Conveyor Belt Route refers to a new route to take during Bomb Disposal segment which uses the conveyor belt in Strut E Parcel Room to teleport around the struts in Shell 1. It was originally developed by Stealth_Edge using a glitch found by magnum66.

Traditionally, bomb disposal routes take the most direct route to diffuse all the bombs. This means either going clockwise or counter-clockwise starting from Strut C Dining Hall and ending there too. Conveyor Belt Route on the other hand ends at Strut D Sediment Pool by starting counter-clockwise and then switching to clockwise towards the end of the route. The route saves time by visiting two less rooms overall, and this comes on your way to the elevator on Strut A Roof prior to Fortune. This means on top of the timesave you get from the route itself, you also save more time from having to visit less loading zones. This might not matter on ports like PC where loadtimes aren't a thing, but on consoles like PS2 or PS3, this can be a decent timesave.

There are a total of 5 boxes in the Plant chapter, but the player can only have access to 4 of them during the bomb disposal segment. Box 3 is necessary for the route so it must be picked up, but only one of Box 1 or 2 has to be picked up with the former being faster and prefered.

  • Box 1 = Found in Strut A Pump Room, goes to Strut C Dining Hall.
  • Box 2 = Found in Strut F Warehouse, goes to Strut B Transformer Room.
  • Box 3 = Found in Strut E Heliport, goes to Strut A Pump Room.
  • Box 5 = Found in Strut E Parcel Room, goes around the conveyor belt.

Box 5 is pointless for this route, as all it does is go around the conveyor belt so ignore picking it up. Box 1, 2, or 3 can serve for the box's other functions in the run.

The following table shows all the rooms the player will visit from after the cutscene with Stillman in Strut C Dining Hall all the way prior to riding the elevator pre-Fortune.

RouteRoom 1Room 2Room 3Room 4Room 5Room 6Room 7Room 8Room 9Room 10Room 11Room 12Room 13Room 14Room 15Room 16Room 17Room 18Room 19Room 20
Clockwise C CD D DE E Parcel E Heliport E Parcel EF F FA A AB B BC C BC B AB A Pump A Roof
Counter-Clockwise C BC B AB A FA F EF E Parcel E Heliport E Parcel DE D CD C BC B AB A Pump A Roof
Conveyor Belt (Box 2 + 3) C BC B AB A FA F EF E Parcel E Heliport E Parcel B BC C CD D DE E Parcel A Pump A Roof
Conveyor Belt (Box 1 + 3) C BC B AB A FA F EF E Parcel E Heliport E Parcel C CD D DE E A Pump A Roof - -

Note: Single-letter rooms are Struts, double-letter rooms are connecting bridges.
Note: On Hard, Extreme, and European Extreme, the player also has to go to Strut A Roof to diffuse a bomb there.
Note: The Box 2 + 3 Route is not recommended on the higher difficulties as the hallway in Strut B Transformer Room is covered with cameras.


The route is the same in structure across all difficulties. However, different difficulty mechanics requires a variety of different strats.

Strut C Dining Hall:

Make your way to the woman's bathroom and equip the Socom and Coolant while cartwheeling. After that, go around the guard from behind him then diffuse the bomb.
Finally, fire a warning shot before leaving to the BC Connecting Bridge.
Small note: There is a silent shot strat for this room, but is not recommended.

BC Connecting Bridge:

In third-person, fire 3 shots into the cypher. Make sure to pick up the Chaff Grenades on your way out as you'll never be visiting this room again during the run.
Cartwheel through the mini-cutscene to skip it while keeping momentum then diffuse the bomb behind the locker.

AB Connecting Bridge:

Take the bottom side as the guard spots you. Keep to the right-hand side of the guard and cartwheel to have him fall over the railing. This does NOT count as a kill.

Strut A Roof:

From the Pump Room, head towards the roof. Diffuse the bomb and pick up the Chaff Grenades on your way out. There a few ways to deal with the guard in this room.

  1. Cartwheel Strat
  2. Groin Punch Strat

Strut A Pump Room:

This is arguebly the most awkward room in the route. When you approach the guard in the room with the pipes, there's a few ways to deal with him.
The most important thing is to avoid taking an alert (obviously) or taking a caution as that makes Strut F highly inpractical.

  1. Distraction Chaff Grenade
  2. Silent Shot
  3. Groin Punch Strat
  4. Camera Route

Whatever option you choose, pickup Box 1 on your way out and avoid picking up a caution, as this makes Strut F highly inpractical.
his will be second menu you do in the route, what you choose for your weapons depends on how you approached this room. However, this is a good opprutunity to menu the Box on now.
From Sensor A, menu one up towards Box 1 and keep it on your previous.

FA Connecting Bridge:

Straight forward room, but there are two options depending on whether you want to use a chaff grenade or not.

  1. Chaff Grenade
  2. Socom Strat (Safe)

Strut F Warehouse:

A somewhat tricky room depending on what strat you choose. Make sure to pick up the M9 before diffusing the bomb.
On Extreme and European Extreme only, you can diffuse bomb from the bottom floor without having to be on top of the boxes.
Also, its recommended to pick up the Stun Grenades here for later on in the run.
You will most likely a caution here, but this is advantageuous for the upcoming room.

  1. Chaff Grenade
  2. No Chaff Grenade

Small sidenote: You can actually avoid picking up the M9 ammo boxes here and be just fine for the remainder of the run as there some better spots to pick them up. It is a little tricky and only a minor timesave.

EF Connecting Bridge:

If you entered this room with a caution, this skips a mini-cutscene saving a little bit of time.
The codec call with Rose is also supposed to happen over here, however the caution will move it a few rooms (assuming you don't take a continue).
You need to head north towards Strut E Parcel Room and its recommened to pickup the center-south claymore for better and safer lines.

  1. Chaff Grenade
  2. Hide in a Box
  3. Shoot the North Cypher (Safe)

Strut E Parcel Room 1F:

There's a bomb in this room on this difficulty. You can either diffuse it now, or on your second trip here. The first option is more single-segment friendly, but the other is approximately a second faster.

Should you diffuse the bomb now, it is recommened to pickup the Stun Grenades here.
There is also an extra M9 pack in the center of the room if you decided to skip them in Strut F.
Avoid picking up Box 5 here, as you already have the other ones.

Strut E Heliport:

Take a straight line towards the Harrier and diffuse the bomb underneath it.
On your way back, if you recieved a codec call (only happens if you chose to diffuse the bomb in the Parcel Room first), this makes avoiding the western guard a little trickier.
If you recieved a codec call, you do NOT have to tranq the eastern guard on your way back. If you did NOT recieve it, then you do have to tranq him.
Make sure you pick up Box 3 on your way back!

Strut E Parcel Room 2F:

This room now depends on whether or not you diffused the bomb here earlier or now.

Strut C Dining Hall:

This is a straight forward room, take the right most exit here.
The guard will investigate giving you on opprtunity to pick up Sensor B.
You can now change to Box 3 at this point. From Sensor A, menu one up then one right to equip it. Make sure this menu is done before riding on the conveyor belt again later on.

CD Connecting Bridge:

The only guard in this room has vision that's almost equivalent to Very Easy. So either tranq with third-person shots or use the box when you get close to him. The benefit of the latter strat is that you won't get the mini-cutscene with the camera.

  1. Tranq Method

Strut D Sediment Pool:

This is one of the trickier rooms in the game. The safest method is to use chaff grenade here, but that also means you will have a caution heading into the DE Connecting Bridge.

  1. Chaff Grenade

DE Connecting Bridge:

If you chose to throw a chaff grenade in Strut D, you will now have a caution in this room with an assault team unit making it a little trickier.

  1. Caution

Strut E Parcel Room:

Equip the box and head right. Stay underneath the camera and neither it nor the guard will spot you.
Get in position to perform the glitch and ride the conveyor belt with Box 3 to teleport into Strut A Pump Room.

Strut A Pump Room / Roof:

That's it! You're now done with the route. Head towards the elevator on the rooftop to continue on with the run.

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