves freely). You will likely need to reload your deck somewhere around here so be aware. TLK moves down the hall, turns west, then goes in door to south. Run west-south-east around the servers, and climb up the ladder to end the mission.


SNK deck (+extra FAMAS, +extra grenades, all 4 cost cards)

TLK deck (4 FAMAS, 4 Grenades, Any claymores, 4 cost cards)

Battle starts, move SNK (S3), either wait or if you have a grenade throw it in front of Leone. TLK moves behind SNK, throws a grenade if she has, then moves (S1+E2). Leone will shoot SNK, but will also get hit with any grenades. After getting shot, move SNK next to TLK on the crate square, and flatten south. Knock, then move (E2+S1), and flatten east. TLK will use any landmines, and run to the square next to SNK on the crate square. Repeat this pattern of movement, with the knocks, with TLK using a grenade on Leone if she gets one, and laying landmines if she gets them. At roughly 50% HP, Leone will say something, then blow up three crates in the direction he is facing. This uses a lot of cost for him, leaving his back open. Run SNK and TLK directly behind him, and shoot FAMAS point blank into his back. Each hit of the FAMAS adds 1 cost to his timer, and does decent damage. With enough FAMAS you can stunlock him and kill him quickly. In addition, any extra grenades that SNK gets can be thrown on top of Leone while TLK shoots him in the back. Give priority to using TLK's FAMAS over SNK. Towards the end of the fight, make sure that you end your last turn with SNK and TLK at low cost (less than 4 if possible). The next section will require you to run away from guards on alert, so you need to be able to move ASAP.


You are back in the first console door section, and now there is an exit by the north room. There is not much strategy here, just run as fast as possible to the exit. Guards may block your way, so you will need to knock them out. You can consider including a stun grenade in SNKs deck if you want, most likely just punching them is fine. To knock one out, a character must be in front of them to start, then punch, then back 1 square away and have the 2nd character advance and punch to remove both cards from the enemy's inventory and knock him out. Be careful of SNKs HP here, as he will have taken a lot of damage from Leone. Use a ration if necessary.

–Upper Ruins–

You now unlock single card buy. Check single card every time you get to intermission, and see if you can get any of (Johnny Sasaki, Stinger (any), Stealth)

SNK (All chaff, 4 cost cards) TLK (Stealth, 4 cost cards)

SNK stops in place, crawls, moves under lasers. TLK moves (S1+W1), then stops. Uses extra card to cycle for 4 cost cards. TLK stays here until SNK throws chaff and guard patterns align. Each turn mulligans looking for 4 move cards. SNK moves out from under lasers north, and stands up. END. SNK moves to behind guard once he turns west, and waits for guard to move south to the end of his pathing (by the bottom of the crates). Face west. SNK throws chaff grenade (W4+S3) of his position, in front of the truck. END.

BACKUP: If SNK has no chaff grenade or 4 move card, simply flatten east and mulligan to get it, and then wait for the guard to get back into the right part of his pattern again. He may use a +action card, but he should still have a point when he is far south.

After grenade explodes, SNK moves (W1+S1+W2) using a 4 move card, crawls, and moves under truck. SNK waits for guard thats in the middle of the stage to move back on pattern, then crawls out from under truck (W1+S1), and moves south. TLK waits for east guard to face up, then runs to stinger missile and picks it up, before using a 4 move card to get to where SNK is. SNK moves west, and moves to just before lasers and crawls. TLK moves just behind SNK and crawls. SNK waits for west guard to look up, then crawls under lasers and runs west around farthest west crate. TLK follows the same movement, probably using 3 moves to get under lasers and run to SNK. Both wait for west guard to turn away or move far enough south he won't see them, then move onto the exit.

Turn order might get a little fuzzy, but overall movement and timing is generally the same.

SNK (Stealth, 4 FAMAS, 4 cost cards) TLK (4 cost cards)

Move SNK up to the MGS2 pack, and move TLK across the bridge. Once TLK gets halfway across, a cutscene plays and now you just have SNK.

Move SNK south, but only use 1 card. Mulligan and use cards to sculpt SNKs hand to be 4 FAMAS, Stealth, and a movement card. If your deck is at less than 7/30, use cards until you deck reload. Move SNK south to the shed with action 1/2. A cutscene will play, and you now need to kill all the soldiers. Use stealth, and approach the soldiers. Use all FAMAS at close range to kill all the soldiers. Next objective is to move west. Run using all resource cards and end the mission.

SNK (Stealth, 4 Stun, 4 cost cards)

There are two strats here, depending on if you got either stealth or a stun in your opening hand. If you didn't get either in your opening hand, return to intermission and load mission again (time loss). Both begin the same, SNK moves (N1+W1+N1, W2, END). Wait for guard to turn and move north. —-STEALTH SNK (W2+S1, W1, END) SNK (Stealth, S2+W1, END) SNK runs to exit while cloaked. —STUN SNK (W2+N1, W2, END) SNK throws stun on top of guard, (W3), END. SNK runs past knocked out guard, and around corner of house (there is a mine here). SNK waits for last guard to turn back east, as well as the guard between the crates and house to move north, then runs to exit.

There is a rare seed where the first guard you move past can turn left, it may happen if he uses a +action card, or if his cost count is too low (sub 9?). If you get this there is no real way to deal with it as of now, just restart the mission. I don't feel like routing such a rare case right now, but I may return to this.

SNK (4 cost cards) Can keep a box here for a backup, but I really don't think it's necessary.

Collect the MGS1 pack in the bottom left corner for more 4 cost cards if you don't have enough for both TLK and SNK. Move to just before the door, but only open the door with action 1/2. See the cutscene, then wait for the guard to be facing west directly north of you. SNK moves (N1+E2, E2+N1, END). Red guard will turn down. Move into room with blue guard, (E1+S1+E1, END). If blue guard does not turn south, you can collect the mask a turn early, otherwise, let blue guard look south, and then turn west before grabbing the mask. If you had to wait for the guard to turn west, you'll have to wait for him to turn south on the other end of his pattern before leaving. Position SNK one move away from the door. Move to the door with action 1, then move out the door as far as you can west. Red guard should move west, and be facing west. Run under the red guard, directly south of him (W3, W1+S1+W1, END). Guard should turn north. Run into the west room, collect masks, and wait 1 move from the door. Guard should still be facing north outside, move under him (E1+S1+E1, END) from the door. Guard moves east, run under him to the entrance and exit the level.

RNG here is fairly reliable, you can save a box if you think it's necessary, but you should be able to go through without it.

SNK (Red Mask, Blue Mask, Green Mask, C4, SOCOM, Stealth, 1 Stun, 4 cost cards) Save the guard uniforms/stealth as well as the SOCOM and C4.

For the first half of this, save only the guard uniforms/stealth and stun. C4 is not necessary until 2nd half. Move to just before the door, but only open the door with action 1/2. Wait for the guard to be facing west directly north of you. SNK moves (N1+E2, E2+N1, END). Red guard will turn down. Move into room with blue guard, (E1+N1+E1, END). Move up to vent, crawl, and crawl into vent, END. Crawl out of vent, and stop 1 move away from door. If you don't have either stealth or Red uniform, mulligan for it now. Run to door, then run as far out as you can. Card space may be limited if you have already gotten other uniforms or the C4. Use stealth or the red uniform to get past the guard in the stairwell. If using stealth, get to the 1st turn of the stairwell as fast as possible, he loses vision of you as soon as you get there. If using the red uniform and the guard in the stairwell is blocking your way, punch him in the back to knock him out and run past him if you feel you can make it. Advance up the stairwell to the top floor. Mull for the green uniform if you don't have it, then equip it. Move to the central walkway. Wait for the guard to turn his back, and use the stun grenade (action 1/2, end turn). Start saving C4 and SOCOM. Run past the guard and up the ladder. Equip blue uniform, and head into the east room. Use the walkway to run past the guard in here, and exit in the NW corner. Mulligan for C4 if you don't have it. Plant C4, and step back. As action 1/2, detonate C4 with SOCOM, then run into the hole in the wall. Run to elevator to finish mission.

Stealth can replace red and blue uniform, but must be used carefully or it will run out. Stealth can also be used to knock out the green guard with punches if you can't find the stun grenade. Card space becomes limited saving cards for later, prioritize whatever the current section is rather than future sections if necessary.

SNK (4 Grenades, 4 FAMAS, 4 cost cards)

Mulligan at the start if you don't have at least 1 weapon card, other wise proceed toward south door, but stop short. Use action 1/2 to go through door. A long cutscene will play. Afterwards, move (W3, crawl, end). TLK will move east and lay mines. SNK (W1+S1, stand, S2+W1, END). SNK (S1+E2, N1+E2, END). SNK (E1+S2, W1, face south, END). The general idea is to get to the red square at the top of the hill ASAP. TLK may be in the SW corner of the room on a blue square, with a large cost from laying a mine. If so, throw a grenade at her to blow up the mine and grenade for large damage. From your position on the top of the hill, simply snipe TLK with FAMAS and grenades as she moves around the map. With grenades, TLK may be knocked unconscious. In this case just wait for her to get up before using FAMAS again. If TLK moves too far east to hit with FAMAS or grenades, use a 4 movement card to move (N1+W1+S2), then end, and use FAMAS/grenades from this point. It will do less damage, but she should only move awkwardly when at low health.

SNK (2 Chaff, 4 cost cards) TLK (Lvl 1 Card, Lvl 2 Card, 2 Chaff, Olga Gurlokovich, 4 cost cards)

Part 1

Mulligan at the start with both characters (this ensures they are synced up when you move. You are looking for a Chaff on SNK, and a Lvl 1 card on TLK. You can go as soon as you get the Lvl 1 card on TLK. Be cautious of deck reloads if you are below 12/30. Save 4 movement cards, and a box on SNK. Move SNK around the north side of the desk. When he enters the doorway to the back a cutscene will eat the rest of your turn, and teleport TLK to the door. TLK moves (W3, W2, END). SNK moves (W3, W1+N1, flatten W, END) TLK equips Lvl 1 card while waiting for center guard to move south. Center guard should move south, and crossroads guard should move north.

BACKUPS: If center guard moves differently and is facing east against the east crate, SNK moves into center alcove if crossroads guard is facing north. If crossroads guard is facing east, use strat below. If center guard gives a bad pattern or uses equip lvl 2, knock with SNK to draw the center guard out. Sequence (Knock, S2+W1, END) Wait for the guard to check the alcove, and run into the alcove in the center. Wait for the guard to reset back on pattern, and move past him to the door. If you get supremely bad luck and crossroads guard is off pattern looking east, run just east of alcove entrance and flatten north. Wait for guard to move back on pattern and also for crossroads guard to move west, then run into alcove to north, and slowly progress to the north section. Use box strats from original armory if necessary for the crossroads guard. For TLK, most of this is irrelevant, as soon as she gets a clear path she runs to the door, and if necessary just hides behind the door until SNK is in position to move through it.

SNK moves to back of north alcove, or at worst if no 4 move cards flattens west in entrance to north alcove. TLK moves to south alcove, flattens west. Waits, if any spare actions equips lvl 1 card. SNK exits alcove, moves to the east of crossroads guard (who should be facing west). TLK moves to in front of lvl 1 card door (uses 3 actions) SNK moves into north area, crawls, and moves under lasers to the east around the corner (DO NOT CROSS LASER), then stands. TLK moves into north area, and crawls under the lasers as well. South guard may notice either TLK or SNK, as long as they are through the door it shouldn't matter. There is now no threat from guards, so take your time. Mulligan SNK for chaff grenades, mulligan TLK for chaff grenades and lvl 2 card. TLK saves olga gurlokovich if possible. Equip lvl 2 card on TLK (use 2nd slot) and go through door directly after lasers to south, grab MGS3 pack, then run to stairs. Use 4 move card to exit MGS3 pack room in one move. Have SNK on west exit (no greater than 7 cost), TLK on east exit (moves there with action 1/3 or 2/3).

Part 2

TLK uses chaff as last action. SNK, acting before the robot turns east, moves north off the stairs and west to the shelf and flattens west. After the grenade explodes, keep track of cost and make sure it doesn't go above (30). Use another chaff from SNK or TLK before it reaches 30 or the chaff effect will run out. TLK moves north and west to the first room, crawls at the door, and crawls under the laser at the entrance (DO NOT TRIP LASER). Using TLK, collect PSG in north east and north west corner, and exit, remembering to crawl unde the laser and use chaff if necessary. Use TLK to collect PSG in north east room as well, and grab the MGS2 pack while in there. Move SNK to exit. Move TLK towards exit, and deck reload her before going to the exit. Move to exit with SNK action 1/2 and go down the stairs. (TLK cost <3)

Part 3

Save 2 (4 move cards) on SNK and 1 on TLK for this next part. SNK (S2+W1, END). TLK (S1+W2 crawl, S1+W1, W1+S1 stand, END). SNK (W1+S1 crawl, W2 stand, END). TLK (S1, END). At this point, patterns can diverge. Depending on the center guard's movement, you will need to adapt. Depending on which way he is facing, and how much cost he has, you can usually run right past him. SNK should move (S3), if center guard is facing south or east and has large cost, end, then run both characters past him (uses 4 move cards). If guard ends up blocking the way past the crate, or you don't have enough movement to get one of the character to at least north east of the crate, you may need to duck into the north alcove and wait for him to pass. This wastes a lot of time. After the way is clear (look out for bad directions on both crossroads and center guards), run to the exit with both characters.

SNK (4 Chaff, 4 FAMAS, 1 Stinger, 4 cost cards) TLK (4 PSG-1, 4 cost cards)

This is one of the most RNG plagued stages in the game, you cannot mulligan at the start because enemies will begin moving regardless. Patterns are important to know. SNK moves diagonally north west. TLK moves diagonally north west. SNK moves to 1 tile before the cliff edge, a close to the bridge as possible (not on the bridge). TLK mulligans looking for PSG-1s. One of the camera drones will approach the cliff, to the northwest of SNK. At this point, you must be very aware of your inventory. If SNK has 2 FAMAS, let the drone move in front of him and then shoot it down. If SNK has only 1 FAMAS, it is risky to try to shoot down the drone (you need to hit at least 5/6 shots). If SNK has Chaff and 1 or no FAMAS, use a chaff to stop the drones, or they will see you. If SNK has no Chaff, no FAMAS, and TLK has 2 PSG-1, use the PSG-1 to take out the drone. If you have no weapons at all, you're fd bud, back to intermission and try again. Once a chaff has exploded, strategy rapidly degenerates into just mulliganing for weapons and shooting the drones, with refresher chaffs thrown every few turns. Move SNK up closer to the bridge, so that if he gets a FAMAS, he can shoot a close drone. If you can, use the stinger to blow up a gun drone. Once all the enemies are blown up, the mission ends automatically.

SNK (4 FAMAS, 4 cost cards) TLK (4 PSG-1, 4 cost cards)

Mulligan at the start for a group of: 1 FAMAS, 3 PSG-1 SNK keeps 1 (4 move card)

Wait for west flying guard to be looking west. SNK moves up hill and collects Nikita (1 turn, uses 4 move card) TLK equips PSG, and moves (S1+E2, face north) SNK waits for west flying guard to look west again. TLK uses PSG to kill guard on top of hill to the east, then moves (W3, W2, END) SNK moves down hill (N2+E1), faces up and uses FAMAS on guard in between shack and hill. Waits for west flying guard to check noise and move back, then move TLK (E2+N1, N3) and SNK (E3, N2+E1). Wait for west flying guard to be facing west, move TLK and SNK north around the fence. The base of the tower with the water reservoir forms a square, move TLK 2 tiles south of the NW corner. Move SNK right next to the guard facing north, looking at the stinger. Wait for the guards to move, so that the north guard is facing west, and the south guard is facing north (around the base of the water tower). Move SNK to collect the stinger, then move him back and behind TLK. TLK moves right next to the north guard, 1 tile south of him. Wait for north guard to move back east, then move TLK (N2+W2) (uses 4 move card), flatten north and knock, then move west to the SW tile in the 4 tile corner. Move SNK just behind TLK. Guard on top of cliff should run to check noise (its a long way for him), use time to run up hill to metal walkway. Stop TLK just before the little hill to the metal walkway (E2 of the walkway), with SNK just behind. Wait for guard checking noise to move past the east flying guard, and then 1 more move, so he's halfway between east flying guard and the corner of the path. TLK uses PSG-1 to snipe guard. Mull to find 1 more PSG-1, and then move TLK to just before east flying guards visual range (SW of water reservior). Move SNK close behind. Wait for east flying guard to move south, he will turn and see you (with a green exclamation mark). Move TLK south twice (E1+S3, S2+E1) (uses 4 move card), to south of the east flying guard, face east and snipe him with the PSG-1. If he doesn't die, finish him off with a FAMAS from SNK. There should be no more guards in your way, continue along cliff unimpeded to the exit.

Buy 10 MGS2 packs looking for at least 1 Johnny Sasaki, and any extra (Stealth, Stinger (MGS2))

SNK (4 cost cards) TLK (4 cost cards)

SNK (E2+N1, END) TLK (E3, E1+S2, END) SNK (E2+S1, S2+E1, END) TLK (S2+E1, END) SNK (E3, END) TLK (E3, END) If the guard between the barrel and the trucks uses a lvl 2 equip, simply wait until he turns and sees you with a green exclamation mark. SNK (S1+E2, E2+N1, END) TLK (E3, E1+N1+E1, END) SNK (E3, E2+N1, END) TLK (E3, E1+N1+E1, E1+N2, END) SNK (E2+N1, END)

Buy 10 MGS2 packs looking for at least 1 Johnny Sasaki, and any extra (Stealth, Stinger (MGS2))

SNK (4 FAMAS, Any Stealth, 1 Nikita, 1 Stun, 4 cost cards) TLK (4 PSG-1, Any Johnny Sasaki, 4 cost cards)

Part 1

SNK (W1+N2, E1+N1, END) TLK (E1+N2, E1) TLK equips PSG as early as possible, and mulligans to find at least 3 (including equip). Use Johnny Sasaki to speed it up. SNK mulligans for 2-3 FAMAS and a stealth. TLK shoots guard on the corner of west catwalk with PSG-1, if you miss it wastes a lot of time but is ok. Wait and mulligan until TLK has 1 PSG and SNK has a FAMAS and stealth. SNK equips stealth, TLK shoots guard on east catwalk with PSG-1 then moves (E1), SNK moves (N2) and finishes off guard with FAMAS. TLK sprints to the northeast corner of the east catwalk and collects the MGS1 pack. SNK runs to just below TLK. TLK mulligans for 2 PSG-1. SNK shoots guard by barrel with FAMAS, then mulligans for deck reload and more FAMAS. TLK shoots guard on north catwalk with PSG-1 (he has front evade, and will waste 1 PSG). Make sure SNK has 2 FAMAS, then run both characters through the door, pausing for the remaining guard to turn south. If you have an extra gun, shoot the last guard and pick up the MGS2 pack in the middle of the hallway before leaving. Make sure SNK has maximum cost (7) before exiting the room, and is on the top tile.

Part 2

The guard on the catwalk directly above will move to the corner of the catwalk, south of the crate. Move SNK (W2+N1), collect the MGS2 pack, then move (N1+W1+N1) and face east. The guard above will see you, then turn back. TLK moves around the bottom of the staircase, coming around to SNKs position. SNK unloads FAMAS into the guard above, if you miss you should have a backup FAMAS. SNK moves up the stairs, and stops short at the tile just at the top of the stairs (not on the stairs) just outside of the guard to the easts visual range. TLK moves past SNK just south of him. SNK mulligans for 2 FAMAS, and TLK mulligans for PSG-1s. When SNK gets 2 FAMAS, wait for east guard to move east, then shoot him in the back with FAMAS. Do not move SNK yet, while waiting he can mulligan for more FAMAS. TLK shoots north east catwalk guard that is facing down, he has front evade so it may take multiple shots. Mulligan with both characters looking for more guns. If SNK gets a FAMAS, move SNK (N3), then shoot the guard on the lower floor by the barrel with the FAMAS. If TLK gets a PSG-1, shoot the guard with the PSG-1 in the back. Afterwards, make sure both characters are back by the staircase, and mulligan both for guns. With 3 guns across the 2 characters, move to the north west, and kill the 2 guards under the stairs. Shoot one, then when the other runs to check the sound shoot him. Remember that they can't have line of sight on the one that gets shot or he'll call an alert. With that, all the guards are dead, simply proceed to the exit. Have SNK exit west side.

Mulligan before leaving for: SNK (2 FAMAS, Stun) TLK (3 PSG-1)

Part 3

Wait for guards in the center to move up. SNK moves up west catwalk, to just next to the indented panel in the west wall. Wait for the guards to move again. TLK snipes both guards standing on the catwalks, then moves north to collect the MGS2 pack. SNK moves up, collects the MGS1 pack, then moves to the end of the catwalk just before the stairs and faces east. TLK moves north, goes up the east ladder, then runs along the east catwalk and stops just at the end. Equalize both characters COST (as close as possible). SNK throws stun at group of 4 guards (SW corner?), END. Wait for stun to explode, and run both characters to the exit. While waiting for TLK, SNK can mulligan looking for FAMAS. Ideally will have a couple FAMAS going into next section. Have SNK exit using west tile.

Part 4

Move TLK north next to the center block, face west. Wait for the guard to the west to face north, then move SNK (N1+W2), flatten south, knock, move (W1+N1), face south. Use two turns to do this, the guard will turn and see SNK (happened only once?) Wait for the guard to check the sound, then shoot him in the back with a FAMAS. Repeat in the same spot for the 2nd guard (mulligan for FAMAS if necessary). While this is happening, have TLK mulligan for 2 PSG-1s. Once 2 guards are dead, wait for the northmost of the guards (the last one left in the room) to move to the north east corner, then move TLK to the north west corner and snipe him with the PSG. Now that all the guards are dead, move TLK to the east electric floor and mulligan for more PSGs. Move SNK to the west electric floor's west side, and mulligan for a nikita. Keep 2 FAMAS. Once you get the nikita, keep mulliganing until just before a deck reload, then fire the nikita. Use the nikita missile to kill the guard in the west hallway, then mulligan for another nikita. Use the nikita, then move it exactly (N4+W1, W5, W2+S2, S3+E1, E1+S2+E1, E3+N1, E4, E2+S1+E1, E2+N2, N2). This skips the west electric floor. Move freely to the exit. Make sure SNK has 2 FAMAS, and TLK has 3 PSG-1.

Part 5

As soon as you enter, move SNK north 1 tile and kill the guard with 1-2 FAMAS. Move TLK south 1 tile, and snipe both guard robots with PSG-1s. From this point, no guards will move, so you can just move both characters to the exit. If any guards heard you, kill them.

Part 6

At the start, move TLK to the west side, and SNK to the east side. Stop before the doors open on both sides. Mulligan with TLK for as many PSG-1s as possible, then step to the door. Snipe the guard that is facing south, the farthest away, first. Then snipe the two closest guards. Then snipe the middle guard. If you run out of PSGs, just mulligan for more. Once the guards are dead, move SNK through his door, and up the walkway. Move TLK forward to the console, it will open the door for SNK. SNK moves to the console inside. TLK moves up the stairs to the east, and collects the Stinger inside the east room (sometimes not there?). After moving out, TLK moves up the staircase north, and collects the MGS2 pack from the east room. TLK then moves west. SNK moves out of his room and stops in front of the console near the gate. TLK enters the west room, and then runs straight to the exit to the north. Only one character needs to finish the level, so just run TLK to the exit (through the door to the north and up a ramp).

SNK (4 FAMAS, 1 Stun, 4 Grenades, 4 cost cards) TLK (Remaining FAMAS, 4 PSG-1, Remaining Grenades, 4 cost cards)

Part 1

TLK needs a weapon at the start, if there isn't one in the opener consider mulliganing (FAMAS is best). SNK moves to the western route, TLK goes east. When SNK moves out the door to the west, the guard on the catwalk just outside TLK's door will move once. Move SNK into the west console room as fast as possible. Move TLK out her door (S2+E1) and face south as action 3/3 or 2/3. Use last action to shoot guard on catwalk with weapon. TLK approaches position of guard she just killed, then mulligans for another weapon if she doesn't have it. Move TLK to the corner north of the gate SNK's console opened, END. Then move S3 out the gate and face down. Use a weapon (up to 2) to kill guard on TLK's catwalk (FAMAS is preferable, consider stopping in the corner if no FAMAS). Guard on SNK's catwalk will hear and move away (he can't get to TLK). TLK moves in front of console. SNK exits console room, and runs down catwalk. Goes down stairs. TLK moves west and runs south down catwalk to the corner in front of the door to the console room, then faces east (to give vision). SNK runs down catwalk just next to the MGS1 pack, and faces south. From here, attempt to equalize both characters cost. SNK can be spotted if either of the guards below moves down then up, but shouldn't be seen. Once costs are equalized, kill all the guards. All three guards should be relatively close together near the console below SNK. —Note If the guard that heard TLK runs too far, or you're spotted, mitigate the alert as best you can by killing guards asap. Its all you can do. If the guard that heard TLK is farther along, you can probably kill him later on the way out without triggering an alert, be aware of your position in the dark. — Move TLK inside console room, near south exit. Collect MGS1 pack with SNK, then move to the console below to open the door for TLK. Proceed to exit, but before exiting, make sure that TLK has 2 PSG-1s (and one equipped), and SNK has a gun of some sort. Also make sure to mulligan to deck reload if either character is very low on cards. Have SNK exit on the west tile.

Part 2

Still safe to wait at the beginning of this section. Security robots are 1 tile north of each walkways south stairway. Move TLK up to the top of the east walkway's north stairway, END. Move SNK just behind TLK. Move TLK south as far as possible (min 4 tiles south of the northmost non stair part of the walkway), and use PSG-1 to kill the security robot. This will be heard by the guard in the middle of the room, to the north. Run south fast enough to ignore him, or kill him. The guard that is the furthest south may see you at the edge of his vision as you run past, if he does have SNK or TLK kill him with any guns you may have at the furthest south point possible. Exit the area.

Part 3

No guards should see you in this section. Run east around the bend. BE CAREFUL, the lasers are now active. Crawl under them. Go to the far east to avoid having to go under 2 lasers. Begin to save gun cards on both characters. After the lasers in the hallway, run across the electric floor, but stop halfway (4 tiles in). There are guards in the northwest part of the exit room that will see you if you stop on the west edge of the electric floor. Make sure you can exit in one go with both characters. Sync up costs or the guard will see you. Use the first action to get off the electric floor, and the second to stop short in front of the laser that runs in front of the exit. REMEMBER THE LASER. Crawl under the laser, and make sure TLK has 2 guns and a 4 move card before exiting. Have TLK on west exit.

Part 4

TLK moves to the tile just on top of the west staircase (S1+W1+S1, S1) Move SNK right behind her. Use a 4 move card to move TLK south enough to see both guards on the catwalks. Kill the west catwalk guard, and shoot at the other one (not necessary to kill). Move SNK behind TLK, don't have to use 4 move card. Guards will stack up trying to see the source of the gunfire, northeast guard won't hear. Move SNK down ladder, and behind the guard that didn't hear the gunfire. The guards will move up to see TLK, and spot SNK, causing an alert. Move SNK and TLK around the guards as fast as possible and marathon run to the exit. You may be blocked, kill the guard if possible and run to the exit.

Part 5

There is not much strategy to this section, much like the section at the end of residential zone. Just need to kill all enemies. Move a character to the catwalk section that is north of the stairs (not at the top of the stairs). Mulligan both characters, looking for grenades and guns. The guards will come to you, so you can just mulligan. The guards here have too much HP and have bullet resistance, so to take them out you will throw a grenade at their feet and shoot it. There are 3 armored guards, 1 CQC guard, and a normal guard. You can kill the armored guards with a grenade explosion, the CQC guard with a grenade + gunshot, and the regular guard can be disposed of any way you want.

Buy 10 packs of MGS3, you are looking for SVD-Dragunovs, Mosin Nagants, and RPG-7s. Cost -12 is acceptable bonus, but not as useful. Ocelot Unit cards are also good, as 4 cost 5 move cards.

SNK (4 cost cards) TLK (4 cost cards)

Move SNK to just behind the north guard. 1 tile away is fine as well. Move TLK just under SNK. Guard will move forward. Move SNK behind the soldier again. Move TLK just under SNK. Guard will move and turn down. Move SNK diagonally north west of the guard (just before the opening to the north). Move TLK just east of him. Guard will move back, south east guard shouldn't move. South west guard may see you, but it is unimportant. Use 2 (4 move cards) to get SNK to diagonal of the exit (W1+S1+W2, W4). Move TLK to diagonal Southwest of SNK (2 tiles north of a crate) to end the mission.

Buy another 10 packs of MGS3.

SNK (4 Chaff, 4 cost cards) TLK (1 Nikita, 4 PSG-1, 4 cost cards)

Part 1

Move SNK and TLK down the hallway, and stop SNK just north of under the gun cam. Put TLK in front of him. Mulligan SNK for chaff grenades, and mulligan TLK for PSG-1s and the nikita. TLK needs 3 PSG-1 (including equip) but can do with just 2 and find the last later. Once the cards are found, throw a chaff with SNK. Wait for it to explode. Move SNK to where TLK was. Move TLK to the east side of the electric floor, and shoot the gun cam at the end with the PSG-1. Wait for the chaff to run out. While doing so, mulligan for more PSG-1s. Also mulligan SNK for 2-3 more chaff grenades. In this position, nothing will move except for you, so no worries once the chaff expires. TLK uses the nikita. Nikita missile moves (N5, N5, E1+N3, N3+W1, W1+N2+W1, W3+S1, S4+E1, E1+S3), taking the shortest route to the electric power box. Once the box explodes, move TLK up the hallway. She should find another PSG-1 by the time you get to the end of the hall, if not use slow strats.

–Fast strats Move TLK so that she is 2 tiles east of the north gun cam, and face west. The west gun cam will see you, but can't shoot or start an alert so don't worry. Shoot the west gun cam with the PSG-1, and proceed in front of the console (watching out for the north gun cam's view range).

–Slow strats If somehow you haven't found a PSG-1 in time, simply walk around the cubcle walls to skip the west gun cam's visual range.

TLK probably deck reloads around this time. Take the chance to deck reload both characters if possible to save time later. TLK unlocks the console, then moves off the raised platform. Grab the MGS1 pack to the east on your way back down the electric floor hallway. When she gets roughly half way back, SNK uses a chaff. Save PSG-1s as you run back with TLK. Move both characters to the exit once the chaff has exploded.

Part 2

Move both characters to the east room. There is a gun cam here, use a chaff if there isn't already lingering chaff effect from the previous section. Use it as far south as possible, or in the gun cam room itself, or the guard to the north will hear. Run past the east room north, and collect the free MGS2 pack. TLK may need a deck reload around now, just wait it out. Make sure TLK has at least 2 PSG-1s, then use action 3/3 to open the door to the west. Shoot the guard there (who should have moved north from his starting position), then move both characters into the room. Collect the dropped MGS1 pack. SNK uses a chaff, then TLK moves to the north door as action 3/3 and shoots the guard in the north room with the PSG-1. You may want to mulligan before going through the door for an extra PSG-1, as if you are incredibly unlucky you won't kill the guard with 90% to hit, but if you don't you can also just move back from the door and mulligan, the guard will not move. Alternatively, you can just run to the exit, as 1 alert won't matter since its the end of the level (though you won't get the MGS1 pack). Move into the north room and pick up the dropped MGS1 pack, and then exit the level.

Buy as many packs of MGS3 as you can.

SNK (4 SOCOM, 4 FAMAS, 4 Grenade, 4 Rations, 4 cost cards) TLK (Remaining SOCOM, Remaining FAMAS, Remaining Grenades, Nikita, Any M15 Grenades, Any Fury cards, 4 cost cards)

SNK imediately ends. TLK moves 1 tile east and ends, facing west. Leone should throw a grenade or two, and move south. Guards should move up. If a guard moves directly in front of SNK, punch him to knock him back. Move SNK (E1+S1), and face north, END. TLK uses weapons on hand to kill as many guards as possible from where she is. M15 grenades are an all star here. Throw grenades and shoot them, don't just throw grenades (they won't hit). Wait with SNK. Guards should group up around SNK and shoot him (this is good). Use SNK and TLKs next moves on the grouped guards and take them out. Once all guards are dead, face tank Leone with SNK and reduce him to 1/2 health. He will 'enrage', and mostly stop moving. Once he does this, move TLK or SNK behind him and use FAMAS to raise his cost, as well as grenades and Fury to deal damage and burn. If one character goes down, that's fine, as long as you can finish off Leone quickly. With many grenades and FAMAS, Leone should go down quickly.

Buy packs of MGS1 and MGS2 to find Stingers. If you have 4 of each Stinger already, buy MGS3 packs looking for the rare RPG-7.

SNK (All Ally Cost Reducers(-4, -8, -12), 4 cost cards) TLK (All PSG-1, All Dragunov, All Mosin Nagant, All Olga Gurlokavich, All Johnny Sasaki, 4 cost cards)

During this mission, use Johnny Sasaki and Olga Gurlokovich to refill TLK's hand whenever necessary. Use Ally cost reducers whenever needed on SNK, as he has nothing to do this mission. If at any point TLK has no guns, and the next step says move, just mulligan to find guns before moving.

SNK move (E3), END. TLK moves in front of SNK, faces south. Mulligan TLK for PSG-1, and equip. Shoot guard to south. SNK moves (S1+E2). TLK moves (S1+E2), shoots guard to SE. SNK moves (E2). TLK moves up to NW corner of catwalk behind big pipes, and shoots guard to the east. Use a PSG (yolo) or Dragunov for ammo, 2 shots kill. TLK moves to SW end of catwalk, before the big platform. Finds a 4 move card, and a Mosin (yolo) or a PSG/Dragunov. SNK moves behind TLK. TLK moves (S4), faces east and shoots guard to the east. 1 shot kills. At this point, all guards are dead, so run to the exit.

Buy packs of MGS1 and MGS2 to find Stingers. If you have 4 of each Stinger already, buy MGS3 packs looking for the rare RPG-7.

SNK (4 SOCOM, 4 FAMAS, 4 Grenade, any RPG-7, 4 Rations, 4 cost cards) TLK (4 PSG-1, Any Dragunov, Any Mosins, -8 cost reducers, -12 cost reducers, Any Olga Gurlokovich, Any Johnny Sasaki, 4 cost cards) Make sure that TLK has no equip type 4 cost cards in her deck or she will equip over the PSG/Mosin.

Use triangle view and look at the 2 TLKs, the east one should be Clown, but to be sure know Clown has a full equip window, and 800 hp. TLK has only 400 hp and no equips. Shoot Clown with SNK to get control of TLK. Clown has Evade, so you may miss. If SNK has no guns or misses, run up to Clown and punch her instead. Equip PSG-1 or Mosin to TLK, and shoot Clown. Clown will throw a flashbang and teleport TLK and herself to random locations around the map. Check with triangle again, and shoot Clown. Use grenade+shot if possible. TLK shoots at Clown, and uses cost reducers to get more turns. Use Johnny Sasaki and Olga Gurlokovich cards to get more guns and cost reducers. With TLK cost reduction, you may be able to kill Clown before she reaches phase 2, but if she does reach phase 2, she will spawn more fake TLKs. Check with triangle to find the real Clown, and shoot her again. Use the high ground if possible, it gives better shots. Throwing a grenade into the end of the high ground spirals will not hit any tiles other than the end and the tile next to it.

Buy packs of MGS1 and MGS2 to find Stingers. If you have 4 of each Stinger already, buy MGS3 packs looking for the rare RPG-7.

SNK (4 MGS1 Stinger, 4 MGS2 Stinger, Any RPG-7, Any Action+, 4 Rations, Any Bandage, Any Johnny Sasaki, Any 5 move cards, Any 4 move cards) TLK (Any Chaff Grenade, 4 PSG-1, Any SVD Dragunov, Any Mosin Nagant, Any Ally Cost -12, Any Stealth, 4 Box, Any Olga Gurlokovich, Any Other ally cost reducers(higher better))

Phase 1

SNK waits and mulligans for Stingers. Use Johnny Sasaki if you have no stingers in hand. TLK moves to the east panel, and equips Mosin if possible, PSG-1 otherwise. Destroy the panel with TLK. When Metal gear fires missiles out of its arms, move SNK out of the explosion radius of the missiles (3×3 on the marks), and shoot a Stinger at the west arm. Destroy the west arm first. After the west arm is destroyed, TLK should have already destroyed the east panel, meaning you don't have to wait for missiles to shoot the east arm. Destroy the east arm with SNK. Use Chaff grenades and stealth on TLK so you aren't interupted by the robot.

Phase 2

Use Action + cards on SNK, and move him diagonally in front of Metal Gear, facing towards its front. TLK has nothing to do, so run into the alcove to the south and equip a box (while you aren't detected by the robot). Wait for Metal Gear to start charging it's giant laser attack, and fire Stingers at it. Before it fires, move SNK to the side of Metal Gear so the laser won't hit. If you are hit, use rations and bandages to heal. It will deal 300 damage, so have more than that if you plan on getting hit. You need to move at least 3 tiles past the corner of Metal Gear or the explosion from the laser will still hit you. While waiting with TLK, use cost reducers for SNK. That's it.


You can skip pretty much all of the end cutscenes all the way to the last one, so mash start.

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