MGRR - Any% - NG - R02

Equip EM, EM Mastiff, Polearm combo, QTE, Zandatsu if below 2k BP. (EM: 8)
EM, combo a bunch, EM, combo a bunch, EM, combo a bit, blade mode cut. (EM: 5)
Stealth as usual, either go around or wait for the Vodomerka.
Same as always, fight the dudes. (EM: 4, BP: ~20k)
Gecko and fight more dudes. (BP: ~31k)
Do the GRAD and finish level. (BP: ~45k)
Equip Grenade(???)
Customize, HF+2, Polearm+2, Falling Lightning, Air Parry. (BP: ~3k)

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