MGS3 Speedrun FAQ's

Is the use of the EZ gun allowed?

Yes. Given it as item that does not require certain completion stats (beyond VE) use of the EZ gun is permitted.

Is killing The End early faster?

Testing indicates it is not. Due to the fact you must travel out of the way menu and there's a longer trip out of Sokrovenno. You also do not get a Moison Nagant which slows down The Fury.

Why are so many runs on European Extreme?

Historically Metal Gear was primarily ran on the hardest difficulty. MGS3 being no exception. Only recently has work began to route and optimise lower difficulties, largely Spearheaded by MiniOmegaKing & RaichuMGS.

Can't you just save and skip The End that way?

Only on a multisegment run. And again you will not obtain the Moison Nagant, while not a big deal on MS since you can save and load The Fury enabling you to try more risky strats on a single segment saving and loading is prohibited.

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