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 =====Escape from the Jungle===== =====Escape from the Jungle=====
 {{youtube>​_UUyDsN67_M?​medium}} {{youtube>​_UUyDsN67_M?​medium}}
 +  *Go downleft, down to line up with monkey on cliff.
 +  *Be careful on your position when throwing first stun, the monkey can go right.
 +  *The roll AnonymityHope does is very difficult over the log, you can opt to climb over instead.
 +  *Sonar isn't required, but is helpful.
 =====Dragnet of the Apes===== =====Dragnet of the Apes=====
 {{youtube>​s6MI493RTL0?​medium}} {{youtube>​s6MI493RTL0?​medium}}
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