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 ====== MGS3 Speedrun FAQ's ====== ====== MGS3 Speedrun FAQ's ======
 +**Is the use of the EZ gun allowed?**
 +Yes. Given it as item that does not require certain completion stats (beyond VE) use of the EZ gun is permitted. ​
 +**Is killing The End early faster?​** ​
 +Testing indicates it is not. Due to the fact you must travel out of the way menu and there'​s a longer trip out of Sokrovenno. You also do not get a Moison Nagant which slows down The Fury. 
 +**Why are so many runs on European Extreme?**
 +Historically Metal Gear was primarily ran on the hardest difficulty. MGS3 being no exception. Only recently has work began to route and optimise lower difficulties,​ largely Spearheaded by MiniOmegaKing & RaichuMGS.
 +**Can'​t you just save and skip The End that way?​** ​
 +Only on a multisegment run. And again you will not obtain the Moison Nagant, while not a big deal on MS since you can save and load The Fury enabling you to try more risky strats on a single segment saving and loading is prohibited. ​
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