Zanzibar Bldg. 1F

Zanzibar Bldg. 2F

  • On PS2 from a fresh load from the Subsistence menu, you can manipulate Black Ninja
  • You must get to Black Ninja without any alerts and two “What's that noise?”
  • Black Ninja takes 10 bullets to kill

Position 1

Position 2

Position 3

Position 4

Position 5

Zanzibar Bldg. 1F

Lost Woods

Desert South

Swamp Line

  • Running Man takes 7 mines to kill

Stinger Missile

Singing Sands

*Hind D takes 4 missiles to destroy

Tower Bldg. Front

Tower Bldg. 1F (Spiral)

Tower Bldg. B1 (Sewers)

Zanzibar Bldg. B1

Tower Bldg. B1 (Sewers)

Tower Bldg. 1F (Spiral)

  • Red Blaster takes 12 grenades to kill

Tower Bldg. 1F (Spiral)

Tower Bldg. B1 (Sewers)

Zanzibar Bldg. 4F

If you want to practice 4F Mannequin Room, you can enter and exit the rooms to get different RNG seeds

Ideal Spot to go up in Mannequin Room

Tower Bldg. B3 (Gustava and Dr. Madnar Escort)

Crevice South

  • Each Horseman takes 6 explosions to kill (mines or grenades)

Tower Bldg. 20F

Crevice North

  • Jungle Evil takes 8 grenades to kill

Lab Building


  • Night Fright takes 8 grenades to kill

Card 9 Backtrack

  • Dr. Madnar takes 7 explosions to kill (mines or C4)

to Underground Base

  • Metal Gear D takes 12 grenades to kill.
  • When equipment is on fire, go left in menu, and toss out all equipment before eating the rations

  • Room Route Map by SolidSpiderZnake
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