Finish the game as fast as possible while saving 20 prioners of war, get 30 dog tags and grab the box.

General Info: Before Reading this document, read the Any% up to Southern Resort. Or beyond as it has more details.

After knocking out a tag, these tags will always fly the direction the Pipo is facing; they take 1s to materialize. You can dive onto your own WB to avoid being damaged by them & move minimal distance.

100% (New Game)

There are 4 pipos in this room. No need to grab any of the tags on this visit if they fly away as a revisit is required.

There are 5 pipos in this room, but only 1 tag must be grabbed this visit. That tag is the Red pipo by the buttons. After knocking him out to cross the bridge and hitting the second button, be sure to grab his tag before diving over the railing.

Skip the cutscene and walk to the pineapple grenades, diving will get you shot. Once the mech begins moving, aim for his left flank and throw, the pineapple grenades (PG) explode on contact and the mech will be destroyed in 4 hits to the gear on its back. It requires 5 hits if the gear is not hit. Remain on the PG for instant refills and stun lock the mech. If you missed a grenade, delaying the stunlock, he can still hit you on the PG causing you to drop the one in your hand. I-frames should prevent you from being blown away from the spot. Dive to the exit door once he begins exploding; skip the codec. Be sure to exit holding 3 PG. NG+ does this fight the same way.

7 pipos in Edo Town, once again, no tags need picked up yet.

Stand still as this boss is RNG and moving closer will trigger some annoying attacks. If you see the boss open up, he has a ~75% chance of firing a rocket at you, this may be distance based, is definitely camera dependent, and he rarely fires a missile right at the start even if he opens immediately. Shoot this with the pistol and remain in FPV so you see it hit him. Failing to do so may cause the missile to despawn from camera distance. After two-three missiles the boss will be defeated. Dive towards the exit door the moment he starts to explode; skip the codec. It is possible to speed up the fight by throwing PG at the boss. It takes two hits but if he begins to fire a rocket, you are most likely going to eat said rocket. Weigh the options accordingly. The boss takes a large amount of knockback, making it possible to hurt him and knock him on top of a missed PG. His other attacks are: a love beam that stuns Snake, a close range laser for damage, and homing missiles. Exiting with at least 1 PG is suggested, you can get more by grabbing the box in the top left corner.

Dive down the bridge to the watermelon Bombs (WB), then, turn around and dive back into the loading zone for Edo Town.

Nab the pipo tag and exit the room or just skip it for now.

The W Pipo will see you almost instantly, so head right and melee him for his tag, then turn around. Directly west is a set of 3 cracked walls, rescue all prisoners and grab the WB on the bed. Return and head to the R pipo in the middle, grabbing his tag and then the S Cracked wall. Open both walls, grabbing prisoners, and grab the WB on the bed, then return to the slope up. Make sure the R pipo isnt watching the slope. If he is Snake must walk up or he will be spotted. On the upper walks, melee the Y pipo and grab his tag, then continue up and head right outside. Jump over the side of the ramp; a Y pipo is either at the extreme SE or on the path back. With a precise jump, it is possible to launch over the railing and land directly in front of the W pipo. After stunning W pipo, place a WB by the cracked wall, nab the tag and prisoner and return south. Be careful when returning as the W pipo will wake up and spot you a second time if you are slow. You will have to deal w/ the camera and lasers all semi-blind. Take the right side to go under the final laser. Ignore the Y pipo and exit the room. Do not trigger an alert. Pass through the loading zone to Snow Festival & Mech Boss.

Dive through the room, nab the pipo tag if desired, and exit through the south load zone.

Dive directly south through the WB and stun the W pipo, grabbing his tag and dodging the camera. Dive south avoiding another camera to get inside and blow a cracked wall open. Grab the WB inside and then exit, going under the camera and to the ravine. Dive S towards where the railing meets the mountain and you should dive over. If you dive W-S you will slide along the railing into the ravine and re-spawn. Alternatively, after exiting the room, shoot the W pipo in the head and take the bridge. If the W pipo sees you dive for him asap and knock him out, Death Abuse if alert. If a Game Over happens, Snake will be up by 1 WB; remember this information. If you miss the jump or get seen, dive forward and left to avoid the W pipo. A cue is to line up w/ the corner of the front box on the left side and dive across. Avoid the camera and then exit south to Fort Banana. Do not grab the Y pipo tag.

Head SE and deal w/ W pipo as needed and then the south Y pipo for his tag. Climb up the steps and head to the cracked wall, grabbing the WB inside. Be sure to hurt yourself on this WB when it explodes, so that it knocks Snake into the room. Dive back into the main area (not the starting area) and head west. Ignore the Y pipo and blow the W cracked wall for some WB and a prisoner. Again, be sure to damage yourself and knock Snake into the room. Exit, knock out both pipos, collecting both tags, and head up the ramp. Blow the final cracked wall here damaging Snake again if needed. After collecting the final prisoner, death abuse. Then dive north to exit.

Grab the Y pipo tag and go under the camera. There should be zero risk of alert. Grab both the upper R and Y pipo tags if you haven't already & head across. Once past the upper gap, blow the cracked wall, dive down and exit north. Careful if you dive down from the raised bridge, the R pipo can see you and call an alert.

Dive across like no monk dived before. Tag also.

Collect the box, then PPK the Y pipo for his tag. Dive to the lower path and up under the lasers. You cannot cut the outside cameras on this cycle so take the middle path. When inside, head down to be parallel to the door on the upper catwalk. Once lined up w/ the exit loading zone dive over and exit north. Alternatively attempt the railing dive mentioned in the Any% run a 2nd time.

Cookie to the right if needed, else dive across like no monk dived before. Tag.

Grab the WB ahead and head right. Stun the Y pipo for his tag and don't worry about alerts. Break a cracked wall all the way right, grab the prisoner, turn around and head back. Be sure to grab the pipo tag while heading to the far left side of the beach if you didn't yet. On the far left is a second cracked wall to be blown open. Return to the laser. Head up the ramp, triggering and alert on the laser or camera if possible. Stun both the R and the Y pipos for their tags (3) and then head to the NW corner of the hut. Place a WB and detonate it; if placed correctly, you will see bits of metal scrap. Head north then west to the left hut and place a WB against the SE wall (not corner). Return to the middle and grab some WBs the cameras are watching, the continue east. Head east to the right (not south-east) hut and place a WB on the SW wall. Continue north to the north-east hut and place a WB on the SW wall (not corner). Dive across bridge through WB but don't touch the laser at the end (you may be above it).

Simply dive to the PG directly in front of you and begin throwing them towards his trunk gears. It takes nine hits to destroy the elephant, possibly more if you fail to hit the gears, and you do not need to aim high to arc them. He is immune to damage during his rear and stomp animation. If the elephant begins to move closer to Snake, meaning you lost the stun lock, he will begin swinging his head while stepping forward, it is very important to regain the stun lock during this. If you fail to do so, he will begin sucking Snake in towards the trunk, moving him off of the PG. Getting sucked in causes an animation and damage. After the elephant begins exploding, dive around him as he has a lingering hitbox that will shunt you, and exit the room; skip the codec. Be sure to exit this room with three PG and DO NOT throw anymore PG. If on NG+ holding forward while throwing PG is acceptable. Defeat the Boss, then exit south.

Cut south ignoring any alerts etc and then begin diving west. Continue west until you stumble upon a cracked wall. Break it. Grab the prisoner and death abuse to reset the level. Dive north.

Grab the two R pipos walking around on the left side and exit.

Dive forward, knocking out the Y pipo for his tag. Check your WB count. This will determine what needs grabbed. If Snake has 0-2 grab the WB on the bench to the upper right (7s). Grab the R pipo tag and continue left to a Y pipo for his tag. Around the building is another R pipo you need for a tag. Dive across the breakable bridge and up the slope. Stun the Y pipo for his tag and grab it, then break the wall above. Grab the prisoner and make sure to nab the WB on the toilet for 5+. Exit the stage through the north loading zone.

Trigger the cutscene and grab 1-2 cookies depending on HP and all 5 PGs in the room.

Immediately begin diving S and W, diving over both cliffs. Head left. If Snake triggered an alert, the Y pipo is at the very top of the slope. Blow up this cracked wall, then a second one inside, and grab the prisoner. Make sure not to be seen by the camera exiting or entering the room. Continue right, dealing with a W pipo, to another cracked wall. Open it. Continue along breaking every wall and freeing every prisoner. After breaking the wall guarded by the camera, check Snake's WB count. If for some reason Snake has 0 WB, there is an extra set of 3 under the bed (5s). Grab the final prisoner and exit the room, death abusing over the cliff. Dive north to enter the load zone for Mesal Gear.

After spawning in, dive up left and collect the cookie/ration if needed. Dive forward and trigger a cutscene. Dive behind the prisoner and onto the PG. It is possible to collect all 15 in a single dive but missing is slow. After collecting them, turn south west and dive back out of the room. If needed there is a second cookie/ration that can be collected. As soon as you load into Wild West Town, turn around and hop back into the torture room. pick up a third ration/cookie if needed and retrigger the cutscene. Grab another 15 PG from the back. At this point it is paramount you have a minimum of 2 WB and 33 PG. Once ready, dive right and enter the railway to fight Mesal Gear. NG+ should hold up right and dive immediately to the boss.

Mesal Gear is random and consists of two phases, in a manner of speaking. Mesal will take just about everything Snake brought depending on how well throws are timed out and it's own attack RNG. Most of the time it will fire machine gun at you in 3 round spread bursts. These lock onto Snakes current position. Hanging out on the extreme right to left gives you time to dodge them as needed and hitting Mesal with a PG sends the bullets upwards causing them to miss. After about 11 PG have been throw Mesal will back up. Place a WB and dive into the camera. Mesal Gear will lurch forward and hit the WB, then crawl farther forward. At this new position, Mesal will begin to launch missiles in sets of five at Snake. There are two variations of this attack, one allows you to see the target recitals on the ground. The second shows only the front of Mesal Gear and the rockets coming out. Whenever this attack happens aim to be next to Mesal Gear so that at least one of the rockets hits it. Mesal Gear has enough i-frames that it will not take multiple hits from the rockets. Be aware that the drills do cause contact damage, as well as the direct front.

The second attack is Mesal Gear will begin to spew out PG at Snake. They are random semi-position tracking. He throws out a ton so hang out in front of Mesal Gear as long as you are willing too to get it to hurt itself a ton. Each self hit reduces the amount of PG that Snake must hit Mesal with by one. After about 22 more PG of Snakes are thrown, Mesal will rear back a second time. Repeat the WB strat and Mesal Gear should die. Again, this all depends on the RNG you got during the fight, and Mesal Gear can die very early on or even force a few PPK or pistol shots from Snake.

The final confrontation with Pipo Ocelot. Do not dive forward. A cutscene will start at a fixed time, irrelevant of both Snake and Ocelots position and alert status. Ocelot can kick you down for half a cookie or do a spin counter for a full cookie and a knock down. The goal is to stun-lock him. I find the most successful method of doing this is by positioning Ocelot against a wall (he usually runs to one) and, while Snake is against the wall, holding the analog towards Ocelot, and very slightly the wall, the entire time, all while doing non-stop Punch Punch Kick combos. After five kick-flips land, Ocelot goes down for the count. If he kills you, his HP is reset back to five.

This guide will assume basic understanding of both 100% and Any%, please read those first.

General: NG+ benefits from the croc cap if the previously loaded file had 100% completion. It grants infinite ammo.

This guide will assume basic understanding of both 100% and Any%, please read those first.

This entire room is (currently) on an unbeatable cycle that we want to take advantage of. Immediately go under the crate as you would, but turn right and dive 2-3 times towards a Y pipo. He will see you fairly quickly so PPK him asap. Climb the first 3 steps up then walk to the WB door. Blow it open and grab the PoW, then return. Be sure not to dive or the Y pipo will hear you and look towards the steps, triggering an alert.

Depending on how fast you were, a Y pipo will be closer or further, optimally, further is better but it doesn't matter, Break the wall, grab the PoW and then PPK him, swapping these if he is closer then the wall. At this point the unbeatable cycle reveals itself. The W pipo can and will see you if you PPK the red pipo on the up ramp so either dive directly to him for tags and return or simply wait for him to turn to the right. PPK the R pipo and nab the final PoW before shooting the button and making the railing jump to exit the level. Don't forget the W pipo tag if you skipped it.

If playing on difficult, its actually easier, and slightly faster, to do this room backwards. Start by placing a WB immediately after crawling out from under the crate and detonate it after a dive. PPK the Y pipo, grab the PoW and then go around the room counter clockwise. With the correct timing the Y pipo you PPKd at the start wont see you PPK the R pipo and the room will line up perfectly.

This room is also on a tight cycle. Dive left and knock out the Y pipo. The best way his tag could go is up right, but typically it goes towards the starting area. Grab the tag and run to the right around the camera and past the bridge. Dive over the railing and pit to land on the far side using a precise analog input; watch out for the W pipo as he can see you if you are running or jumping. Run under the camera and into the building, grabbing the PoW, and then return outside and PPK the W pipo for his tag. Quickly head left and be sure to jump over the concrete raised area as a R pipo will see you approaching and call in the alert. Its very hard to make it in time if Snake gets caught on the object. PPK him for his tag. Continue on and PPK the Y pipo, then break the right wall and grab both PoWs. Finally dodge the camera and expect to shoot the wall button by the R pipo. Finish the level by grabbing his tag and hitting the button, then exiting.

Play this fight as you normally would for the stun lock. Be certain you grab the tag from the monkey. He is immune to the kickflip for quite some time after the mech breaks.

As normal, the tight cycle exists, however, because we need the tag, there is an alternative approach. Dive to the Y pipo as normal, then PPK him for the tag and it should land behind Snake. Grab it and dive to the lower section, then carefully dive under the front laser; This will set up the normal fast laser cycle. Climb the slope and head right. The W pipo should be directly infront of the door, so PPK him and place the bomb. Hitting the W pipo will wake him back up so be careful. Return to the left, dodging all the cameras and do a U turn to grab the R pipo at the top of the slope. Cut around the front of the pagoda and grab the Y pipo as he is turning right. Then dive around and up the pagoda as normal, attempting the railing skip, grabbing the R pipo if Snake dives over. Shoot the button as normal and nab the W pipo, then circle the room, breaking the 3 walls on the left, then grabbing the R pipo is he has a tag still, and the 2 walls in the back. Go up the pathway to the Y pipo, nab his tag, and dive over the path and into the exit.

Hail Mary those grenades. Shoot rockets if you must. Don't miss the tag.

In general, this level is as normal for 100%, however there is one significant change. After the 2nd machine is blown up, head up across the pier bridge and right to a PoW. Triggering the laser alert heading to the PoW is fine, but walking back you want to avoid it if possible, though it is RNG if the pipo monkeys follow you up. After this detour return as normal and finish the level.

The only difference here is to hold forward for the first 5-6 PG and inch closer while throwing non-stop. Grab both R pipo tags and exit.

Play this level as normal, but cut out the death abuses from 100% NG. After crossing the bridge, head right, grabbing all the PoWs, then return left, grabbing that PoW, and finally return and nab the W pipo (if you havent yet), Y pipo, and final wall & PoW. Exit.

Nothing special here. Normal strats, just dive up right immediately and go beat mesal gear. I find the best timing is to have Snake do a 360 between PG throws.

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