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 =====All Dog Tags Extreme===== =====All Dog Tags Extreme=====
-//Strategies assume GOID//+{{ :mgs2:dogtagp112.png?nolink&200 |}}
 ^ID^Name^Location^Info^ ^ID^Name^Location^Info^
 |000|Leon Shi|Heliport|Sleeping Vent| |000|Leon Shi|Heliport|Sleeping Vent|
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 |030|Paris Alexandre|Underground Base| Upper Right| |030|Paris Alexandre|Underground Base| Upper Right|
 |031|Johnny Sasaki|Nuke Building B1|Meryl in Disguise| |031|Johnny Sasaki|Nuke Building B1|Meryl in Disguise|
-|032|Meryl SilverBurgh|Various|+|032|Meryl SilverBurgh|Various|Best in Caves|
 |033|Psycho Mantis|Commander's Room| |033|Psycho Mantis|Commander's Room|
-|034|Sniper Wolf|Snowfield|+|034|Sniper Wolf|Snowfield|Must be grabbed by legs|
 |035|Vulcan Raven|Warehouse| |035|Vulcan Raven|Warehouse|
-|036|Liquid Snake|Supply Route|+|036|Liquid Snake|Supply Route|Must be knocked off Rex|
 =====Disc 1 Extreme===== =====Disc 1 Extreme=====
 +//Strategies assume Big Boss and GOID//
 +**20 of 37**
 ====Helipad==== ====Helipad====
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 |004|Nam Huan Ho|Tank Hangar|To Elevator| |004|Nam Huan Ho|Tank Hangar|To Elevator|
 |005|Vlad A Parfyonov|Tank Hangar|To Suppressor| |005|Vlad A Parfyonov|Tank Hangar|To Suppressor|
-|006|Kris O R Sutton|Tank Hangar|NOT ACCESSIBLE YET|+|006|Kris O R Sutton|Tank Hangar|LATER|
 ====Holding Cells==== ====Holding Cells====
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 |007|David P Newman|Armory|Elevator| |007|David P Newman|Armory|Elevator|
 |008|Tres Feia|Armory|Lower Right| |008|Tres Feia|Armory|Lower Right|
-|009|Kyle P Wright|Armory|NOT ACCESSIBLE YET|+|009|Kyle P Wright|Armory|LATER|
 |010|Markus A Lindgvist|Armory|At PSG-1 Room| |010|Markus A Lindgvist|Armory|At PSG-1 Room|
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   *Tres+Mark Early (slower)   *Tres+Mark Early (slower)
 ====Tank Hangar Suppressor Guard==== ====Tank Hangar Suppressor Guard====
-  +^ID^Name^Location^Info^ 
 +|006|Kris O R Sutton|Tank Hangar|Suppressor| 
 ====Canyon==== ====Canyon====
 ^ID^Name^Location^Info^ ^ID^Name^Location^Info^
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 =====Disc 2 Extreme===== =====Disc 2 Extreme=====
 +//Strategies assume Big Boss and GOID//
- +**17 of 37**
 =====Sniper Wolf 2===== =====Sniper Wolf 2=====
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 ^ID^Name^Location^Info^ ^ID^Name^Location^Info^
 |017|Tomotaka Morita|Blast Furnace|Middle Catwalk| |017|Tomotaka Morita|Blast Furnace|Middle Catwalk|
-|018|John H Weaver|Blast Furnace| +|018|John H Weaver|Blast Furnace|Opposite Side
-|019|Jaeho Song|Blast Furnace| +|019|Jaeho Song|Blast Furnace|Opposite Side
-|020|Todd MacIntyre|Blast Furnace|+|020|Todd MacIntyre|Blast Furnace|Opposite Side|
 {{youtube>012JKDpA6zc?large}} {{youtube>012JKDpA6zc?large}}
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